I wrote this for my friend, windrider, to cheer her up. Enjoy!

Constructive crit is ALWAYS welcome. ^_^

The letter lay innocent and unopened on the kitchen table. It was white, but not pristine. It looked like it had been opened and refolded a thousand times in addition to having been crumpled and smoothed out several times as well. Coffee and jam stains rose with white hills and disappeared into the valleys made by the creases.

Roy stared at the folded piece of paper and wondered if he'd had a heart attack. He gasped in a breath and felt his heart jump back into a fast, insane rhythm. He licked his lips and reached tentatively out for the slip of paper, his hand pausing as he fought for all his reserves of courage. It took a minute to find them. Not even Ishbal had been able to instill this level of fear in him. It was like a sharp white hot lance was being driven up through his stomach and into Roy's heart.

He'd never told Roy anything that could give him hope for a future. Ed was so young, and Roy was so old compared to him—old and staid, like his late grandfather's Sunday suit. Roy had always hoped though…

Hands shaking, Roy finished reaching out. He grasped the dry, crinkled paper and brought it to him. Slowly, slowly, wondering how it would feel to finally have his heart torn out, Roy unfolded the letter and read.

A shuddering sigh gusted out his lips, turning into a full, relieved, joyful laugh.


I love you.