Chapter One

After the Kishin

Crona's Stress?

Third Person View ~Maka's Room~

Maka woke up stretching."Ouch." Just remembering that she just beaten the Kishin Asura yesterday with her body all beaten and bruised.

All of a sudden soul came into her bedroom."Hey Maka, you alright, Lord Death said you should rest until your wounds heal." Maka looking up straight at Soul."Why you wouldn't if it were you injure." Maka said with a smirk. "Awe, how cute you love." Blair smiled the Maka's face turned red."Get out Blair!" Blair smiled wider. "Meow, am I making you nervous." Maka full of rage got up as a shocking feeling went through her body full of pain then dropping to her knee's."Maka are you ok?" Soul yelled, helping her up onto her bed." Yeah I'll be ok soul besides if we leave now we'll make it to school."Maka said. Soul smiled."Ok, I'll go get the Harley and bring it out front just try not to hurt yourself getting dress ok Maka?" Soul said shutting the door behind him. "So you hurt trying to protect Soul?" Blair asked. Maka could feel her face become red. "Yeah but, when did…" Maka realized what the time was."I need to get ready."

~Outside the Apartment~

"Finally, you're ready come on lets go." Soul yelled with a smile. Maka hopped on the bike."Ready Maka?" Maka smiled."Yeah let's go, Soul."

~Outside of the DWMA~

"Finally, you guy's made it two minute before school starts."Kid yelled."So Maka, how are you feeling?" Maka who finally got to the top of the stairs."Oh, I feel ok, except I feel sore in some places." Liz walk up to her feeling Maka's arms as Maka winced in pain."You look pretty sore, Maka."Maka just realized that Crona isn't here."Hey Kid, where's Crona?"Kid suddenly realized it to. "H-h-hey, Maka." Said a weak voice said behind them. Maka was happy."Crona, how are you feeling?"Crona who looked tired with his messy lavender hair and black dress."F-f-fine I-I thought I'd be dead." Soul who finally got the top of the stairs."Hey, if your done talking we got only one minute to get to class.

Crona ~Hallway~

It's my fault that Maka is worried.

"Hey, Crona are you ok?" Maka said.

"Oh, uh… y-yeah I'm ok." I said. From the look on Maka's face I don't think she believes me.


Stein walks into the classroom."Ok, today we're going to dissect dogs!" He said with a proud look on his face."Oh and Kid, Maka, Tsubaki, and Crona Lord Death wants you at the Infirmary right now so your dismissed." What? I thought. Is something wrong with us?


"Hey Crona, you look pale are you sure you're ok?" Maka said looking at me with a serious look.

"Oh um… yeah I-I'm fine."I said."But you don't believe me do you, Maka?"

"Well I was really worried when you pushed me out of the way of Medusa's sword so you would get hit instead and… and…" Maka's voice trailed off.



All of a sudden I could feel Crona's hand on my forehead."A-are you feeling ok? Maka your face is red."Crona said with worry.

"Yeah I feel ok it's nothing."I said. I could feel my face become a different shade of red.

"Oh, o-ok if you're sure."Crona said. So we finally got to the infirmary. Then I saw Lord Death was there.

"Hey, hey, hey what's up, what's up good to see ya."Lord Death said with papa next to him.

"Father what is this about?"Death the Kid said.

"Uh… yeah and papa what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Well Maka, it's because you here!" Papa said making a really dumb face. I could feel my face turn red again, then I looked down and realized that Crona was holding my and shaking.


I can feel my legs shake. "Crona, are you ok you look like you're going to pass out."Maka said.

"I-I'm just nervous."I said.

"Well you're all here to get check up's." Said Lord Death. Then Dr. Franken Stein walk in.

"That's right that's what you're all here for." Stein said.

"Yeah so Kid you're first to get a check up today."Spirit said.

"Not until you tell me why we need check up's." Kid demanded.

"Well most of you fought the Kishin were hurt pretty badly. Crona was injured by Medusa." Lord Death said. My heart is started to beat fast just being reminded of that moment.


This feels a little awkward because Tsubaki didn't show up for some reason well I'm the only girl here for a check up.

"So Kid you first."Stein said. Patty, Liz, Black*Star, and Soul already had their check up's but me and Crona Kid left when he was done.

"Ok Crona, your next so don't be shy."Papa said.

"It's ok Crona, you'll be fine it's just a check up." I said trying to smile to comfort Crona trying not to let him know that I'm nervous to.

"O-oh if you say it's ok, Maka." Crona said. After a minute or two Crona came out of the other room.

"Ok Maka, Mrs. Marie will be giving you a check up she's our new nurse."Stein said.

"Mrs. Marie nice to see you again." I said with a smile.

"It' nice to see you to Maka, I'm done with Crona so I guess you're next."Mrs. Marie said.

"Yeah but, I'm just a bit nervous I barley get check up's."I said.

