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I love Ibiki. I love Kakashi. So I wrote this. :)

"Another shot?"

Ibiki glanced at his empty glass half-heartedly before shaking his head. "I don't think I'll be getting drunk tonight."

Kakashi snorted. "Have you ever gotten drunk?"

The large man shrugged. "Maybe once, many years ago."

"Before you were such a hardass?"

"If you want to put it like that."

Kakashi, whose visible eye was bleary from the liquor (he really couldn't hold it, no matter what he said), turned on the bar stool to face him.

"You all right?"

"Excuse me?"

Kakashi waved his hands around in a meaningless gesture. "Thought I should ask. Ninja have such crappy lives that I figure one of us goes crazy every month or so."

"You're drunker than I thought."

"Really? Me too."

Ibiki didn't question on what that was supposed to mean.

"So how are you doing?"

"Fine." grunted Ibiki. He was now contemplating leaving.

"S'not a real answer."

He wanted to go.

"Honest answer? Just tortured a woman was cried for three straight hours and called me a whore several times before spilling her guts. Pretty sure I broke a rib during my last mission, but I'm too lazy to get it checked out. Other than that, I'm fine."

Kakashi's drunken hand clapped Ibiki on his broad back. "Good. Thanks for telling me."

"You are going to have a huge hangover."

"Don't I know it?"

"It's not my fault if you wake up in the bar."

Kakashi turned away from him. "I'm not doing so well."

"Huh?" Ibiki didn't expect even a drunk Kakashi to spill his guts…or anything else, for that matter.

"Sasuke Uchiha left the village last week."

Ibiki had heard about that. "Erm…"

"It's my fault. I should've been able to stop him, but I couldn't…I'm not good enough…Aren't I a prime example of what giving up on revenge can do for you?"

Ibiki looked at the 'prime example', who was currently crying over some whiskey. "Not right now. Get yourself together and save that damn idiot. Maybe not today, but when that blonde idiot comes back or whenever you feel like it. And maybe you should stay away from bars."

Kakashi nodded absently. "Thanks."

"Seriously, though, I'm not bringing you home."

"That's fine. I know the janitor. He'll hook me up with a nice corner booth to pass out in."

Ibiki shook his head. That man would never learn.

"Oh, and Ibiki?"

"Yeah?" He was halfway out the door, so he figured it wouldn't hurt to answer.

"You should get yourself a woman. Maybe get rid that stick up your ass."

"I take that into consideration."

Inside, his mind was reeling. A woman? When was the last time he'd even thought about woman? And sex, for that matter?

Ibiki dismissed the question. That answer was a depressing as Kakashi's own love life, not to mention his attendance record.

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