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AN: I recently watched BWH again and I absolutely adore Matt and Perri. I noticed there weren't any ff's about them and thought I could try to write one. So it's set in the Episode 17 "Perri lies low". I always thought Matt was rather obvious about his like for Perri, but she never showed anything, until she kissed him. Here is her reasoning as I thought it could be. I hope you like it, although it is a bit short. Sorry about that.

All her life, people had been telling her that she was beautiful and as everything else in life it was a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Of course she enjoyed the attention she got by her appearance and often used it to her advantage, but being judged on her appearance and used for it were things that disappointed her over and over again.

The girls were jealous, because of the attention she got from the boys and those only paid attention to her because of her looks.

She wished that the people wouldn't be that shallow, but to her disappointment most of them were.

That was the reason, she had nearly given up on real friendship when she got her place at Solar Blue.

They had there difficulties, sure, but the people she met there, were the best friends she ever had.

She smiled to herself as she caught Matt staring at her. Previously she had liked the attention, but it got annoying with the time.
Matt was something else though.

She knew he thought she was beautiful or hot, she had caught him staring enough times, but she also knew that he cared about her as person.

Though she had never given any indication, that she liked him as more than a friend, but she was insecure. She didn't really know what it was like to be liked just for who you are and she had a feeling that Matt really liked her.

On the other hand, he could be really immature sometimes, when she remembered the competition he had with Edge about that girl, Lauren.

Furthermore she didn't just want to be with him, just because the others thought so and they were with Anna the last ones to not be quite that obvious about their affections.

Mainly though, he was mostly the first to notice that something was wrong with her, or to go after her when something was wrong, like the time Edge had put soap on her board.

Besides, he was an amazing friend, Heath could probably prove that with tons of little stories, as the one where he helped him with his assignment and handed it in for him. Not the cleverest thing in retrospect, but he had wanted the best for his friend and took his part of the blame.

And now he was so concerned about her and her illness and tried to cheer her up, with those little facts that only he would know.

That was why she kissed him. She knew she would miss the beach, the surfing, her friends, but eminently she would miss him. The kiss was her way to say thank you for caring about me and good bye all in one. She hoped he would understand her, but he should be smart enough.

All her feelings about him were confirmed, when he stopped the bus, to get her to come back.

They decided that they were just friends, but she didn't doubt for a second that that could and would change in the future.

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