This is a story about Zero wanting a baby. He turns to Kaname but Kaname has different plans for him to make zero his.

Contains: Mpreg, lemony scene(s), may be a bit out of character (OOC), Cross dressing later on

Main Pairing: Kaname x Zero

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Zero Wants A Baby

I am alone

Zero gazed round his empty apartment. Tears fell rapidly from his eyes. Wiping back the wet tears, Zero stood up and glanced over the room. It was a mess. Zero remembered how it had become that way. He had gotten the invitation to Yuki and Hanabusa's wedding. He was saddened that everyone was moving on with their lives and his was not changing. Zero picked up the clothes lying on the floor and picked up the broken pieces of glass. He tripped over a silver gift bag. Slowly he picked it up, inside was a plain white baby dress, it was for Senri and Takuma. Shiki was pregnant with their first born. The ex-human picked up the dress and held it close to him, more tears spilled from his eyes down his face. Zero folded the white dress and put it back in the bag and placed it on a small coffee table. 'A walk,' he thought to himself that would get his mind off of things. He grabbed his long brown jacket, put it on and rushed out his apartment clutching his keys in his hand. The hunter didn't know what to do.

And I find it kind of funny

I find it kind of sad

The dreams in which I'm dying

Are the best I've ever had

I find it hard to tell you

'Cos I find it hard to take

When people run in circles

Its a very very

Mad World

Mad World

Zero realised it was his phone that had blasted out the haunting music. He quickly took out his mobile and glanced at the number. It was Yuki. The ex-human breathed out slowly and answered

"Zero Kiryu, speaking."

"It's me Yuki, Zero."

"Hello Yuki, what do you want?"

"Jumping right to the point are we?"

"Yuki, I have sketches to do; I am designing the new Haydn concert hall."

"Wouldn't want to get in the way of your architecture job now would I."

"I'm an architect. Not all of us rely on our rich, doctor fiancés!"

Yuki laughed into the phone.

"Zero what are you doing right now?"

"I decided to take a walk. You know clear my head."

"Good. Meet me at the Golden Cress Cafe in 20 minutes. I want to talk to you!"

Yuki ended the call. The phone went dead. Zero sighed and replaced his phone back into his pocket. He began to make his way towards the Golden Cress. As he approached the cafe, he noticed Senri. Zero stared at him. No one could miss him. His baby bump stuck out. It was huge.

"Zero!" Senri shouted "Zero, wait for me!"

Zero ran to Senri's side. They smiled at one another.

"What you doing here Zero? I haven't seen you in ages!"

Zero smiled at his friend. Senri was usually quiet but in the presence of his friends he was loud (and since his pregnancy).

"I'm meeting Yuki. Been busy with work. Work is my life," he sighed.

"You need to get a life. A girlfriend ... or boyfriend whatever way you swing."

"Are you judging me oh Senri, a male noble who got pregnant by another male noble?"

Senri blushed furiously. He glared at Zero.

"Shut up Zero, we're in public!" he glanced over his shoulder.

"So, this is a vampire shopping district. It's not that big of a deal. It has been in all the tabloids. Do you honestly care?" the level D asked.

"No!" the noble replied.

They walked slowly toward the cafe. Zero opened the big glass doors and ushered Shiki inside.

"Zero nii-chan!" Yuki yelled. All eyes turned to Senri and Zero who had just entered. Both males swiftly walked to the back table where Yuki was waving for them to join her. They sat down in unison.

"Don't call me that Yuki! I'm not your brother!" Zero hissed at Yuki.

"Okay, I'll call you Zero-chan, we are still family!" She said while pouting.

Zero sighed in frustration.

"Not by blood!" he muttered.

Yuki frowned. The waitress came over to their table and took their orders. She smiled at Zero and walked away to get their coffees and desserts which they had ordered.

"Somebody likes you," Senri sang.

"Shut up Senri!" Zero muttered.

Yuki watched her adopted brother and realised that Zero was depressed about something.

"Zero ..." she whispered but she was soon interrupted.

Guy love

He's mine

I'm his

Its guy love ... between two guys

Senri blushed and took his phone out ending the song. Zero burst out laughing he couldn't contain his laughter.

"Hello Takuma, yeah ... Oh crap I forgot ... No. No. I have a car with me ... Yeah I'll see you there," the noble hung up.

"Sorry Yuki, Zero. I forgot I have a doctor's appointment. Takuma's very angry, better not piss him off he may look sweet and innocent but when he's angry it's scary! I'll see you two later. Sorry I have to go," Senri apologised bowing his head as the two.

