Clary curled up against the stone wall of her cell and hid her face from whomever it was that stood by her door. She didn't really care who it was. They had lost; the Clave had fallen to Valentine. The only reason she was still alive was because Jonathan had wanted her. She didn't know what he wanted her for, but it obviously wasn't to kill quickly. Jace had died the day of the battle. Clary had cried for weeks. It had been a year since then. Now she had gotten over the death of her love, and her friends. Isabelle had lasted the longest. She hadn't even thought about settling down after Valentine took over. It took them six months to find her. Clary still ached when she thought of the horrors that her friend must have suffered through, for Jonathan had been the one to kill her. He never took less than a week to kill a prisoner.

The person outside of the door wouldn't be ignored any longer, and the metal screamed as it was forced open. Jonathan Morgernstern walked into the room and looked at his little sister. His possession. His family. His Angel. His Prey. His Mate.

His black eyes burned her skin and Clary couldn't help but look up. He smiled, attempting to look reassuring, but it still held a wicked gleam, "Dad's getting impatient with you, sister. He said I should start torturing you, maybe speed up the process." Clary just watched him, and he searched her eyes for that emerald fire. Yes! There it was. "Now, the image of you covered in blood is very tempting, but I want to keep you as unscathed as possible. Though, if you wanted me to cover you in an enemy's blood before I make you scream my name, I would happily oblige."

Jonathan noticed happily that she no longer cringed at the mention of being intimate with him. Maybe he wouldn't have to force the bond after all. Clary glared at him through her firry red hair, "Why does he care about me? He didn't before."

Jonathan smiled, revealing his sharp teeth, "Darling, he hasn't cared about either of us. I'm just his killing machine. You're just the thing he can't stand. But, I can stand you and more. He has taken notice of my attachment to you. I haven't decided if that is a good thing or not."

Clary stood up, not caring that the only clothes she wore were ripped jeans and a bra. Her shirt had been ripped beyond repair when some guards had mistaken her for a normal prisoner. Jonathan had appeared in time to keep them from killing her, but some damage was done. When she moved, her hair shifted, and exposed the long scar that now ran down her back. Jonathan's eyes seemed to become even blacker when he gazed at what those idiots had done to his mate. He had arrived just in time.


Jonathan walked down the stone hallway, he couldn't wait to give Clary the news about her little Lightwood friend. They had finally caught her, and he had just finished her off. She had broken on the third day. Most people broke on the fourth, but he had been a bit more cruel than usual. He was yanked out of his mussing by the sound of a muffled scream. There was only one prisoner in this wing, and no one would be so stupid as to mess with his possession.

Jonathan moved with unnatural speed and arrived at his mate's door in seconds. He saw three demons occupying her cell. Two held her down on her chest, while the third swiped its claws across her back. Her shirt had been removed already, and the demon looked to be examining her jeans. Cold rage rushed through Jonathan's veins. These creatures had actually dared to touch what was his. Not only touch, but make her bleed and scream. Now they wanted to steal her maidenhood from him? These demons were going to die. Unfortunately, his anger wouldn't allow it to be slow.

"Remove your claws from my sister, swine."

The three demons looked at him, but didn't heed his advice. Maybe he could slow their death down a bit.

"Whyyyyy should weeeee? Weeeee are allowed to torment anyyyyy prisoner weeeeeeee pleaseeeee. She smellsssssss so good!"

"She isn't yours to taste."

"Byyyyyy whoseeee law?"

Jonathan growled, "Mine."

"You areeeeee nothing but a boyyyyyyy. What damageeee can you do to usssssssss?"

Clary looked at him in horror, "Please, save me! I don't want to be raped!"

Jonathan longed to tell her that he would always save his mate and die before anyone else took her, but he couldn't reveal that. For anyone to find out his plans before it wasn't time, would end them. So, he ignored her and snarled, "I will kill you. Two of you will die swiftly, but you. You will be around for a while."

