"Ziva! Are you ready yet!"

Gibbs was getting anxious now. He was about to give Ziva away, Ziva was special to him, she was like a daughter. He was delighted when she and Tony asked him to do this even though it made him sad to think that he should have been doing this for Kelly. Even though it hurt him inside to think that this would be the only chance he would get to do this for someone he loved, he still agreed to it. It made him feel happy that Ziva thought of him in that way. He loved Ziva and Tony and wanted them to be happy, even if they were completely breaking rule 12.

"Yeah I am ready"

Gibbs turned around to see Ziva standing there, a vision in white. He was gobsmacked! She looked beautiful, not that he expected her not to. Her dress was a straight down dress no poofy out bits Gibbs thought, this made her figure even more unbelievable. It had no sleeves just hugged her at the chest. Along the top of the dress it had thousands of diamonds running along it. It was out of this world. Ziva was never the girl for over the top clothes and was not going to start now. She wanted her dress simple with a bit of sparkle. Her hair was done up in a beautiful bun with a vale hanging over the back.

"Well say something Gibbs."

Gibbs just stood there with his mouth open, he was just so proud, she was stunning. Even though Ziva was not his blood daughter, she still meant the same to him.

"You look like an angel Ziva. You are beautiful."

Ziva smiled and took his hand. He lent in a placed a kiss on her cheek and then gave are a present.

"What's this Gibbs?"

He placed the box in her hand and she opened it.

"Its your something borrowed. It is yours to keep."

Ziva looked down in the box and started crying.

"Ay now Ziva don't cry you will ruin your make up."

He took the box out of her hand and took the gold necklace out of it. It was a elegant piece of jewellery, it was a small gold chain with a small diamond on the end.

"This was the first piece of jewellery I ever bought Shannon."

He placed the necklace around her neck and kissed her cheek again.

"Oh Gibbs you shouldn't have! Thank you so much!"

She pulled him in for a hug.

"Ok its time to go. You ready?"

Gibbs pulled her hand.

"Yeah, I am ready."

Soon Ziva could see the Church, there were people waiting outside to catch a look at the bride to be. The nerves suddenly hit Ziva and Gibbs noticed this. He gently squeezed Ziva's hand to reassure her. Tony was waiting at the altar, he was unbelievably nervous too. Even though he was scared, he knew that this is what he wanted, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. McGee was standing next to him, you could tell that he was nervous too, he was fidgeting with is suite.

"McFidgit stop! What are you so nervous about?"

"Nothing Tony its fine, everything is fine."

"I swear if you have lost the rings you are a dead man!"

"Found them!"

The church went quiet and McGee went red. Tony gave him the death glare.

"I mean, I, I, I already had them."

McGee went and sat down. Suddenly the music started playing. Tony whipped his head around to try and see Ziva. He stud there in awe as Ziva started walking in though the doors, her arm was linked with Gibbs'. He has never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He couldn't help but have a grin ear to ear as she was walking towards him. He was thinking to himself that this was his girl, his wife to be and that he was possibly the luckiest man in the whole world. Ziva kept walking towards him, her face was all a glow, and she too could not stop smiling. She just wanted to run up to him and say I do then go home with him. When she got to the alter Gibbs held her hand and placed it in Tony's

"Take good care of her Tony" Gibbs whispered so that no one could hear him.

"Yes Boss, I mean Dad, I mean Gibbs"

Gibbs smiled and placed another soft kiss on Ziva's cheek and took his place in the front row. Ziva smiled as the priest started to talk. All Tony and Ziva could do was to smile the whole way though the ceremony. Both hand in hand. Every now and again he would glance at Ziva and see that she was concentrating on every word the priest was saying, also with a big smile on her face.

"Can we please have the rings?"

McGee stood up and passed the rings to Tony, by this time McGee had been cuddled by Abby so he had a huge wet patch on his arm from where she had been crying the whole way through it.

"Thanks Tim"

Tony hardly ever called him Tim, he smiled, nodded and sat back down again. Tony took Ziva's hand in his and said the vows, he then placed the small ring on her finger. Ziva repeated this with Tony, both with passion in their eyes as they repeated the words of the priest whilst still with eye contact.

"Do you Anthony DiNozzo take the Ziva David to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I Do"

"And do you Ziva David take the Anthony DinNozzo to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I Do"

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride."

Tony looked into Ziva's brown eyes and said, "I love you Mrs DiNozzo" and he put his hand in hers and his other on her cheek and kissed her softly on her lips, she pulled him in closer wrapping her arm around his neck.

"Alright you too save that for tonight"

Abby had tears rolling down her face but could not help but laugh. Tony grabbed hold of Ziva's hand and ran down the aisle where they came to a stop.

"Cya in two weeks everyone! Honey moon here we come!"

He lifted Ziva in his arms and carried her to the car, were he opened it and placed her in. He got into the other side and started the engine.

"Were too Mrs DiNozzo"

He took her hand in his, playing with the ring on her finger with his thumb.

"Anywhere, as long as it is with you."

She smiled and leaned over and kissed him on the lips. They drove off ready to spend the rest of their lives together.