"Go to your husband. Wait! Are you going to see Hanabusa?"


"Tell him that I'm booking the Crystal Wedding Hall since he decided not to come with me and I've chosen his suit for the wedding, all he has to do is pick it from Starry Night, okay?"

"Okay. Well ... bye Zero, Yuki," the noble said as he got out of his seat to leave.

"Bye bye Mrs Senri Ichijou," Zero stated laughing slightly.

Senri scowled at Zero's remark and headed out of the cafe. The waitress came to the table and placed down their food and drinks. She slipped Zero a piece of paper. She hurried away. Yuki took a drink of her latte.

"The nerve!" Zero exclaimed.

"What?" the female pureblood asked.

"She gave me her mobile number!"

"So ... you need to move on with your life!"

Yuki munched her cake until she had finished every single crumb.

"Zero, is something wrong? I'm your sister tell me!" she took hold of Zero's hand and caressed it.

"I feel lost"


"Everyone's moving on and I'm not changing. I feel something's missing."

"What do you think you are missing?"

"I don't know. I think ... I think I want..."

"Want what? Maybe I can help?"

"A baby," Zero whispered quietly. He drank all of his coffee in one gulp. They sat in silence for a while just staring at each other.

"Zero, do you want a wife or to adopt?"

"Neither. Wives are a hassle; I've never been attracted to girls but you and that turned out to be weird and everything. I think I want a baby just like Senri."

"He could only get pregnant because of him and Takuma being nobles. You can't you're just a Level D, honey," she said squeezing his hand.

"I can!"

"How?" The younger of the two gasped.

"I can do it with a pureblood male, I wont get into the details but I remember a friend of mine telling me who works at Thornz bookstore, that Level D's can only get pregnant by male purebloods!"

"So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to ask him."

"Do you mean...?"

"Yes, I'm going to ask Kaname!" Zero interrupted.

"I wish you the best. I'm sure you can win over my brother, you can be charming when you want to be."

She drank the rest of her latte while Zero finished his muffin.

"Oh!" Yuki exclaimed a wide grin spread across her face. Zero jumped in his seat a little.

"Come to dinner next Thursday, it will be two days before the wedding. We can have a family and friends' dinner, so Kaname will come, you can talk to him then!"

"Won't it be awkward?"

"Hmm," the brunette murmured she scratched her hair, "oh I'll tell Kaname before hand then he can talk to you, so it will be less awkward. Then I can tell you if he agrees or not!"

"That would be so good Yuki!"

"Well I'll do it for a price!"

"Anything you name it."

"Be my Maid of Honour!" she stated.

"That's a woman's job!" Zero protested.

"That's why you will wear a dress, high heels, makeup and hair extensions but you don't need to do Maid of Honour stuff, I've sorted that!"

"Yuki, I'm not a girl!"

"Fine then I won't ask him!" she turned her face away from him.

"Okay! Okay! I will be your Maid of honour. You make me wear anything hideous and I will put on a suit! Got it!"

Yuki jumped out of her seat and began to hug Zero she planted kisses on his cheek. "Thank you! Thank you!"

"No I should be thanking you," he said.

They both finished their desserts. Zero paid the bill. Yuki gave Zero a lift back to his apartment.

"Remember Thursday, mummy!"

Zero chuckled at the name she had called him.

"How can I forget my child? Be good for daddy!"

They both laughed and said their goodbyes. Both heading in different directions.

Kaname was sitting in his living talking to Aidou when Yuki entered. She planted a kiss on the cheek of her brother and her fiancé. She then collapsed into Aidou's lap.

"Big day?" he asked Yuki.

"Yes it was unbelievable! I sorted everything for the wedding out! Now I can relax until the wedding day! Everything's done! Finished! Completed!" she chuckled smiling at the two men.

"Nii-san, I have to talk to you in private. Do you mind leaving us to talk in private, Baby?" she turned to face Aidou. He nodded his head and left the room.

She walked towards her brother and sat on the empty seat beside him on the red velvet couch.

"Nii-san this is important." Yuki took his hand and tears began to brim at her eyes. Kaname realised how serious she was.

"What is it Yuki?" thoughts flooded his mind about as to why his little sister was so upset.

"It has to do with Zero!"

Kaname stiffened at the name of the man he loved. It was one sided and Zero would never find out. He felt his mouth go dry.

"What about him?" he whispered dryly.

