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Kaname was restless. He got out of his bed and walked down the marble staircase to the sitting room. He felt the coldness smack his face so he went over to the fireplace and lit the wood to create a small fire that emitted a warm glow around the room. He reached out from his bookcase a white album and sat down on a black armchair. The brunette opened the book and stared at the pictures. It was of him and Zero. He traced the pictures lightly with his fingers. He smiled; Zero looked so beautiful on the day they got married. As Kaname flipped through the pictures he felt something pull at his pyjama bottoms. He looked down to see his sons. The taller and older of the two stood rubbing his eyes, he had brown hair and brown eyes, he was the spiting image of Kaname, attached to him was the younger of the twins who sucked his thumb, he had brown hair and light purple eyes like his mother.

"What is it Haruka?" Kaname asked the older boy of the two.

"We can't sleep daddy and Ichiru was crying because he had a nightmare," Haruka replied while Ichiru nodded.

"Come sit on daddy's lap," Kaname said picking the two boys up placing Ichiru on his lap and Haruka climbed the chair and sat on the arm rest.

He patted both of his boys on the head. He remembered when Zero had comforted him after he began to get his reoccurring nightmares of his father, Zero said that he wanted to name the baby if it was a boy Haruka because he knew Kaname would always protect their child and that would make up for the fact he couldn't save his father. Kaname smiled Zero was the only person in the world who ever understood him and stood by. The younger boy was named Ichiru because Zero loved his brother and hated the fact he had died to save him, so had named his own son after him.

Ichiru cuddled closer to his father and looked at the pictures. He pointed to a picture and asked "Is that mummy?"

"Yes that is your mother," Kaname replied looking at the picture of Zero and himself, "That was taken when your mother and I got married." He continued looking at the picture; Zero looked beautiful against the soft moonlight that bounced off his hair making it look extra shiny. Haruka glanced at the photo and turned the page.

"I like this one!" he said laughing; Ichiru looked at the photo and began giggling.

"That was when we cut the cake on our wedding I fed your mother a piece and he went mental, and as an act of revenge he shoved a piece of cake in my mouth and of course I ate it because your mother fed it to me but you will not believe how much I choked when he gave it to me!" Kaname replied chuckling at the picture of his own mouth plastered with icing and Zero wiping cake off his face while hitting Kaname on the back. Ichiru pulled on his daddy's shirt.

"Mummy looks really happy in this photo," he stated smiling.

"Your mother was happy when we got married and when he found out he was pregnant with you," Kaname moved the photo album onto the coffee table and stood up, "he hugged me tightly and kissed me saying 'Kaname Kuran I love you. I love you Kaname-sama. My love. My life'." He indicated the actions by hugging himself tightly and making kissing noises.

Ichiru brought his knees up to his chin and laughed at his daddy's actions while the other 5 year old just gave his daddy a very confused look, he sighed knowing how immature his father could be and not many people knew of his father's childish, silly side. He rubbed his neck noticing how awkward the situation was.

Kaname continued to do his imitation but stopped abruptly when he felt a smack against the back of his head. Kaname turned round to see a certain silverette glaring at him.

"Zero when did you appear?"

"Are you going to continue to tell everyone that stupid story that you made up?"

"Mummy I knew it was made up!" Haruka said, "Mummy you sound like a wimp in daddy's story and you're not, you are a brave mummy!"

"Thank you Haruka. Daddy's just dumb!" Zero replied planting a kiss on the eldest twin's forehead.

"Anyway why are you two up? It's way past your bedtime!"

"Mummy we couldn't sleep!" Ichiru said as he clutched onto Haruka's arm.

"Well..." Zero said sighing, he picked up Ichiru, "why don't I make you two a hot chocolate which you will drink in the kitchen and then you can chose a book and get into our bed and daddy will you read one story to you both but only one!"

The two boys nodded and Zero walked into the kitchen with Ichiru. Haruka got off the armchair and walked over to his daddy, taking his hand they followed Zero. Zero placed Ichiru on top of the kitchen unit. He went to the fridge and poured some milk into the pan and let it simmer on the gas. When he turned round Kaname and Haruka were sitting at the breakfast counter watching the silverette.

"Can I have some?" Kaname asked sweetly while putting on puppy dog eyes. Zero nodded and took out three mugs and once the milk was done he handed the hot chocolate to each of his three special guys.

Ichiru finished his drink. Zero wiped his younger boy's mouth.

