Artemis Fowl Book 9

The Beginning of a New Adventure

Fowl Manor, Ireland.

Butler was using his Japanese kodachi to chop carrots for his charge's dinner. His charge was definitely changing. Recently he seemed to stay far away from any food containing any form of meat. Whenever Butler served him his signature roasted pork stew with beans Master Artemis would simply excuse himself and eat some chips for his meal.

"Master Artemis is definitely hiding something from me but I have no idea what it is."

Juliet Butler burst into the kitchen disturbing Butler's mental babble. She quickly ran up to him and just stood there looking at her brother.

"Is something wrong Juliet?'

"It's Mrs. Fowl. She fell asleep and she won't wake up. She also has discolouration in her fingers and toes."

"Where is Master Artemis?"

"He is at his mother's bedside with his father"

"Juliet call Dr. Langford while I get the medical kit."

Juliet rushed out of the room without saying one more word. Butler ran downstairs an into the storage room. He hesitated trying to remember where the tool he desired was. His eyes settled on a box. His hands reached out for it and grasped it. Butler took the time to blow off the accumulated dust and he ran upstairs into the main hall. He reached the oak staircase and took three steps at a time.

Mrs. Fowl's room, Fowl Manor, Ireland

Artemis Fowl II was standing beside his mother's bed sobbing uncontrollably. He loved his mother too much to let her die. He felt a comforting hand rest on his shoulder and he looked up into his father's eyes- Artemis Fowl I's eyes.

"Stop crying son, we're not going to let her die without trying to save her. Use that big brain of yours to think of a solution to this problem."

One of Artemis Fowl II's gifts was an intelligence that exceeded that of Mozart, Archimedes, Beethoven and even Albert Einstein. Under normal circumstances he would easily be able to come up with a plan to save his mother but his mind was too clouded with his grief and anxiety.

"Artemis . . ." said Mrs. Fowl. Her words sounded like that of an old spirit trying to whisper a secret to a living being.

Artemis' head cleared instantly. He grasped his mother's left hand while his father grasped her right hand.

"Yes mother I'm here."

"What is happening to me?' There was a pause between her words because she was gasping for air.

"You're simply having a fever mother. You will be alright."

"I trust you Artemis but this feels much worse than a simple fever. My body aches, my finger and toes don't move when I tell them to and it feels like my blood is frozen."

"You will be alright my beauty." said Artemis Fowl senior.

"Give me a hug my son although I can't lift up my arms."

Artemis approached his mother and wrapped his arms tightly around her. He was surprised by how bony and frail she felt. It had been a long time since he had hugged his mother. Time seemed to slow down as he remembered how strong and healthy his mother once was.

Butler burst into the room shattering Artemis' moment of peace.

"I am going to try to help Mrs. Fowl," declared Butler. However there was really no need to say it because he was carrying a metal box with a big red plus sign on it.

Both Artemis Fowl senior and junior stepped aside to give Butler some room. He took out an injection needle and filled it with a clear liquid which he got from a transparent plastic bottle.

"This will make her feel better and ease her passing." said Butler as he worked.

"No!" shouted both Artemis Senior and Junior.

"We will not let her die." Said Artemis junior softly, trying to regain his composure.

"There is nothing that we can do for her Artemis." Stated Butler trying to fake nonchalance.

"I have an idea," said Artemis junior," We can ask Captain Holly Short to help us. Remember she has fairy magic and technology on her side, she might be able to help us." He said while twisting his ring on his middle finger.

The ring was actually a disguised fairy communicator which he could use to send messages to Holly and any other fairy that he was interested in talking to.

"Holly can you hear me?"

"Artemis I hope that one day you will stop calling me so often."

"I apologize but this is an emergency."

"Really, now? No I will not let you talk to Foaly. Both of you always argue too much and I'm sick and tired of listening to your useless banter."

"First of all talking about the Theory of Relativity is not useless banter and second of all I need you to come and heal my mother she is dying."


"Yes, again. If you don't come soon, she will die."

"I'm on my way Artemis."

"Oh, ask Foaly to help us, we might need his genius."

Artemis was sure that he could feel Holly rolling her eyes as she spoke her next sentence

"Fine I'll bring Foaly but only because it's important."

Holly hung up. Artemis turned to his family and Butler.

"She is coming."