SnowAngel: Angela Silver

Mad Maddie: Madigan Kinnick

ZoeGirl: Zoe B.

June 8th, 11:32 A.M.

SnowAngel: Oh my gosh! This is it, Maddie! 3 more months till were *dramatically pauses* SENIORS! Can you believe it?

Mad Maddie: Hardly! After all the hard years of previous high school, our senior year is def a good reward! Seriously, so much drama!

SnowAngel: I know! From your pot addictions with Chive, that hottie you liked, to Zoe's Doug fiasco... *holds in puke* and my brave cross country journey, through desert, mountain, forest, and sea! *Strikes heroic pose*

Mad Maddie: You're exaggerating that so much! You took a BUS from El Cerrito to Atlanta to ditch Glendy... your dad's bosses insane, clingy, loser, smelly, pimple faced, immature, strange, ugly, sickening, retarded, gay, and annoying daughter!

SnowAngel: Oh yes... glendy... *shudders* Must we think of her now? I sat on a bus for 2 and a half days next to a fat smelly dude all the way to Atlanta just to forget about her! Please!

Mad Maddie: Haha

Mad Maddie: Okay I wont punish you...

SnowAngel: THANK YOU *falls on hands and knees and worships*

Mad Maddie: np I don't even like saying her name... glendy... ewewewew


Mad Maddie: Ok ok...

SnowAngel: Hey im bored... im really craving a game of tennis... want to come?

Mad Maddie: oooh... tennis... my kind of sport xD... tennis is awesome... u kno how to play?

SnowAngel: *gasps* know how to play? Oh course! It's one of the best sports in the WORLD!

Mad Maddie: I kno! :D... cuz like u're nevr bored cuz ure constantly moving trying 2 hit the ball.. its awesome

SnowAngel: So that's a yes then? Alright I'll pick you up right now!

Mad Maddie: Yeah Tht'd b cool :D... im definitely up 4 it

SnowAngel: Hey lets stop at that new Weinershnitzel on the corner! I heard its pretty good

Mad Maddie: yes...lets...hehe...if u say it slowly it sounds creepy...srry...im cold..u kno I get high wen im cold

SnowAngel: *virtual slap* SNAP OUT OF IT! YOU NEED TO BE IN NORMAL CONDITION FOR OUR GAME! Lets settle this on the court. See you soon!

Mad Maddie: Okay! Bye!

SnowAngel: Wait wait! Should I wear my cute little pink tennis skirt with the white v-neck or my light blue short tennis shorts with the lime green v-neck?

Mad Maddie: The lime green v-neck! Lime green is SEXY! Woo hoo! See you soon!