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You are invited to The Godbook Awards!

Date: September 14th, 2011

Time: Ten O'clock-Midnight

Hosted By: Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson

All gods invited! All demigods invited!

We hope to see you there!
~Suzie & Ella~

September 14th, 2011

With much planning, everything came into order.

Almost a month; a month! It has been almost a month since the last official page of Godbook and it took this long to plan. One thing planned was that, with the help of Athena and Annabeth, Hephaestus built a huge theatre like building on Olympus.

It was a grand theatre; it shimmered on the outside and in, the front of the outside was a small courtyard with a flowing fountain. The goddesses all walked in escorted by gods, their bright dresses making a statement.

Everybody had been seated—minus two gods running late. Annabeth smiled as she walked onto the stage with Percy, who had been mumbling "Trapped in a monkey suit…" all day.

"Welcome to the Godbook Awards!" Annabeth said. She let her hands off her dress, making the silver fabric fall to the ground. "Athena and Poseidon should be here shortly—they had to go get the tape of their vacation," Annabeth said. "In the mean time, feel free to relax and talk amongst yourselves."

She took a seat in one of the two chairs by the podium. "Do we really have to get all dressed up for this?" Percy asked, sitting next to her.

Annabeth nodded. "Yeah. Trust me, I hate wearing dresses."

"I think you look beautiful," Percy smiled.

Suddenly, a "We're here!" rung out through the theatre, causing everybody to quiet down. Athena rolled her eyes and walked up to the stage, handing Annabeth the tape.

"Thanks, Mom." Annabeth said. "Can't wait to see this," she mumbled to Percy. Athena nodded and walked off the stage, sitting next to Aphrodite.

"Now that everybody's here," Annabeth said, standing up. "We can begin! Welcome to the first ever Godbook Awards!" Claps rung through the large theatre. "We'll put the tape in for the last part of the awards. Now, if everybody could please find their seats, we'll begin."

Percy spoke, standing beside Annabeth. "Zeus gave Annabeth and me permission to read what all of you had to say. It was actually quite amusing seeing my dad get "Burned," as Ares says, by Lady Athena. We're honored to be here today to give out these awards,"

"As you all know, there were many pages in Godbook. The first award we're giving tonight goes to the favorite of them all," Annabeth spoke. "It was super close between three gods—Athena, Poseidon, and Artemis. But only one can take home the big "G"."

"And the winner is…" Percy spoke.

Opening the envelope, Percy and Annabeth spoke, "Poseidon!"

The god of the sea walked up onto the stage with lots of clapping. Annabeth handed Poseidon the "G" award and said, "Would you like to say anything?"

Poseidon smiled. "Yeah," he said. He turned to the podium and said, "In your face, Athena!" causing many gods and goddesses to laugh. The demigods laughed half-heartedly, afraid Athena would blast them if they did. Athena, however, just rolled her eyes at him.

"Good job, Dad. Now, let's move on to the next award," Percy said.

"The next award goes to the most comical god or goddess in Godbook." Annabeth said. "We had a hard time deciding who we, Percy and I, thought would get the award. According to the votes, there was another close call between Athena and Ares,"

"The funniest god or goddess in Godbook is…" Percy started.

"Ares!" Annabeth said. The god of war walked up with a smirk on his face and accepted the award from Annabeth. "Anything you'd like to say?" Annabeth asked after the clapping quieted.

"Only that without Athena's burns, I wouldn't have gotten this. So thanks, Athena, for being the best half-sister! Keep burning Poseidon for me, will you?"

Annabeth laughed at Percy. "Anyways," Percy said, "Let's go to the next award. Another one that involves humor—the funniest page in Godbook!"

"This was yet another one that we were debating on. I'm ashamed to say, but even I was wrong!" Annabeth said, making her boyfriend laugh at her. She turned around and flicked him on the forehead. "Sorry about that. He's just immature."

"Just like his father," Athena muttered.

"As I was saying, even I didn't expect this. But according to the votes, the funniest page in Godbook belongs to…" she started.