"W-well I can wait h-here till you're done."Crona said I could feel my face change red.

~Check Up Room~

"Ok Maka, I need you to remove your sweater vest and your shirt."Mrs. Marie said sweetly.

"W-what." I said nervously I really didn't think I had to take off my clothes.

"Oh, I didn't mean to make you nervous."Said Mrs. Marie

"No, I'll take them off." I said as I removed my sweater vest and then unbutton my shirt and sliding it. I could feel my face turn red again.

"Wow Maka, you really have soft and smooth skin."Mrs. Marie smiled. She pulled out a stethoscope."Now take deep breaths for me, Maka." I could feel metal on my chest and then on my back.



"Maka are you done?" I asked.

"Yeah, ready to go Crona?" Maka asked.

"Um… y-yeah." I said then I could feel my stomach starting to hurt I must be hungry.


"Hey Crona, are alright you look paler then usual?" Maka said to me.

"Oh uh y-yeah I-I'm fine, oh w-we got gym with that scary blue guy now."I said.


"That's just great Sid works us way to hard and that's not cool." I said as I caught up to Maka and Crona.

"Soul, you're scaring Crona!" Maka yelled in my ear and that's uncool.

"Well I wouldn't be surprised if you die from being so tired, Maka." I said.


"Ouch what the hell Maka, I'm just saying you're better with book's not physical exercise you didn't have to go and scramble my fucking brain's!" I yelled.


"I s-still don't know how to deal with the blue man." I said nervously.

"Hey Crona, I'll be your gym partner if that makes you feel any better." Maka said calmly.


"Ok time to work out twice as hard today." Yelled the blue man which made me more nervous I felt like going back to mister corner.

"Hey are you ok Crona." Said a voice. I turned around to fine Tsubaki behind me.

"Uh… y-yeah." I said."I'm fine."

"Ok lets run two hundred laps, pick a gym partner." Sid yelled as everyone moaned. "Hey do you want me to make it four hundred lap's."

"Crona want to be with me?"Maka asked.

"Yeah ok." I said feeling more better being with Maka was nice


"Ready…Set…Go!" Sid Yelled. Me and Maka were behind. "Oh… I-I'm sorry if I'm s-slowing you down, Maka." I said.

"No, no it's ok you still new to running lap's." Maka said.

"Then y-your ok being my gym partner." I said.

"Of course silly."Maka smiled tiredly. The next thing I knew I stopped on my hands and knees."Crona are you ok!" Maka yelled rubbing my back calmly then I was swallowed by darkness."Soul, Soul!" I heard Maka yell.

"What happened?" He yelled."Maka what is it?"

"Crona isn't moving."Maka yelled."Help me with him." I could feel my arms around Maka and Soul neck's.



"Mrs. Marie we need help." I yelled. Please Crona hold on.

"Oh, what happened to Crona." Mrs. Marie said with a panic.

"H-he just blacked out." I said.

"Well you two should head back to class I'll take care of Crona, ok." Mrs. Marie said trying to be calm.

"Ok l-lets go Soul." I said.

"M-Maka wa-wait, I'll come." A voice said. I turned around it was Crona sitting up in his bed.

"Crona you should lay down you just past out thirty minutes ago." I said my voice feeling shaky.

"But I'm you gym partner."Crona said very weakly.

"Crona I'm going to make sure you ok."Mrs. Marie said. "So you should lay down and rest ok."


"I-I'm sorry if I was trouble." I said hoping that Maka will forgive me.

"It's ok Crona, I'll come back and check up on you." Maka said her face looking red.

"OK." I said nervously." I'll s-see you later Maka." Later on Mrs. Marie had left me alone in the infirmary.

"Here Crona have a sandwich."Mrs. Marie smiling handing me a sandwich.

"I'm tired." I could feel darkness swallowing me up again.

"Crona wake up." A girl's voice said as the light came back."How are you Crona?"

Maka i-it's you." I said embraced and glad to see Maka again.

"Of course it's me silly I did say I'd come back to check on you."Maka said sweetly.

"W-where's Mrs. Marie?" I asked Maka.

"She went to the Death-room."Maka said."Well I got to go home, Crona are you going to be alright?" Maka asked me.

"Uh… y-yeah." I said.

"Ok bye Crona." Then Maka kissed my cheek the she left the infirmary.

"W-wait Maka!" I yelled sitting up once I got to my feet I felt dizzy, but I didn't care I have to find Maka."Wait Maka!" Running through the hallway then I saw her at the bottom of the stairs outside in the rain.



"Maka!" A voice called I turned around and saw Crona running down the stairs so I ran up the stairs to him.

"Crona what is it?" I asked worried."How did you get out here you should be resting?"

"I-I want to come with you Maka." Crona Said nervously. He looked really pale like he was going to pass out.

"Alright Crona, but you need to rest ok?" I said then I saw a small smile on Crona's face while we were just standing there in the rain.

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