Chapter Three

Giant Snowstorm

Crona's Warmth?

~Living room~


The next morning I woke up and noticed that Crona was now laying next to me on the couch with his face snuggled to my neck his warm breath breathing on me. Then he started to moan and stretch opening his eye rubbing the other."Good morning Crona." I smiled at him and to Crona's surprise he fell off the couch.

"I'm, I'm sorry."Crona said panicking hoping I wasn't mad at him. Then Soul walked into the living room

"Maka what are you doing here?"He asked.

"Because I live here Soul." I said sitting up."Man I'm hungry." I looked at Soul again."Here give me a hand." I said holding out my hand. Then Soul grabbed my hand pulling me up I walked towards my bedroom stumbling realizing legs are still weak but I can still walk.

"Hey at least you can walk a little."Soul said.

"Yeah but my legs still feel a little numb."I said."I'm going to go take a bath." Walking into my room grabbing a pair of clothes and went to the bathroom.


Walking into the bathroom I sat on the side of the tub and started to remove my boots, my torn pink jeans, and the yellow hoodie under it all was Kid's black pjs. I started the water for the bath, thinking the fun me and Crona had on his birthday in his room. Then I could feel my face turn red by just remembering about that night. I unbuttoned the black shirt removing it and sliding of the black pants then getting into the bathtub and grabbed the shampoo to wash.

~Living room~


"Maka are you cooking pancakes they smell good."Soul said walking into the kitchen."Oh, Crona it's you I thought you were Maka."

"I-it's ok."I said looking down at my pancakes that I'm cooking then I looked up."But I am making pancakes."

"Cool."Soul grinned."Are they one I'm starving!"

"Oh, um… y-yeah." I said setting the pancakes on the table."Maka taught me how to make them."

"Well they look good let's dig in."Soul grinned even wider.

"I don't think I'm hungry." I said watching Soul eat his pancakes.

"Hey, Crona just eat something."Soul said."It's not good for you going hungry."

"Who gives a damn! Just feed me already!"Ragnorak yelled pulling my hair.

"Ow, stop it, that hurts, get off me!" I yelled until he stopped."I'm going to the bathroom."



Now that I think about it I guess that I have feelings for him I thought to myself."I think I smell pancakes."I said getting out of the tub. As I got out of the bath the door opened and I ran into Crona slipping on the wet floor with me on top of Crona. Then I realized that Crona's face became red.

"M-Maka I,I…"Crona was to shock to speak that he couldn't breath. I got off of Crona quickly I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me."I'm, I'm s-sorry I,I forgot you were in the bathroom."Crona cried in Mr. Corner covering his eyes with his hands.

"Crona it's ok, it was an accident you didn't mean it."I said quickly to him, but I just looked at him looking like he saw a ghost."Here then."I pulled out my book and bumped his head slowly with it."Better?"Crona just slow nodded his head."I'm going to get dressed now ok." Crona must've understood because we both stood up and before Crona knew it I had pressed my lips against his. Then I could feel Crona kissing back holding me close. As I pulled away I looked at Crona to see his reaction. I could see a small, but yet happy smile on his face.

"Um… I'll just go now."Crona said backing out of the door.

~Living room~


What was happening? My heart feels like it's going to explode. Then two skinny arms wrapped around my waist I could tell that they where Maka's as she pulled me closer making my face become red."Crona it's supposed to be really cold today." She said holding me tighter to her body."I'll be right back I'll bring you a scarf and a jacket." She said as she lets go of her hold of me, I wished that moment would last forever.

"O-ok." I said looking down at my feet.

"Crona are you ok?" Maka asked.

"Oh, um… y-yeah." I said looking at Maka in the eyes making my face become a different shade of red.

"Hey Crona, how do you feel about riding on my bike with Maka and I?" Soul asked.

"I don't know how to ride a bike."I said."I don't think I can deal with this."

"Here Crona, here's a scarf and a jacket."Maka said walking out of her room handing me a black and silver scarf and a dark purple jacket.

"Thank you Maka."I said trying to smile.

"Come on, let's go." Soul said opening the front door walking out.