Jonathan unsheathed his sword and jumped at the two holding his mate. Two sweeps of his sword, and the two demons faded from existence. The third looked at him with a bit of fear. It backed towards the door and turned to slither away. Jonathan smirked and threw the sword. It embedded itself into the demon's stomach and into the stone. Jonathan smiled at the hiss of pain it released. He turned back to Clary and looked at her back. Only one of the marks was deep. He knew that if he smeared a bit of blood over it, the wound would heal, but he didn't know how her angel blood would react to his demon blood.

He decided not to take that chance and lifted her up, trying not to aggravate her wound. He felt her blood smearing across the black leather he wore, but ignored it and took her up the stairs to the healer. He left her there and returned for the demon. It was still screaming out in pain when he reached it. Jonathan pulled the sword out and grabbed the lizard thing's tall. He dragged it to another area and began to teach it just what happened when a creature messed with something that was his.

End Flashback

Jonathan got angry even thinking about it. Clary turned to him and saw the raw rage in his gaze and backed away, thinking it was directed at her. Jonathan noticed her fear and relished it, but he knew if he wanted her to come willingly, she had to lose this fear. He reached for her, but she didn't come. Jonathan's eyes narrowed at her disobedience and he advanced on her. For every step he took forward, she took back. The game continued until her back hit the wall. He caged her in with his large arms and leaned down so that he could inhale her scent. It calmed him, yet set his blood boiling with desire. Desire to possess her. Desire to have her love. Desire to ravage her until she wouldn't even consider thinking about another.

Clary shivered as his breath ran over her ear. Why did she feel this way? She wanted to reach out and push him away, but she didn't. Instead, she just stood there and let him stand over her.

Jonathan was elated for the first time in his life, his mate had surrendered. While she wasn't baring her neck for his mark, or opening her legs for his seed, she had allowed him to mark her with his scent. The beast within him purred in pleasure. They stayed like that for a long time, basking in each other's presence, though Clary was loathed to admit it.

It is surprising what a year of captivity could make a person consider. After a year of Jonathan being her only anchor in their world, her protector, and her provider, Clary's hatred had cooled off amazingly fast. Finally Jonathan remembered why they were in this position and whispered into her ear, "When I tell you to come, you will come." He licked the shell of her ear to punctuate his point and pulled away from her. He turned towards the door but stopped halfway and looked at her, "Will you join the new régime and take your rightful place by my side yet, or do I have to tell Father that you are still incompliant?"

Clary looked at him for a long time. Jonathan's curiosity was beyond peaked. He had expected her to laugh or ignore him. He hadn't expected her to actually consider it. She finally spoke, "He will kill me if I say no?"

Jonathan wanted to answer passionately, "He won't touch you. Not as long as I'm around." But Jonathan was well aware that chaos had only just begun to creep out of the Shadow Hunter's world. He couldn't start threatening to overturn his father. When it was time for that, only his mate would be made aware. Instead Jonathan shrugged, "I am not sure what his reaction will be."

Clary chuckled at him bitterly, "Why don't you just say, 'I don't know' or the masculine 'don't know' or the Irish version 'Donna know'?"

Jonathan glanced at her blankly, "I wasn't taught to speak casually, and I am not Irish, lass." Clary starred at him for a long time, in utter shock. Jonathan glanced at her, "Why do you regard me in such a way?"

Clary shook her head for a moment to knock herself out of it to answer her brother, "You made...a…joke."

Jonathan continued to wipe emotion from his face, "No, I didn't exhibit a sense of humor, lass."

Clary returned his blank stare, "Of course not, laddy."

Jonathan allowed a smirk to stretch over his face, not bothering to keep the demonic light from his eyes, and answered, "It seems you aren't completely aware of my feeling and thoughts, my dear."

Clary regarded him before asking, "Why do you do that?"

Jonathan sighed, she was always so cryptic, even exceeding him and he had been trained to be cryptic. He asked, "What do you mean by 'that'?"

