Inspired by 24. Here's to you, Mr. Loceff, even the GODDAMN THREE SPACES are killing me.

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"So how are you and Molly are doing?" Natalia asked, smirking bitterly while Ryan examined a footprint next to her.. Ryan stared at her blankly.

"We're not dating." Ryan said flatly. Last night he and Natalia had broken up because someone had leaked pictures of Molly and Ryan kissing and hugging. No one knew who had leaked the pictures, but they were sent to everyone in the lab.

Including Natalia.

"Of course you aren't." Natalia scoffed.

"Natalia, we're working a crime. Can you at least try to be civil?" Ryan asked calmly. Natalia looked at him and sighed. She was acting like a high school girl, being an annoying bitch to her ex boyfriend. Ryan did deserve it but the pregnant woman that was buried in the shallow grave did not.

"Yeah. Sorry." Natalia said. "Think that the Russian mafia hit again?" Natalia asked. Ryan winced. Something about the Russian mafia always made Ryan wince.

"Maybe." Ryan said. The processing was completely silent, no jokes, no comments, no nothing. A mime and a blind person would have communicated more than Ryan and Natalia were talking.

"I really aren't dating Molly." Ryan denied all the accusations that were pouring upon his head.

"Okay." Natalia shrugged. "So now we're just friends." Natalia sighed. "I can live with that." Natalia said.

"So can I." Ryan said, getting up. The scene was pretty dull, even for a CSI like him. It wasn't the original scene, only a body dump.

"Oh damn it, Ryan, I forgot my kit." Natalia sighed when they reached the Hummer. "I'll go get it." Natalia said, leaving Ryan one on one with the Hummer. He was tempted to get in the Hummer and leave Natalia in the warehouse but that would be against protocol.

Nearly fifteen minutes passed, and Ryan was becoming antsy. Either Natalia found some important lead in the case or something bad was up.

Natalia's kit was right where is was supposed to be, but drag marks from her heels led to some side room in the warehouse and before Ryan was able to make one move to find Natalia, he felt something heavy hit his head, before the dizzying, fuzzy feeling took over his system.

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