"I-it's cold out here." Crona shivered. I wrapped my scarf I was wearing around him.

"Is that better?"I asked.

"Y-yes but aren't you c-cold, Maka?"Crona asked me

"It's ok I'll be sitting between you and soul so you two will keep me warm."I smiled at Crona. As we got on I noticed that Crona hesitated getting on the motorcycle and when he finally did I wrapped his arms around my waist."Ready to go Crona?"I asked him.

"Ok I'm ready."Crona said quietly then we rode off, on the way it started to snow lightly.

~Stein's Classroom~


"Hey Crona, have you ever heard of Christmas?"Maka asked seeming that Stein was late to class to teach.

"No."I answered quickly to her.

"It's a holiday when we get two weeks off of school."Maka explained."Plus a man named Santa Claus comes to your home to bring presents for all the good kids while all the bad kids gets coal."

"When is this holiday?" I asked trying not to sound to egger.

"It's December twenty-fifth."Maka smiled."Today is December second, so in twenty-three days it'll be Christmas."

Attention, Attention students we will be having our annual DWMA Christmas Pajama Lock in Party on the fourteenth of December."Lord Death said on the intercom." By the way be careful on the way home it's snowing heavily outside."

~DWMA Front Doors Inside~


As me and Crona walked to the front door's we stopped at my locker and grabbed our jackets and scarves to bundle up for the weather."Ready to go then Crona?" He nodded his head yes.

"Hey Maka, Crona do you guys want a ride home to the apartment."Soul asked.

"No, Crona and I decided to walk home on the way we're going to buy some hot chocolate."I said to Soul.

"Alright, but try to get home before dark ok, Maka." Soul said.

Third Person

Maka and Crona walked out into the snow as they walked down the stairs they ran into Tsubaki and Black*Star."Hello Maka, hello Crona." Tsubaki smiled greeting them."How are you two?"

"Good so far."Maka answered."We're going to get some hot chocolate on the way home."She smiled."Want to come and join us?"

"Sure, do you want to come Black*Star?"Tsubaki asked.

"No, you go on I'm getting a ride from Soul, Yahoo!"Black*Star announced.

"Ok, if you're sure."Tsubaki said. Then she walked off with Maka and Crona down the rest of the stairs and went straight to a café and ordered three hot chocolate drinks.

"Hey Crona, have you ever had hot chocolate before?"Maka asked.

"Oh… n-no I,I haven't" Crona said taking a sip of it."But it tastes really good."

"Yo, you kids should head home I don't want you to get snowed in."The Clerk said.

When the three paid for their drinks they walked outside and started for Maka's apartment as it started to become a blizzard. Crona, Maka, and Tsubaki ran into an abandoned building to take cover when they got inside a giant pile of snow collapsed landing on them in a small tight space trapping them under it in a small cave."Crona, Tsubaki are you two ok?"Maka yelled.

"Yeah I'm ok."Tsubaki said.

"I, I can't deal with this I'm really c-cold."Crona whined.

"I guess we're stuck under all this snow."Maka said, but she then realized her right leg is stuck under a ton of snow."M-my leg it's stuck."Maka said as she tried to pull her leg out then she had started to scream in pain.

"Maka, please calm down."Tsubaki said holding Maka's hands to stop her."Take some deep breaths."Maka did as she was told. Then Crona thought of an idea and grabbed Ragnorak in sword form.

"Are we going to cut off the stupid cow's leg off!"Ragnorak yelled in excitement.

"N-no, I'm going to cut her leg out from under the snow."Crona said.


"Crona, you think you can get my leg out from under the snow?"I asked with hope and fear in my voice.

"Yes I, I do."Crona said quietly getting closer to my face then he press his lips against mine as he pulled away he started to cut my leg out from under the snow. What felt like forever Crona had finally got my leg out from under the snow. Tsubaki crawled to my foot examining it.

"Does this hurt?"Tsubaki asked as she lifted my foot on her knee.

"Ow, ow yes that hurts." Saying that startled Crona."I'll be fine once we get out of here."Looking at Crona."You're a really nice person Crona."

"Thank you Maka."Crona said his face becoming hot red holding my closer warming my body from the cold snow.

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