Please Don't Go

It's been far too long since they've done this, Kurt decides as Blaine finally sinks into him. Four months, three weeks and two days, to be precise. It had been raining the day Blaine left, slamming the door behind him after yet another stupid argument. All they ever seemed to do was argue, cruel words tossed back and forth between them like it was totally normal. Kurt knew it wasn't, Blaine knew it wasn't… but neither of them seemed to care.

Kurt throws his head back a little, gasping for breath as Blaine's mouth traces down his neck, latching onto his collar bone and licking it deliciously. Kurt whines desperately, arching into Blaine's touch. He knows there will be marks there tomorrow morning, marks that the girls in the office will coo over and try to guess who left them there. They'll think it was Cameron, the nice intern Kurt had a date with last week who he never called back. Or Mark, the boy with the twinkling blue eyes and crooked smile who had openly chatted Kurt up at a bar last week. Certainly not Blaine, a figure from Kurt's past that very few of them even knew about.

Their fingers tangle together on the pillow under Kurt's head, both of them gripping, desperate, neither willing to let go. Kurt can feel the nails on Blaine's fingers digging into his skin, the hot white pain ripping through his hand. He could make Blaine let go, or loosen his grip, but he doesn't. The pain keeps him grounded, sane, reminds him that this isn't yet another of his sordid fantasies, acted out in his mind some nights when he feels so goddamn lonely. This is real.

Kurt starts a little bit when he feels wetness against his chest, warm on his skin. He can feel it spread a little, the droplet rolling down over one collarbone and settling in the dip. He frees one of his hands, tilting up Blaine's face just in time to see another tear roll down his boyfriend's cheek. Kurt had forgotten how beautiful Blaine was when he cried, how wide and open and trusting his boyfriend's eyes became. For a moment, his breath is taken as he watches the man above him, trusting Kurt with something he knows no one else ever sees. Their bodies are locked together in the most intimate way possible, and yet Kurt feels closer to Blaine at this moment than he has all night.

"Hey," Kurt murmurs, stroking one thumb over the wet trail, "no crying." Blaine just smiles at him brokenly, tears still falling as he begins to move again, his hips snapping forward. Kurt moans brokenly, head falling back against the pillow as Blaine works into him, shifting and pressing against his body in all the right ways.

"Sorry," Blaine gasps, and for a second, Kurt isn't sure what Blaine is apologising for; crying, or the long absence they have spent apart, running into each other in coffee shops, hanging out with mutual friends but never touching, never speaking? The months when they didn't even look at each other, ignoring the desire that still sparked between them. Kurt doesn't know, but as Blaine presses their lips together for the first time in too long, he decides that he doesn't care.