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Dance in the Vampire's Blood, Ch1

The soldier puffed on his cigarette as he watched the entrance to the island's tunnel. Stuck on duty watching over the entrance to the Bund, he was bored out of his mind. He got the night shift, the dangerous one.

Nobody knew what might try to get out of there at night.

He looked down at the road below him, as a black car drew up to the edge. He hurried down, taking his gun.

"Who's there?" he called out as he ran up to the car.

A man, black-haired and in his late thirties, rolled down the window and looked out at the soldier, raising identification paper.

The soldier stopped short, as he saw the man, "My apologies Regendorf-san."

The man raised the window, and drove forward. A girl in the back of the car raised her head from where she had been sleeping and spoke to him, "Papa, are we nearly there?"

The man nodded, "Yeah, almost, that tunnel was the entrance to the Bund."

The girl, a blonde teenager, her hair pulled into two ponytails, one on each side of her face, smiled, "Good! I can't wait to see Mummy again!" She giggled, revealing two fangs.

The girl's father smiled, baring a plain set of teeth, if perhaps a little sharper than average, "I can't wait either."

The man continued to drive, until he reached a large building, the largest on the man-made island. The man drove right up to the front steps, where a black-haired woman stood waiting.

"Akira-kun," the woman said as the pair stepped out of the car. "I hope your journey was successful."

"Yeah, it went as well as expected Vera," Akira replied.

Vera smiled a little, "And how are you Lady Lucy?"

The girl, Lucy, smiled up at the older lady brightly, "Very well thank you Vera-san."

Vera chuckled, "You are so much politer than your father you know."

"Hey, I'm right here you know," Akira said, slight annoyance in his voice.

Lucy giggled, "Yeah, and being rude as ever Papa."

A sigh escaped Akira's mouth, "Fine, fine. Now Vera, we have things to discuss."

"Very well," the woman replied. "Lucy, why don't you go and see your mother?"

Lucy smiled, "Sure! See you later Papa!" She then dashed up the stairs and into the building.

Vera watched her run, a smile playing about on her face, "Look at her go. Your daughter is quite energetic."

Akira nodded, "I wonder where she gets it from."

"Well, shall we..." Vera motioned after Lucy, and she and Akira started walking after the girl.

When the two got inside, Vera led the way up a few flights of stairs, into a conference room. There, a group of half a dozen vampires sat, along with a trio of werewolves, one sat, the other two stood. When the pair entered, one figure immediately rose, "Akira-kun, Vera-san, good you could join us this evening in person."

Akira glanced at the woman, who looked barely twenty, but who he had known for more years than that, "Indeed Yuki, I managed to complete the negotiations rather faster than I anticipated."

The girl grinned, revealing her two elongated fangs, "So I trust it went as we hoped?"

Akira nodded, "Yes, the prime minister has agreed to our requests. He has stated that he will give us aid in case of another crisis of the like of the Blood War."

Yuki sighed, a little with relief, "Very well, then let us get on with this meeting..."

The pair took their seats, Akira catching his father's eye as he did so. The older werewolf nodded slightly, then both of them turned their attention to Yuki.

"Okay..." Yuki began, "First..."

It was after the meeting, and Akira stepped out of the room, accompanied by Yuki.

"That went well, not too much arguing for once," Yuki said.

"Yeah..." Akira yawned, "Ah... sorry. Had to come halfway across Japan this evening. Damn the Prime Minister for not coming back from his home for something of that level of importance."

Yuki sighed, "But to him, we aren't of that much importance. We don't exactly do much for Japan any more, not since Hime-sama cleared up their debt. All we really do is take their citizens, and turn them into vampires."

Akira rolled his eyes, "Yeah, but he could still be a bit more cooperative. If some foreign government leader came to Japan to speak on the military with him, the PM would be in Tokyo to greet him, not off on Hokkaido."

Yuki replied "Yes, but we aren't exactly America, especially not at the moment."

