This is a poem that I wrote after listening to the music "Crystal Teardrops" from Symphony of the Night, It really inspired me.

Enjoy ;)

Within these cold caves

A lone soul wandered

A prince that fought evil

The water flowed around him

The darkness embraced him

Yet he didn't stop

He had a mission to fulfill

But he still had doubts

Was he brave enough?

Did he believe in his goal?

The darkness was slowly eating him

He was a cursed being, yet he had light in him

Light that shines through darkness

Light that can wipe out the doubts

He stood up, and continued

Without looking back

The darkness stood there, astonished

By that light

The light of the Crystal Teardrops.

How was it? I know it was really short, but it was just to express what I felt when listening to the song.

Maybe I will write poems about the other songs.