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Welcome to Aphrodite's page!

Aphrodite: Hello, hello, hello!

Couples of today…

Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth): Percy and Annabeth are SOOOO cute together! Annabeth saved Percy's butt countless times. Percy looooooves her. She looooooves Percy! Did you hear? Percy just got back from a ROMAN camp! The WORST part? He didn't remember Annabeth! But he remembers her now and they're closer than ever (much to Athena's disliking)!

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Athena: It's not that I don't like Percy, I just hate his father. I wish Annabeth would chose somebody else and be wise, but if she wishes, they may date. But Poseidon, this will NOT allow us to be ANY closer. 3:24 pm

Poseidon: I agree. For the record, I hate you too, Athena. 3:25 pm


Athena: If it's a 'love only' zone and Poseidon's in it, I'm not. 3:31pm

Poseidon: I agree. 3:33 pm

Thalico (Thalia and Nico): UGH! ARTEMIS! WHY? They would be PERFECTTTTTT TOGETHER!

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Artemis: She chose to be a huntress, Aphrodite. 3:34 pm

Aphrodite: Hmph.3:35 pm

Athena: Well, that would be a wise pairing. I approve. 3:40 pm

Aphrodite: SEE! Athena agrees with me. :P 3:41pm

Zeus: My daughter…with Hades' son? 3:45 pm

Hades: My son…with HIS daughter? 3:46 pm

Clarisse/Chris (thinking of a cute name still): I love it. Not much more to say.

No comments on Clarisse/Chris.

Silena/Beckendorf: May he rest in peace. And may she find another eligible heart to break (:

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Persephone: That is so sad. Losing your loved one is almost as bad as being stuck in Hell with Hades. 4:00 pm


Persephone: OR WHAT? What can you do to me? I'm already in Hell. 4:02 pm

Aphrodite: GUYS! LOVE ONLY ZONE! 4:04 pm

Hades: Yeah, Persephone. LOVE ONLY ZONE! 4:05 pm

Grover and Juniper: aw!

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Artemis: I guess… 4:07 pm

Poseidon: Isn't Grover the goat boy? 4:09 pm

Athena: yes, Poseidon, and he's your son's best friend. 4:10 pm

Poseidon: I thought that smarty-pants daughter of yours was. 4:11 pm

Athena: Fine then. Percy's best MALE friend. And that's a compliment. She gets it from ME. 4:13 pm

Persephone: Ohhh, the satyr! 4:14 pm

Aphrodite's LOVE tips!

Always please the women

Buy LOTS of stuff for the girls

Don't be afraid to tell the other you love them

If you're Percy, DON'T even TALK to/about Rachel

If you're Annabeth, NEVER even MENTION Luke

If you're Thalia, DO NOT join the hunters

If you're Nico, DO NOT mention your father while talking to Thalia

AND….never ever, EVER…well, for lack of better words, cheat.

Comments on Aphrodite's LOVE tips: (8)

Athena: Aphrodite, I appreciate the tips for others, and I agree with the forth one. Very much so. Never liked the mortal girl… 4:17 pm

Zeus: Thalia already joined the Hunters. You lose.4:19 pm

Aphrodite: A goddess can dream. 4:20 pm

Ares: About me! 4:21 pm

Athena: Virgin goddess in the comment room! 4:22 pm

Artemis: Yeah, seriously! And I'm in the form of a twelve year old! 4:24 pm

Aphrodite: Oops… 4:25 pm

Poseidon: You lose, Athena. 4:27 pm

Today, in the fascinating world of love…

Percy FINALLY asked Annabeth on a proper date! This time, there better be no killer cheerleaders/vampires/ugly beasts! Or explosions…or Kronos…or Luke's…or…well, you get the idea.

Silena is…still crying…

Grover and Juniper (the satyr and the nymph) are finally admitting that they're dating!

Clarisse and Chris have not been so well…

Ares and I are going on a date!

Athena, Poseidon, you both need to accept that your children are dating each other and MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIVES!

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Athena: APHRODITE! 4:30:17 pm

Poseidon: APHRODITE! 4:30:17 pm

Athena: Whoa…we both typed the exact same thing at the exact same second… 4:31 pm

Poseidon: That never happened. 4:32 pm

Aphrodite: Yes it did. 4:33 pm

Zeus: Thalia isn't in there…thank Hades! 4:34 pm

Hades: You're welcome, brother. 4:35 pm

Ares: 7:30? 8:00? 4:37 pm

Aphrodite: 8:30! Beauty takes time, you know. 4:38 pm

Aphrodite's Fashion Tips: Annabeth

Athena, I need you to pass this information to Annabeth, please.

Annabeth, tonight you have a date with Perseus. Here is your wardrobe (it's all in the pink, sparkly bag in the top drawer in your dresser)

A purple, ruffle tank-top

White mini-skirt

Purple converse (I know you hate heels.)

Silver bangles

The not-engagement engagement ring Percy gave you.

Annabeth, don't blow it.

Comments on Aphrodite's Fashion Tips: Annabeth

Athena: Aphrodite, I appreciate the concern you have for Annabeth's date with Percy, but she already picked out an outfit. 4:40 pm

Aphrodite: Nope. Now she's wearing this (: 4:41 pm

Poseidon: I hope that doesn't make Percy…well, you know. 4:42 pm

Athena: POSEIDON! NEVER say those words while I am capable of knowing you said them. 4:43 pm

Aphrodite: I hope the same… 4:45 pm

Athena: Oh, dear… 4:47 pm

Aphrodite has signed out, leaving this message:

I love LOVE!