Akira nodded, "Oh well... if you don't mind, I would like to go check on my daughter... and my wife."

Yuki nodded, "Well I'll see you later." She turned, and walked down a flight of stairs, while Akira turned in the other direction, and headed upstairs.

As he neared the top, he heard Lucy's voice, "So Mummy, Papa should be out of his meeting soon. I hope so, it's nearly morning, and I'm tired."

Akira reached the room which Lucy's voice came from, and opened the door. Lucy turned in her seat when she heard him come in, and she smiled, "Hi Papa!"

"Hey there Lucy..." he looked at the bed by which she sat, where a blonde woman lay, "and you too, Mina."

The woman on the bed was silent, if you discounted the sounds of the machines whirring by her, keeping her from slipping out of the sleep of the dead. She lay still, except for the rise and fall of her chest, as a machine breathed for her. She had the form of a full-grown woman now, not the little girl she had always been before.

Before Lucy was born.

Akira stepped to the side of the bed, and stroked the woman's hair, "How've you been Mina? Miss me?"

He didn't expect a reply of course. The vampire queen remained as silent as ever.

Lucy yawned next to her father, and Akira looked round at her, "You should go to bed. It's nearly sunrise."

Lucy nodded, "Yes Papa." She stood, and stepped to the door, before turning back, "See you later Papa, Mummy." She then left the room, leaving Akira with his unconscious wife.

He returned his full attention to her, and put his hand to her cheek, gently stroking her pale skin. As he did so, he recalled what had happened to bring the proud vampire to this state...

17 years earlier, 30th August, 2010

Akira sighed as he stood by a fresh grave of a friend. Angie's grave. True the boy had betrayed them, but that didn't make Akira feel any better, and what made it worse was that Akira hadn't killed the friend this time. The blood was on his brother Yuuhi's hands.

It was early evening, the sun had set about half an hour ago. Akira sighed, knowing that he needed to return to work soon, his duty calling him. He turned, and left the graveyard.

When he reached his destination, he saw Vera waiting at the foot of the steps up. She approached him, and spoke, "Akira-kun, the princess has requested that you go up to her rooms immediately."

Akira nodded, and went straight up. He reached the room, and knocked.

"Come in!" he heard from inside. He opened the door, and stepped inside.

Mina was sat on a wooden chair, by a table of the same material, and looked up from what Akira assumed to be a report she was reading when Akira entered, "Ah, Akira, you're here at last."

Akira bowed, "Hime-san, you called for me. I came as soon as I was told."

Mina giggled, "You don't have to be so formal with me." She stood and walked towards him, "After all, you are my knight, right? So I order you to stop being so formal in private."

"If you really want it, Hime-san."

Mina sighed, but gave up trying to push him, "Anyway, I called you here because I received this from Rozenmann a little while ago." She picked up the paper she had been reading, and gave it to Akira, who took it and read it.

My dear Princess.

I would like to invite you to a gathering of high-ranking nobles, including Lords Li and Ivanovic. Your presence would be a most honoured addition.

The rest was fancy nonsense, which Akira skimmed through. When he finished, he looked up at the princess, "A trap?"

Mina smiled, "Most likely. But of course, I can't refuse his invitation without a very good reason."

Akira looked again at the letter, "The date is about two months from now. Too long a gap for us to say we you were pre-booked."

Mina nodded, "Yes, very clever of him. He's forcing my hand here. Of course, I shall request that royal security be present. And that includes you, Akira."

Akira nodded, "Of course Hime-san."

Mina continued, "I shall want you to personally guard me at this 'gathering of nobles.' Vera and my maids will also be with us for most of the evening."

Akira nodded, "Is there anything I should prepare in the meantime, Hime-san?"

Mine looked thoughtful for a moment, before saying, "You need only prepare one thing: yourself."

Akira raised an eyebrow at her statement, but then bowed, "As you command, Hime-san."

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