Clary seemed to realize her vagueness and slid down the wall so that she could sit comfortable, looking up at her brother, "Why do you come in and call me 'sister' once, but then call me intimate names such as 'darling', 'my dear', 'love', and others?"

Jonathan thought for a time, trying to find a good answer, "I am a demon, love. I am attracted to power and fire. I also want to destroy the world. Since I'm not allowed to do such by Father, and myself, I content myself with simply ignoring the laws of siblings. I want you, Clarissa. I don't mean it innocently, at all."

Clary looked away, a blush running up her cheeks, "Fine."

Jonathan regarded her with confusion for the third time that day, "Fine to what, exactly?"

Clary looked into his black eyes, "I'm sick of waiting in a cell, hoping that it is only you on the other side of the door. I will take my place by your side."

Jonathan was in front of her in a second, "You are aware that when I said 'by my side', I don't mean as my sister, correct?"

Clary stood up and walked past him to the still open door, for he had stopped fearing her escape months ago, and turned back, "We will allow time to decide that, Jonathan."

Heat exploded through his veins and he wanted nothing more than to pin her to the wall and thrust himself inside her while she screamed his name, but sheer force of will kept him rooted to his current spot. She was waiting for him, by the door. She didn't remember how to navigate through the halls. Clary had only been in them twice. Once when she was first dragged to her cell, and again when Jonathan had carried her to the healer, but she was nearly unconscious from blood loss at the time, so she didn't really count it.

Black eyes looked at her hungrily, but Jonathan didn't move to take her. He instead, walked to her side stiffly and offered his arm. She took it and they began their journey through the labyrinth of hallways. Soon they ascended a large staircase and Jonathan pushed her into an empty hall. He used his body to shield her from view. No one would see his mate. No one that lived.

He waited for the servant he had heard approaching to pass before lifting her in his arms and darting to the rooms he had prepared for her months earlier, around the time he started to trust Clary not to attempt to escape at every opportunity. Once the door was firmly closed, Jonathan allowed her to slip out of his arms. He led her to a closed, oak door and silently opened it to reveal a luxurious bathroom. A large tub that could comfortable fit four large men in it was sitting in the middle of the floor, sunken in. A counter lined an entire wall, and the place was completely made out of marble, black and white. The tub was made of mirror porcelain, as was the toilette. Mirrors were placed all over the large room.

Clary turned to Jonathan and smiled, "Is all of this for me?"

Jonathan smiled down at her, "Of course. I expect for my woman to have only the best." He pointed over to a half window like door in the wall, "That has a supply of weapons. They won't work on me, so don't even think about that. I'm not that kinky." He pointed to a door on the other side of the room, "That leads into your closet, which I had filled with dresses, pants, shirts, a few skirts, and shoes. I also had a few Shadow Hunter outfits made for you and boots." He turned to the door and motioned for her to follow him. He walked out and pointed to another door, "That is another way to open your closet." He turned to a door that sat near her window, on the wall with her bed, "That door will be locked most of the time. If it is not, and you wish it to be, just do so. It goes to my chambers. I will have you know that I have a master key, but I hope to only use it for emergencies." He walked towards that door and opened it, but not allowing her to see past them. He turned and caught her curious look, the flames of it dancing in her emerald eyes, "You are only to come into my rooms when you accept you place completely. I warn you, when you finally do so, don't plan to walk for a month or get out of bed for a week."

Clary's eyes widened and a dark blush crept over her cheeks. Jonathan smirked at the sight and walked through the doors, disappearing from sight. The click of the lock brought Clary back to reality and she turned to the bathroom, intent on getting clean. She went in and locked the door, knowing that Jonathan might decide to 'visit'. She took a moment to explore the room and found the soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and scented oils. Hording most of them to the tub's edge, she turned on the water and poured in the oils.

