Chapter One

Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship – never.

I sighed while glancing at the sight of my brother, Darren snapping his jaws furiously whilst the other wolf attacked aimlessly. Darren lifted his sharp paw and swiftly brought his paw down; wounding the other wolf deeply. I frowned in disapproval; my brother was our pack enforcer he dealt with rebellious wolves. We were werewolves or shifters as most would call themselves, either way we were able to shift into a creature that was bigger than an average wolf but smaller than an average bear.

We also moved around in packs to avoid rebellion, as foolish as it may seem we had laws;

1: Do not tell anyone about our species

2: Do not fall in love with a human

3: Do not disobey your alpha

Pretty simple but there was always the odd few who disobeyed the laws, everyone belonged to a pack, and if you did turn rebellious it was your alpha and pack enforcer whom dealt with it. When I say deal with I mean kill, there were no second chances.

I focused back on the fight worry overfilling me in waves, Darren was all I had I studied the two wolves while Darren gave him a threatening growl the other wolf whimpered in pain and collapsed on the forest floor with multiple deep wounds. I turned my worried gaze towards my brother who was left unscathed except for a few scratches which were healing rapidly.

He trotted cautiously towards the whimpering wolf, and lifted his paw while growling menacingly. And then snapped his paw down, effectively killing the wolf. I closed my eyes; whimpering. He deserved it. He was going to cause trouble. I repeated over and over to myself. I opened my eyes, meeting my brother's mournful gaze; he didn't want me to see him killing. I sent him a small smile that no doubt turned into a grimace. I walked slowly towards the elastic bag that held Darren's clothes; I picked it up and tossed it by his sitting wolf form.

I sent him a reassuring smile and left him to change. It was a royal pain, once we shifted our clothes gets ripped into small pieces. Werewolves also live forever once we get turned; we are stuck at the age we got turned. Unless you were born one if so then you can chose when to stop aging. I smiled thoughtfully I used to think greatly of this, thinking it was an advantage. But after 50 years and still stuck at the same age of 16, it was a real put off. I took into account of my past, before being turned, I was abused and beaten half to death often and treated like nothing.

I sniffed and held back the tears that I have been holding for a long time, I wasn't going to cry. I was forever grateful to our alpha, who turned me after being beaten and left on the sidewalk. I knew that without him I would have died then and there, he gave me something very few people have – a second chance. After being turned I turned Darren, who took many beating for me and got infected with malaria. I didn't want this for my twin brother, but I wanted to give him something they didn't, I wanted him to be happy and do what others did his age and what he wanted to do. When infected with malaria it took my options away. I snapped out of my thoughts, I sniffed and relaxed when I identified it as my brother's masculine scent. I turned around him and gave him a grateful smile, he raised his eyebrows questionly. I just shook my head.

We headed back towards our small house, which we shared with Sarah; Darren's mate and my best friend. Before I reached our porch I heard an ear piercing squeal before I was attacked into a tight bear-hug. Damn, she strong. I thought wryly, before hugging her back. I smiled happily.

"Hey," I greeted happily whilst grinning "I see you're in a good mood,"

"I haven't seen you in ages!" She grinned while turning to Darren. I saw her eyes lit up and she pulled him into a tight embrace before kissing him passionately. I smiled at them, and left them to their now make out session. A mate was like your soul mate, every one had a soul mate someone made just for them. All werewolves had a mate; your wolf instantly knows when it's found its mate. The attraction and love towards them is indescribable, maybe because I didn't have one, but it was described as being the one thing that makes you stay sane for the rest of your existence. I smiled longingly, but shook my head getting the thought out of my head.

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