"Can a please come in Ziva?"

"No! It is bad luck!"

"Oh come on you don't believe in that crap do you?"

"Well no but I do not want to chance it."

Tony sat outside the bed room door. His head tilted back and his arms folded. He wanted to look, he was like a little kid on Christmas waiting to see what Santa had got him. It did not matter to Tony what the dress was like, she could wear Jeans and a Hoody if she wanted to, it would not matter to him, he just wanted her. He knew not to say that to her though, he knew that even though Ziva was not a girly girl she was a women and women want their white weddings.

"What does it look like?"

"Ermm, white!"

"HA HA Ziva very funny! If anyone makes jokes around here it's me. Come on tell me something about it!"

"No Tony stop being a child, the wedding is next week so you can wait! That reminds me have you called your father yet?"

Ziva stood there with just her shirt on, suddenly she felt a pair of hands move around her waist. He was warm draped around her.

"Hey! What if I was still in the dress?"

"Well you weren't so there is no problem"

The warmth of his breath on her neck made her shiver. Ziva turned around to look at him. She placed a kiss on his lips and started playing with his hair.

"You're going to have to do something with this mop on your head Tony, we can't have you looking like a homo on or special day"

"Hobo Ziva, Hobo, and what is wrong with my hair. What about yours?"

Tony knew that his hair was kinda scruffy looking and Ziva's was perfect. She looked at him with one of her eye brows pulled up.

"Oh okay so I will just go get it all cut off then if you do not like it."

She pulled away and walked towards the bed side table. Tony rushed to her and grabbed her waist, pulling her down to the bed. He started to tickle her in that spot in her sides.

"Aughhh get off Tony!" she screamed and laughed for him to let go but he didn't.

Tony stopped and so did she. Both of them lay together in each other's arms just giggling. Tony started twisting his fingers in her hair.

"You know I love your hair, it's sexy."

"Good because I would not change it for you Tony."

She had a smile on her face and then leaned in to kiss him. He leaned in also and their lips connected. Firstly it was soft and gentle but there lust for each other was too much. Tony rolled over Ziva and started exploring her body with his hands. He was running them up and down her back. His hands lifted the back of her top up to allow him to touch the skin. He always loved her back dimples, they were sexy too. In fact everything about Ziva was sexy. Ziva's hands were in his hair too, she wanted him closer to him so she pushed herself against him. Tony ran his hand up and down her bare leg feeling every inch of them. He started to play with the top of her underwear, trying to take them off her.

"No No No Tony. Save it for the wedding night."

She tried to hide her smile of accomplishment by biting her lip, she also knew that this drove Tony crazy too. Ziva got up and walked out of the room.

"You are kidding me right? Ziva? Oh come on!" he slumped back on the bed.

He could hear her chuckle from the bathroom.

"Next time I tell you not to come in, do not come in" she was happy that she had now made him want her so badly.

Tony got off the bed and followed her into the bathroom were he found her brushing her teeth.

"You know you are going to have to call him one day." Ziva sat on the side of the bath tub.

"Who? My father? Naa he won't want to come, he has been to enough weddings to last him a life time." Tony never really got on with his farther and he was fine with that, well he had learnt to live with it.

"What about you're farther Ziva? I thought he would want to be there, you know, to give you away." Tony walked to her and sat beside her. He moved her hair away from her neck and started to kiss it gently.

"Errr... no he cannot make it." Tony was driving her crazy, he kept kissing her sensitive spot on her neck.

"Tony! Take a cold shower or something because I am not doing this tonight. We did not wait till we were marry I know, but we are going a week without sex okay?" Ziva stood up to spit out the toothpaste in her mouth.

"Its not my fault that you are so beautiful that I need to kiss every inch of you, but I respect your wishes."

"Thank you Tony."

She walk out of the bathroom and got into bed, he followed shortly after and snuggled up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I cannot wait till you are Mrs DiNozzo. I will make it the best day of your life, I promise."