On Wednesday, after "Before I Was Caught," I was at school and bored, staring at my laptop screen (yes, we have laptops at school), bored, and then somehow I wrote this, though I don't know where it came from. It's my first Hellcats story and I don't like it very much.

"When I came back from New Orleans, we agreed that our relationship had to change. It's changed."

Marti was taken aback. She didn't know what to say to that. What could you say when your best friend told you that he didn't tell you everything anymore and basically that his girlfriend ranked over you sometimes?

She blinked, trying to write it off for now, and purposefully returned to the topic of Lewis's trial.

Oh my God, she thought sadly. They were best friends and had been since before either of them could remember. They told each other everything and could write very embarrassing biographies of each other's lives if they wanted to.

That shouldn't change. Couldn't change. She needed Dan in her life like he had always been, the way he had always been. It had been hell for her when he had been in New Orleans, or when he stopped talking to her for a while after that infamous night in the back of Wanda's car. She couldn't go through that again; therefore, when he came back she had resolved to try as hard as she possibly could to not do anything that might make him leave again.

She didn't really have any girlfriends except Savannah, and maybe Alice sometimes. She hadn't had many in high school either. It had always been just her and Dan, the Two Musketeers.

Yes, their relationship apparently had changed, at least in Dan's eyes. She had never in a million years dreamed it would change this much, though. But Dan was a man of his word. They had said their relationship had to change, and he would make sure it did.

Before I get any reviews saying "It could've been longer"—it's supposed to be short. It's just a little ficlet cause I was bored.