Soon the room smelled just like roses after rain. Clary stripped herself of her ruined clothes and slipped into the water. It was the first time in a year she was able to just submerge herself into the water. The heat quickly relaxed her muscles, and Clary sighed in contentment. Maybe things wouldn't be so bad. Jonathan had been less demon-like lately, and Clary hoped it was a permanent change. She reached out of the tub and plucked a shampoo bottle up and read it until she found one that reminded her of rain. She lathered her hair up quickly, scrubbing her scalp, before finding a good soap. Once that was done, she found the razor and started taking care of her personal hygiene.

She had been allowed to take sponge baths while in her cell, but nothing beat a full bath. She started humming to herself as she worked. The steamy room was soon filled with her voice.


Jonathan crashed into his wall, panting. His demon blood was fully awake. It demanded that he break the doors down between him and his mate. It demanded he rip her from the water of her tub. It demanded that he throw her on the ground and claim her until her throat was hoarse from screaming his name.

Jonathan looked down at his pants and groaned at the tent there. Angel! Why did she do this to him? He reached down and rubbed himself through the leather, hoping to relieve some of the pressure. It wasn't helping. Every time he touched his manhood, visions of Clary looking up at him through her eyelashes appeared. He groaned louder in frustration. He was a demon. A half demon, shadow hunter. He was not supposed to be imagining his sister jacking him off!

Jonathan concentrated on anything that wasn't arousing. Jace. That creepy, gay warlock. Creepy warlock's boyfriend giving warlock a blow job. Valentine old and naked.

He shivered in disgust from the last image. Jonathan looked down, his black eyes hopeful, only to see he was still painfully aroused. He sighed, knowing that this thing was only going away one way. He checked his doors and walked into his bathroom. He stripped himself of his clothing until he got to the shower. He stepped in and turned the hot water on. Steam immediately filled the room. He looked down at his erection and grabbed it. Starting from the base, he dragged his hand to the tip and swept his thumb over the tip. He groaned in pleasure and closed his eyes. He pictured Clary sitting before him, her small hand wrapped around him as she smiled. His hand sped up. He groaned loudly as he continued.

The image changed to Clary lying on his bed, her legs spread wide, displaying her dripping fold. She looked at him with absolute hunger, as her hand slowly dragged down to her core. She rubbed her lips for a moment before taking the fingers away and licking them. Jonathan groaned and squeezed a bit harder. She moaned his name, before she slipped two fingers between her lips and started pumping them in and out slowly. "Come here Jonathan," she moaned and sped up a bit. Jonathan imagined walked over to her, and watching as her fingers plunged into her sobbing pussy. He wanted to taste her.

Jonathan moaned out as he felt his release rushing towards him. He imagined Clary slipping four fingers into herself, "Please, Jonathan, take me!" Her moans and sighs grew in volume until they crescendo with his name, "Jon-Jon- Jonathan!" She came in the image, and Jonathan felt himself release. He grunted as the thick stings of white cum shot out of him while his hand kept pumping. He whispered her name, "Clary…" as his climax came to an end. He leaned back against the cool tile and watched his cum go down the drain. He growled, that was the fourth time this week. He had to have her soon.

Feed her our blood, the voice spoke.

No, I don't know how she will respond to it.

If you feed her our blood, the need to mate will swell within her.

I want her to come to me willingly.

She will, but only sooner, with our blood. Don't you want to take her?

Against every surface in our rooms.

Then feed her our blood. She will fully forget that angel boy, then. She will belong only to us.

I will take a page from Father's book, and slip it into her food. She hasn't had a good, well prepared meal since she was given to me.

Be careful that Father doesn't find out until after the mating is over. He would try to take her away.

Never! He will not touch our mate!

Of course he won't. We won't give him the chance. When everything is ready, Father will die. We will take control, with Clary at our side, and in our bed. First things is first, give her the blood. Soon. I want my mate, wet and willing.

Agreed. No more imagining her. No more resisting. Sounds wonderful.