"He wants a baby!" tears poured down her face, "Only you can help him!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Give him one. He knows you can he wouldn't tell me how but please, please help him!" she gripped his shirt and sobbed into his chest. The older pureblood stroked her brown hair. His thoughts started to go by rapidly in his mind until he couldn't control it. The shattering of glass snapped him out of his thoughts. His head suddenly shot up as he watched the broken glass fall down the French windows. A maid instantly appeared and began to shovel the broken glass. Once Kaname had made sure the maid had left he turned to Yuki.

"Stop crying," he murmured wiping her tear drops away, "I'll help him. Just tell him to meet me. Don't worry I'll give him a baby. Just stop crying."

Yuki's tears instantly stopped. She pulled away from Kaname.



"Promise me?"

"I Promise!"

They linked their pinkies.

"Pinkie promise," the two purebloods said in unison.

"I love the fact I can cry on and off cue!"

She got up from the couch and fixed her dress.

"That was all an act!"

"You might not have done it!"

Kaname shook his head and gave Yuki a big hug.

"I'm going to bed!" Kaname announced heading out of the room.

"Good night Nii-san. Sweet Dreams!" he heard her call after him.

Yes tonight a certain pureblood was going to have sweet dreams. Dreams of himself and his soon to be lover whose wish he would make sure to grant. The pureblood climbed into his king size bed and stared at the ceiling. Soon he would have Zero here in his King sized bed, having his way with him, hearing the sweet cries of Zero screaming his name out. The pureblood shivered with excitement. He would make sure to make Zero his. To make Zero his lover.

Zero entered his small apartment throwing his coat onto the cream armchair and fell into one of the seats. He was going to have a baby. The excitement ran through his body and he smiled his rare smile. He was so happy at this point in time. A thought struck him suddenly! What if Kaname said no? No. He would not allow him to but what if? He felt his heart weaken at the thought of rejection. He knew he was a man but Kaname had always listened to Yuki and had always done whatever Yuki asked of him. But what if he didn't because Yuki had left him for Aidou (as she found it weird she was made to marry her brother, and was already secretly in love will the blond noble at the time)? Yuki had said he was fine with the marriage and had even wanted to walk her down the aisle as he was in love with someone else. God what if he said no because he loved someone else? He really wanted this baby. The ex-human felt his eyes fill with water.

Ring ring

Zero let the phone ring, his answering machine could sort it out. He was too sad to pick up his house phone.

This is Zero Kiryu. Obviously I can't come to the phone probably out or can't be bothered one or the other if it's important leave a message after the beep! If it's just to chat, call back later. Beeeeeeeeeep

"Zero, pick up the damn phone! It's me Yuki! I know you're home because it's eleven and you are probably about to go to bed or are working on your project. If you are there pick up the damn phone in 10 seconds or I won't tell you Kaname's answer!" Yuki's voice shouted out. Zero leapt to the phone picking the cordless phone up.

"Yuki! Hey it's me!"

"Zero when I call I expect the phone to be picked up! Remember a pureblood pissed is not something you want to see! Especially Kaname angry, now that is terrifying!"

"Yuki, I'm sorry I was wrapped up in my own thoughts. So ..."

"So ... What?"

"What did he say?"

"Oh so you picked up the phone to hear what he said maybe I want to chat first!"

"Yuki!" Zero voice hinted he was beginning to get angry.

"He said..." she uttered slowly.

"What? What? What did he say?" Zero screamed down the phone.

"Yes he said yes! YES!" she screamed back, "you're getting a baby! My Zero's going to be a mum. Oh my goodness we will be a real family since you'll have Kaname's baby which means the baby will be my niece or nephew and if you are happy with each other you might get married and ... and!" Yuki gasped for breath during her rant.

"Yuki let's start with the fact he agreed to be my baby's daddy for now. I'm going to have a baby!"

"A baby!" Yuki whispered.

Zero smiled, wiping furiously at the tears streaming down his face. They both hung up the phone. Zero walked over to his arm chair and once again collapsed onto the seat. He glanced at the silver gift bag and picked out the white dress he had put inside it. He stared at the dress and smiled. He was going to have a small baby inside him which would one day be born. A small child fitting into this kind of tiny piece of garment. He hugged the clothing to his chest. His life was really going to change. He was moving on with his life just like everyone else. He placed the dress back into the bag. He walked over to his bedroom and changed his clothes. He glanced in the mirror at himself. His top half was bare. He rubbed his stomach.

"Soon I'll have a child in my stomach." The ex-human put his bed shirt on and lay on the bed.

He was really going to have a baby with the pureblood Kaname Kuran. He was going to have a baby, someone to love. He was going to have a real family soon. The tears dripped down his face.

Both Kaname and Zero drifted into a peaceful sleep dreaming about their futures.

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