"Ichiru, how do you always get messy? Silly boy you remind me of your uncle."

"Mummy you miss uncle Ichiru don't you?" Ichiru said.

"Yes but he died to protect me, that's why I named you after him because he was a brave man even though he was weak and I hope you are as brave as your uncle Ichiru was some day," Zero replied stroking Ichiru's brown locks.

"Daddy I want to be like uncle Ichiru when I grow up!"

"If you are like him I will be proud of you!"

"Mummy Takeo said something really weird to me today."

"What did he say baby?"

"He said he was going to marry me when I grew up!"

"That bastard I'll kill him!" Kaname grabbing Ichiru and held him tightly against his chest, "You're too innocent to marry him, I'll shoot him with my rifle!"

"Kaname! No swearing in front of the kids! But I'll kill that blond idiot!"

"Daddy? Does that mean I can't marry Takeo when I grow up?"

"Yes!" the two said in unison.

"Well then I wanna marry mummy!" Ichiru stated putting his arms around Zero.

"Nope, you can marry Takeo I don't mind," Kaname said.

"No you can't Ichiru!"

"It doesn't matter," Haruka butted in, "I'm going marry Kei."

"He's your cousin Haruka! You can't marry Kei!" Zero shouted at his son.

"Well..." Kaname began ignoring Zero's glare, "Yuki isn't my blood sister cause of the whole... it's confusing but he could marry Kei."

"Right boys go up to bed now! We'll be up in a minute!"

Haruka took Ichiru's hand and walked out of the kitchen. Zero playfully punched Kaname's arm, the brunette put his hands up to defend himself.

"Ow! Zero you're hurting me!" Kaname whined like a child.

"How can you allow my baby to marry that idiot, Takeo?' Zero asked angrily.

"Well if he doesn't marry Takeo he wants you and you're mine!" Kaname replied wrapping his arms round Zero possessively and pulled him closer to his chest.

"So he'll grow out of it!"

"I doubt it," Kaname stated patting Zero's hair. Zero sighed deeply.

"What's the matter?" Kaname asked. Zero pulled away from the pureblood and took his mug placing it in the sink. He then turned and looked at his husband.

"They grow up so fast it seems like only yesterday that I was in the hospital hooked up to life support, you sitting waiting patiently for me to get better as you held those two. I can't believe five years have gone by. They've grown up so fast."

"I know," Kaname said hugging his wife.

"And now they've got themselves engaged and I have a seme son and a uke son. I just can't believe it!"

Kaname laughed at Zero's remark. He picked his wife up and carried him to their bedroom. When he reached their bedroom he noticed his two sons sitting in the middle of their bed, covered by the black silk blanket. Kaname laid Zero down on his side and walked over to his own side. He tucked himself into the bed pulling Ichiru onto his lap who squealed from his father's tickling and kisses. Zero and Haruka face palmed themselves in unison.

"Should I hit him or do you want to hit him mummy?" Haruka asked. Zero nodded to his son who smacked his daddy on the back of the head.

"That hurt Haruka!" Kaname shouted. He rubbed his head and decided to get his revenge he began tickling the older twin.

"Mummy help me! Help me!" he squealed in between his fits of laughter. Zero sighed he knew Kaname wouldn't give up if he asked him instead he leaned over the twins and kissed Kaname who stopped tickling the boy to kiss him back. Ichiru giggled at his parents signs of affection, Haruka made a motion as if he was going to throw up and covered his and Ichiru's eyes from the kiss. Zero pulled away tucking himself and his boys into bed.

"So boys, what book did you chose?" Zero asked the pair.

"We want daddy to tell us a story," they said in unison.

Kaname nodded at Zero. He turned to his sons and smiled.

"I am going to tell you a story," Kaname said, "but listen and try to fall asleep."

The brunettes nodded and giggled as they snuggled into the bed.

"There once was a young man. He was born into a house of nobility and was placed at such a young age with power and authority. This young boy loved his life; he had a little sister and a mother and father who loved him ever so much. However one day a traveller passed upon their house and he was not a kind traveller he was a mental person. He did not know the pleasures of having someone who loved you and that night the young boy's family was murdered with the exception of himself and his little sister. It's not too scary for you boys?" Kaname asked. Haruka shook his head but Ichiru cuddled closer to his mother laying his head on his mother's chest. Zero covered his ears.