"Aphrodite!" Percy said, opening the golden envelope.

The goddess of love squealed as the gods and demigods clapped for her. She all but sprinted up to the stage. Percy handed her the "G" award, to which Aphrodite squeezed him in a hug.

Annabeth smirked at her boyfriend who was getting chocked to death. "Anything you'd like to say, Aphrodite?" Annabeth asked.

Aphrodite let Percy go. "Ooh! Yes please!" she said, walking over to the podium. "First of all, my page was the first! Second of all, thanks! Thanks, thanks, thanks, and Hephaestus owes me fifty drachmas now for betting I wouldn't win an award." She giggled and said, "Love you guys!" and walked off stage.

"She's bubbly," Percy said.

"Anyways, aside from the fact that Aphrodite's all bubbly, let's see which god or goddess won the next award."

"The next category is for the god or goddess you loved to read their comments for. It was close between Athena and Poseidon, but the award goes to…"

"Athena!" Annabeth said, picking up the "G" award. She handed it to her mother and gave her a small hug. "Congrats, Mom. Anything you'd like to say?"

"Of course," Athena said. "In your face, Poseidon."

"This next award is my personal favorite. I loved reading what my mother had to say!" Annabeth said. "The next category if for the favorite Athena "Burn". Awards go to Athena, the person who got burned, and whoever's page it was on."

"We have decided to combine the top two—they were both great burns and so close together in votes! Plus, the second place one was Suzie's favorite to write down after Athena had said that," Percy spoke. "Your favorite first place Athena burn is a rather violent one…well both are."

Annabeth smiled. "Your favorite Athena burn was…"

"Number Three!" Percy and Annabeth said.

"It was: -"I beg to differ. I can strategize your death in the most painful, excruciating way. It will all be on blueprints where I will hang on my wall. I can gather the supplies to kill you, and burn your dead body. I will bury those ashes, dig them up, step on them, burn them again, step on them, bury them, dig them up, set them to fire one last time, and then have the wind blow them away, scattering all over the earth. People will find those ashes, and then step on them. Those ashes will travel the world in the wind, and I will make sure that they come back so I can bury them and step on their grave." On Poseidon's page, to Poseidon. The second place one was the Johnny Cash burn on Nemesis's page! Athena, Poseidon, and Nemesis, come up for your awards!"

"I didn't think you could be that violent," Percy said to Athena as he handed her the "G".

"I can," Athena said, smiling at Percy. "So don't do anything stupid."

"We thought I was a good idea to put the first and second together, as stated before. Plus, that Johnny Cash burn was still pretty funny." Annabeth said. "Would any of you like to say anything?"

"I would!" Athena said. She turned to Poseidon. "You're not accepting that award for my humor." She took the "G" out of the sea god's hand and walked off stage, causing people to laugh.

"She took my "G"." Poseidon said.

Nemesis shrugged. "Revenge, dear god, revenge!"

Percy laughed at his father. "Okay, moving on!" Annabeth said.

"The next award is the favorite quote of all throughout Godbook," Percy said. "Almost every nominee was voted for, and there was almost a tie—nine votes to eight!"

Annabeth spoke next. "The winner of the funniest quote is…Hades!"

"The quote was, "It didn't make a party in my tummy!" I didn't know my Uncle could be such a kid."

"Watch it, Jackson." Hades said as he walked up the stairs. Annabeth handed Hades the "G" and asked him if he'd like to say anything.

"There's not much to say here," he said. Percy shook his head in agreement.

"Well, there's only one more category tonight—the Honorable Mentions Award, which Suzie, who had written down Godbook after hearing the gods say all of that, will be giving."

Suzie walked onto the stage in her bright blue dress. "First of all, I didn't really expect for myself to come here. But after realizing what I could do, I just went with it. The first Honorable Mention award goes to all the minor gods in Godbook! They were just as important as the rest of the gods." All the minor gods in Godbook walked up. Persephone, Hestia, Iris, Khione, Hecate, Nemesis, Morpheus, and Hypnos all were given awards. Morpheus had taken Hypnos's award for him, as Hypnos had been sleeping again. None of them had much to say except their thanks, and they all walked away in their bright colored clothing.

