Chapter Two:

No guy is worth your tears & the one who is won't make you cry.

"Frankie," Sasha said while practically jumping up and down on the spot, happily. I groaned in frustration, Sasha insisted - No, demanded to dress me like her own personal doll.

"Sasha," I complained while getting up "you know you don't have to dress me, I'm capable of doing that myself," I tried to keep the hope out of my voice, but guessing by her expression I failed miserably.

"No, that's Ok. I don't mind," She smirked while giggling at my attempt to change her mind.

"No, really I want to dress myself for a change," I continued stubbornly. She raised her brow before smirking once again.

"No chance," she stated while narrowing her eyes at me

"You're heartless," I declared in a serious tone.

"You love me anyway," She retorted while dragging me towards my vanity, sitting me on a chair, she skipped towards my wardrobe and picked out a Calvin Klein grey burnout, flyaway long sleeved shirt with a white tank top underneath and black skinny jeans with grey flats and a white and grey beaded necklace. She let my dark brown hair tumble into its natural curls cascade down to my mid – back. She then applied a thin layer of eye-liner to my chocolate brown eyes. My skin was a bronze tanned colour, which the white tank top enhanced the colour of.

"You are pretty, and now you look hot," Sasha said while winking at me playfully. I smiled, while rolling my eyes.

"I still could of dressed myself," I replied only half joking

"Once stubborn, always stubborn," She chuckled shaking her head.

I smiled down at her small frame and her short bob with a long side-bang. Her blonde hair was complemented with blazing blue eyes and fair skin. She was adorable.

"You look cute," I said smiling down at her. Our pack was celebrating success on defeating the rogues that entered our turf; yes we were very possessive of our land. It was a werewolf trait. We were obviously invited, everybody in brazen pack was. We walked out of my fairly large bedroom and we walked into the living room where Darren was, I watched as they hugged and shared a few corny lines in which I rolled my eyes at. He smirked down at me, laughing at me silently. I growled warningly.

He obviously encouraged Sasha to dress me up; either that or he used his advantage of being mates against me.

"Come one," He chuckled "were going to be late,"

I rolled my eyes and followed them out, we chatted briefly about the rogues and then me and Sasha moved on to the movie that we watched previously.

"It was really scary," She pouted while frowning

"You weren't even paying attention," I said sceptically, eyeing her doubtfully.

"That's because it was really scary," she said with wide eyes I laughed at her expression.

I eyed the forest longingly; I really needed some fresh air. I turned my gaze towards Sasha and Darren's make-out session. It was a win-win situation. I coughed breaking their passionate kiss.

"I'm going to go for a walk," I suggested while looking at them hopefully.

"Ok, be careful. Don't keep to far away and be back in half and hour," Darren demanded promisingly while turning protective "If your not I'm coming after you"

"And don't mess your clothes up," She said sternly while eyeing my clothes for creases.

I nodded, trying to hide my smile. I turned and headed towards the forest. I walked around the green canopy, breathing the fresh air in appreciatively. I loved walking in the forest; it was so peaceful and calm. I inhaled a generous amount of air and noticed a slightly different scent. I inhaled again and concentrated on the scent, it was close by.

I ran swiftly and gracefully towards the scent, it smelt intoxicating. It was sweet but masculine at the same time smelling an unfamiliar scent of citrus, musk and a hint of rosewood. I reached a lake and beside it lay the most handsome guy I have ever seen. He had luscious, messy sandy blonde hair. And had a straight nose, full lips and a strong, square jaw. All I wanted was to see his eyes, after a moment of ogling him, I snapped out of it after noticing his bloody wounds. I felt an odd pang of pain in my stomach, I inhaled again; he was human.

I sat down next to him, trying frantically to decide what to do. I peered down at his face when his eyes fluttered open. And then he said four words that made my heart flutter and beat alarmingly like an 808 drum.

"Are you an angel?" He asked looking up at me with a small smile, his eyes half closed. I gave him a slight smile. That's when I knew, I was mated to a wounded human.