Kaname continued, "After he lost his parents. A very strange but nice man took them in offering them a place to stay. He wandered about through his life thinking he was cursed. All his happiness had been destroyed and he felt like the world was on his shoulders. A few years later the young boy met a silver haired boy who he never knew was going to change his life forever. The two fought practically most of their lives but you know what they say about those who fight, they actually fight to hide hidden love. The two came to their graduation however the young boy realised his love for the other male but did not confess in case of rejection so instead he devoted himself to his education and grew his company business. After a few years the young man met his secret crush who wanted a child from him which he gave. They encountered many problems which they overcame. The two fell in love and lived happily ever after. The young boy never knew such happiness and had his silver angel to thank. The End so boy's how was my story?"

Kaname turned to look at his two sons who had fallen fast asleep their arms sprawled, both breathing slowly. Kaname kissed each of his boys on the forehead. He shook their head and looked at Zero who was lying on his side, his hand propping up his head.

"They're perfect," Kaname whispered admiring the two brunettes.

"Aren't they just?" Zero replied stroking their soft chubby cheeks.

"Did you like my story?" Kaname asked smiling.

"It was very... interesting."

"How so?"

"Nothing just it sounded really familiar but I do have one question."

"What is it my love?"

"Am I the silver angel?"



"You're my silver angel!" Kaname replied snuggling into the covers. Zero pinched his nose laughing silently. He too lay on his back and glanced at his boys.

Kaname began to think as he softly snored. 'It really has been five years. Five years from that day that changed my life.'

Kain came out of the operation room and smiled at Kaname.

"So what happened?" the pureblood asked nervously.

"The operation was a success you have two healthy little boys and Zero is currently on life support as he did become incredibly weak, however he is fighting and pushing through," Kain replied.

Kaname let the tears pour from his face this is what he had wanted. This was what he had waited for. Yuki gently squeezed his shoulders as she also cried with tears of joy.

"Can I see the babies Kain?"

"Of course Kaname-sama," Kain answered, "follow me; I'll take you to them."

Kaname followed Kain into a private room where Zero lay hooked up to a life support machine but beside him in two separate protective cases were the two babies. Kaname went over to the newborns and picked the nearest one up who opened his eyes to reveal beautiful brown orbs.

"Hey little guy. I'm your daddy! Yes I am! Yes I am!" he whispered into the baby as he played with his tiny little finger, "You are the cutest thing in this world, you definitely take after your mother you gorgeous little beauty!" Kaname cooed to the baby, he placed the baby back into its crib and took out the baby beside it who began squirming in his arms.

"I can already tell you're going to be a mummy's boy but that's fine by me because I love your mummy too and no body is going to love you or your brother more than me and your mummy. We will shower you with affection but if you turn into a teenager like your mother was; I think world war three will occur" The baby opened his eyes to reveal to beautiful light purple eyes. "You've got your mother's eyes and our fighting spirit but both of you will have my charm and believe me my charm is effective. I won your mother over with it and he's a tricky cookie!" Kaname felt a hand pull at his shirt. He turned to see Zero lying in the bed smiling at the brunette. The Pureblood King placed the baby back into his crib and turned around to face his Zero. He placed his hand on top of Zero's and smiled.

"Who are you saying is a tricky cookie?" Zero said taking off the oxygen mask.

"Never mind that. How are you?"

"Well I've been better but Kain says I'll live so I just got to keep fighting so I can take these babies home with you and I can't imagine you raising them by yourself! They'd go mad and you would probably act like Kaien!"

Kaname laughed and kissed Zero's hand.

"So are they gorgeous Kaname?"

"You haven't seen them yet?" Zero shook his head.

"What do they look like?"

"They look like you. They are nearly as beautiful as you on the night I married you!" Kaname replied stroking the silverette's hand.

"Get some sleep Zero; I wanna take you all home tomorrow." The ex-human nodded and closed his eyes as he reattached the oxygen mask.

"I love you Zero."

Kaname watched as Zero slightly opened his eyes and pointed to himself then his heart then Kaname. Kaname kissed his lover's forehead and left the room his heart pounding as he had finally found true happiness.

Kaname fell deeply asleep and all Zero could hear was the sound of soft snoring. He watched as his youngest son clung to his t-shirt and smiled. He sighed and smiled. He gazed at the three wonderful childish boys in his life each giving him something more wonderful than they ever thought, their love. As Zero drifted asleep he realised he was no longer alone.

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