Chapter 4 – The Group Gathers

Shuttle Port E-41 Tara, Near the Centre of the Earth

Foaly was the first to come out of the shuttle. He was followed by Holly, Artemis Junior, Artemis Senior who was still carrying Mrs. Fowl and the last person to come out was Butler since he was placed at the back. Foaly pulled back a lever and the shuttle was lowered into the hangar.

"Holly, that was some scary flying even for you," said Foaly who was on the verge of collapsing.

"I was trying to arrive as quickly as possible so that Mrs. Fowl would have a higher chance of surviving."

"You could have crashed into one of those huge underground mountains." Pointed out Artemis Senior

"It's your wife I'm trying to save," retorted Holly," I think that you should be less troublesome."

"You're right I'm sorry."

Without saying another word Holly went up to the door with the panel and typed in her code. She took one step forward and ran straight into Commander Julius Root. Root let out a very girly shriek and looked at Holly. Foaly made sure to tease Root about that particular incident when he got the chance.

"Oh Holly, I see that you've already completed your mission," said Julius as he scratched his hair.

"Yes I have."

"We need to get her into an emergency hospital A.S.A.P. to conduct some tests and find a way to cure her," pointed out Foaly.

"That's why I brought this stretcher with me," said Julius pointing to the group of sprites behind him who were holding a stretcher.

Artemis Senior laid his wife down on the stretcher. He was unsuccessfully trying to conceal the fact that he was near tears. He felt a comforting, big and steadying hand on his shoulder. He turned and looked up and up and up until he was able to see Butler's dark blue eyes.

"She is going to be alright. She is in very capable hands," said Butler.

"Don't forget the fact that this disease is almost always fatal," pointed out Foaly.

"Foaly, can't you be of some use for once?" inquired Holly.

"He just needs to accept the fact that the chances are that his wife will die. Also I am almost always of some use to you guys. Didn't you need me to launch the shuttle this morning? If it wasn't for me Mrs. Fowl would still be at Fowl Manor dying. At least she has more of a chance now that she is with us."

"Can I accompany her while you guys try to heal her?" asked Artemis Fowl Senior.

Foaly took a while to think about it and then answered.

"No, there's a chance that you guys will also get the disease. Since all of us have come in contact with her we need to be screened and cleansed for safety reasons but you can stay in the same hospital with her while you're being cleansed."

Artemis Fowl Senior didn't say anything more.

Commander Root and Foaly led the group to a waiting fairy vehicle. The vehicle used some sort of air to keep it afloat. Angeline Fowl and the sprites were put at the back of the vehicle.

"This vehicle has the ability to keep the germs from a patient from reaching the other occupants. That's the only reason why we're in the same car as she is," explained Foaly.

The other occupants were at the front part of the vehicle. The vehicle was built for people the size of regular fairies and not for people that were Butler's size. Butler could have sworn that he was getting