[Here is my challenge for 2lazy2b clever. Write a story on internet girls series! If you don't you will be eternally made fun of! Nah, just kidding! But do it! its my challenge for you!]

{Here is my challenge for Gallghergirlheart! You have to write a story about Preston and Cammie! Caston! Do it! }

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SnowAngel: Angela Silver

Mad Maddie: Madigan Kinnick

ZoeGirl: Zoe B.

June 9th, 7:23 P.M.

SnowAngel: Hey Madz! Sorry, I was eating at souplantation with my family! What's up?

Mad Maddie: Oh goode! Your back on! Okay, well loooongggg story! You mite get an earful! U up for it?

SnowAngel: Yeh, go for it

Mad Maddie: Well, today at brunch (XD) as I was eating my pizza and omelette, I noticed a guy checking me out from across the tables! (oh and by the way I just got my braces off) So I looked back at the guy and he winked! So I walk over to talk to him because he's kinda cute! I ask the guy "is this set empty?" "no, but it will be. JOSH! Your not sitting here anymore! Okay. Now it's empty." I blush and sit down. We start talking about really random stuff and then I ask him his name. AND GUESS WHAT!

SnowAngel: What?

Mad Maddie: its... drumroll... GABRIEL!

SnowAngel: Cooollll... so are you two like a couple?

Mad Maddie: actually yes! He asked me out :D

Mad Maddie: Hes sooo cute!

SnowAngel: Ill be the judge of that! Send me a pic!

Mad Maddie: (o.o)

/ | \

_/ \_

SnowAngel: HES CUTE!

Mad Maddie: I know! Sso I got his number! Im texting him right n

SnowAngel: *Puts hands in heart shape framing you two in the middle* Awww its sooo destiny how you two met at a BRUNCH!

Mad Maddie: Ya I know! Well anyway am I still coming over before our graduation dance? (ACTUAL PENDING QUESTION 4 2LAZY2B CLEVER!)

SnowAngel: Yeah defiantly! You and Zoe and Rhea and Jessie!

Mad Maddie: That sounds awesome! Im definitely there!

SnowAngel: I hope everything works out right for you two! Keep me and Zoe posted!

Mad Maddie: K! I will! And I hope everything works out too! L8rs!