"The next and final Honorable mentions award goes to my best friend, the girl who had given me the idea to do this in the first place; Ella!"

Ella smiled and walked up onto the stage with her pink dress following her. Suzie smiled as she handed Ella the "G" and hugged her best friend. "Even though we aren't in the same class anymore," Suzie said to everyone, "we'll still be writing!"

Ella nodded as she spoke. "I gave Suzie the idea months ago. I was just joking around, but she actually turned it into something! Good job, Suzie!"

Suzie smiled as she and Ella walked back to their seats while the gods and demigods clapped loudly.

Annabeth smiled. "Now, here's the video of Athena and Poseidon's trip to Sea World!"

The gods clapped as the tape began playing.

"I cannot believe that I actually did this!" Athena said. "Why on Olympus would I agree to going to Sea World with you? I could've just swallowed my pride, but noooo. I had to go be best again!"

"Are you admitting you're not the best?"

"No. I am the best. At least better than you," Athena said.

"OOOH! The dolphins are doing their flips! Let's go, let's go!" Poseidon said, pulling Athena by her wrist.

"You have the maturity of a five year old!" She said while being dragged.


"Athena, can we get cotton candy? Please?" Poseidon asked.

"No! And I told you, my cover name is Arianna. It's Greek. Yours is—"

"Dylan, yeah, yeah! But can we pleeeease get some ice cream?"


"Oh, come on, let your boyfriend get the cotton candy," the teenage girl at the stand said.

Without skipping a beat, Athena turned around. "He's not my boyfriend!"

The girl rolled her eyes. "He obviously is. I mean, have you read Harry Potter? Ron and Hermione fight all the time. They ended up married and with two kids. You seem like you're a know-it-all and he seems…well, he's pretty hot."

Poseidon smirked. "She's obviously my girlfriend. She's just too happy to admit it."

"What? That doesn't make any sense, you nimrod!"


"You can take the bed in the other room," Athena said.

"What? No! This one's closer to the mini fridge." Poseidon responded.

"Exactly. Do you want to run out of food by the second day?"


"Then we have to use more money to actually buy things! I have our whole spending expenses planned out. We can only spend two hundred dollars on food if you actually want to go back to Sea World!"

"But we saw the whole park today."

"Then what do you want to do the next six days?"

"I don't care. Do we have to stay here the whole time?"

"Trust me, if we didn't I'd be long gone after you said the words "Get Packed.""

"I would've been long gone after you agreed to coming."

"Go to the other room, Poseidon."

"Fine. I guess I will. I'll be the bigger person here. Besides, that room's closer to the bathroom so you can actually tame that rat's nest you call hair before I get up and have to see it."

She raised her eyebrows. "Other room. Now. And the bathroom's closer to you, Dip Head."


"Day four, boring as ever." Athena said, sitting on the small couch, pulling out a book.

"Let's go see a movie." Poseidon said, walking into the room. "But not a documentary."

"Fine. But not a stupid gore movie that you men find so fascinating."

"No romance movies,"

"No filthy comedy movies, then."

"No sappy tragedies,"

"Fine, no war movies either."

"Fine! Then no stupid vampire romances,"

"Good with me, but no "Lost City of Atlantis" movies either."

"I don't care, I've seen them all."

"What movie are we going to see now, you big dope? We've ruled them all out."

"What about Captain America: the First Avenger?"


"It has history in it. World War II, you know you love that time. And it had tragic romance in it! I heard from Aphrodite that the only part she paid attention to was when he was confessing his love as he was about to die!" Poseidon said.

Athena turned her head sideways a little. "I thought the only part she watched was when he took his shirt off."

"Well there's an upside for you, too! Shirtless macho man!" he said.

"Maiden goddess. Maiden." She reminded him.