Jonathan washed off a bit and got out of the shower. He dried off and walked into his closet. He grabbed another pair of leather pants and a white chemise. He pulled the articles of clothing on and grabbed his black, leather gauntlets. Strapping those into place, Jonathan pulled on his boots and walked down to the kitchens to get Clary's plate. It wasn't time yet for her to meet the servants. For his plan to work, she needed to stay away from other people as much as possible.

The maids scattered when they saw him. Though he was the most attractive man in the city, he was also the wickedest of them all. His black eyes practically oozed evil, and it unsettled everyone. None of them understood how his prisoner, that Clary girl, had lived so long under his attention. All of his other prisoners died within two weeks, after spending every hour under whatever torture device he felt like using.

Jonathan didn't really care about their fright. It was very well placed. His human side only cared about Clary. Everyone else would die, if he were allowed to kill them all. He grabbed two plates of food and walked up to Clary's room. He knocked on the door softly. He received no answer, so he took a deep sniff. Ah, she was still relaxing in the bath. He opened the door and walked over to the long table that set under her windows. He placed the food down and opened one of the trays. He took out a small knife from his belt and allowed the blade to slither across his palm. The dark blood oozed forth, and dripped into the food. It blended in well, and since demon blood had no taste, she wouldn't even know. He replaced the lid and wiped the dagger off before placing it back into its sheath. He watched the wound nit itself back together, and he grabbed the untainted tray and sat down.

He waited for her, and wasn't disappointed when she walked out of her closet dressed in shorts and a tank top.

Jonathan froze at the sight of her pale skin. His desire returned full force, and it wasn't helped when her scent reached his noise. His blood demanded that he bend her over the table and claim her. He resisted, and clutched the table, "I have brought us some food, my dear. I hope you enjoy it. Please, come and sit."

Clary was a bit disturbed that he thought it was proper to come into her room while she was indisposed. Thank goodness she had decided to explore her new wardrobe before coming out. She was a bit worried that there was only lacy lingerie for her underwear, but she wrote it off. She walked over to the table and sat down across from the white haired man. Jonathan smirked and lifted the lid off of her food. The smell assaulted her nose, and made her mouth water. How did they know about her favorite food? Clary dug in to the food, while maintaining her manners. Jonathan allowed a small smile to spread across his face after she had finished.

Clary leaned back in the seat and groaned, "I think I might have eaten too much."

Jonathan chuckled, "No. That would be the demon blood invading your system and tainting your angel blood." Clary regarded him in horror. "Don't worry. You will keep you abilities. The blood won't remove your angel abilities. It will just make you a bit more inclined towards violence." And my attentions, he added mentally.

Clary glared at him, "I wondered how long it would be before you showed your true colors."

Jonathan got up from his seat and walked to stand behind her. He leaned down and whispered, "But I've been myself with you from the beginning."

Clary flinched away from him, "You've been acting nice so that I would let my guard down enough for you to do this. I'll never forgive you."

Her eye lids started to feel heavy. Jonathan noticed the sudden sluggish movements and laughed, "My dear, you won't remember this when you wake up. The only thing that will be different is you will stop worrying about my demonic behavior. You'll finally understand it." Clary lost the battle for consciousness and leaned back in her seat, sleep overtaking her. Jonathan picked her up and carried her over to the large bed, "Don't worry, I'll be here when you wake up."

After Jonathan had her settled in, he took the plate and gave it to a servant. He sat down to finish his own meal before leaving. As he entered his room, Jonathan glanced back at his sleeping mate and smiled. Everything was falling into place. Soon, it would be time to kill Valentine and ascend to his rightful place, with Clary at his side and in his bed.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Yes, Jonathan is a bit out of character, but that is only because he has only interacted with Clary in this chapter. He'll be right back as the blood thirsty warrior we know him as once some other people are introduced. As you can tell, this is a Jonathan/Clary romance. Clary is being rather compliant in this chapter, but she was just freed from her captivity of a full year. If everyone likes it and wants me to continue the story, I will. If it is not really cared about, it will be a one-shot. Also, Duh, there will be incest lemons. There was already a sort of lime.

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