"Right…so Captain America?"

"I rather would like to see—"

Pause, sigh.

"Fine. Captain-freaking-America it is."

"Let's go!"


The two gods got up after the movie ended. "That movie was pretty decent. I liked that Peggy woman. Strong, fierce. She would've been a daughter of mine. Maybe…" Athena whispered to Poseidon.

When she didn't hear an answer, she turned her head to see Poseidon with tears falling down his face.

"Are you really crying?"

"Well, how would you feel if the man you loved was most likely about to die? How would you feel if right as he was about to die he told you he loved you? How would you feel if he promised to meet you at a dance but never show up? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS WAS FROZEN IN ICE?"

"Dude, calm down." A person next to the two said.

Poseidon turned his head to see a boy with jet black hair and green eyes. "Harry Potter?" he asked.

"No…my name's Percy. Percy Jackson."

"Right! You don't have the scar—wait, Percy?"


"Annabeth?" Athena said, catching sight of the blonde girl behind Percy.


"This just got awkward…"

"How did you not recognize your own son?" Percy asked.

"You…must've gotten taller."

"Where are the other gods?" Annabeth asked.

"They're not…here." Athena answered. "Where are the other demigods?"

"Sorry Lady Athena, we meant no disrespect! We just came here on our own…Lady Aphrodite shipped us here."

Poseidon nodded.

"So…are you two, like, dating now or what?" Percy asked.

Athena and Annabeth both hit him upside the head at the same time. "No, Perseus Jackson! I was being stupid…"

"Are you feeling alright? You never do anything stupid."

"I know. And I never will again,"

"So…been to Sea World?" Poseidon asked Percy, trying to get off topic.

Percy rubbed his head. "No, why?"

-The Next Day-

"OH MY GODS! Look! They're flipping! Look at those flips, Annabeth!" Percy said.

"You have the maturity of an eight year old," Annabeth grumbled.

Athena looked at her daughter. "His father has that of a five year old. Shall we go see that new documentary of Chinese civilization in the fifth century B.C.E.?" Athena asked.

Annabeth shrugged. "I was hoping we could see the one on the Ancient times in Egypt,"

Athena smiled. "I think we can manage that," she said. "Just know that Neith is just like me," she said.

"I'll remember that," Annabeth said.


"Are you sad it's the last day?" Poseidon asked Athena, who was rapidly packing the bags.

"No, not at all. Ah! Poseidon!" She yelled.

"What?" he asked, walking into the room.

"Don't leave your boxers on the ground. Especially if their The Little Mermaid ones."

"Hey! What's not to love about Ariel?"


"Ariel is awesome,"

"She gave up her voice just to be human. I mean, I wouldn't!"

"All she wanted was to ask some questions and get some answers." Poseidon said, referring to one of the songs.

"What did your son Triton do to make her want this life so badly?"

He shrugged. "Everything."

Athena laughed. "I guess so! And did you realize that by any chance his wife's name was…I don't know, Athena?"

"What?" he sputtered.

"Yes! Who gave the writers of The Little Mermaid to use my name? Don't they know that Poseidon is Triton's dad and Poseidon and Athena do not get along?"

"I guess not," Poseidon said. Athena rolled her eyes. "Well we need to have a little talk with Walt Disney now!"

"He's dead, Poseidon."

"He is?"


"Well there's nothing we can do now."

End Video

"So, this is the end of Godbook." Annabeth said.

"It's been a great ride, but all rides end." Percy said.

"My gods, that was the wisest thing you've ever said, Perce!" Annabeth joked. "But now, we must congratulate all of you."

"All the winners—and those who didn't win anything—it was a great time for people to read. So congratulations!"

"Special congrats to Athena, my mother, and Poseidon for both tying for the most amount of awards!"

"Ha! See, we tied. You didn't win!" Poseidon pointed at Athena.

"I did just as well as you. And besides, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have won that second award at all."

He stared at her in silence.

"Put that in your juice box and suck it," Athena said.


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