Obviously, if I owned or had any sort of rights or any thing over the Doctor Who universe, i wouldn't need to write this. BBC, bless that entity, owns Doctor Who.

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That being said, enjoy.


It's finally happened. River's mind swam, her breath hitching in her throat. The Doctor, My precious Doctor, doesn't know me. It's finally happened.

No. It can't be. Not now.

River struggled to pull her head from above the water, to appear nonchalant, no take control. She couldn't.

A tiny memory, from her past, surfaced. Her talking to Rory, silly lovely Rory.

"Because I know that someday, I'll meet him, and The Doctor won't know me at all."

Her one, true, ever-lasting-from-the-moment-she'd-met-him-and-known-about-him fear. That she'd meet him before he knew her.

River had tried to prepare herself for this. She was River Song. She was ready for anything.

She'd failed. She'd failed fantastically.

She'd known this would happen, eventually. The last three time's they'd met, the Doctor had know little about her. Each time, He'd known less about me. Each time, nearly perfectly. Always.

Except for last time.

Last time had been at a party. The Doctor had spent only a few fleeting moments with her, then had left. As always.

That had hurt, hurt bad. This was worse. Him not knowing her at all, that was worse.

I'm River Song! She want to yell, wanted to bash into his brain. I'm your River Song! You know me! You've saved me and I've saved you! Don't pretend we've never met.

But, right now, They hadn't. In the Doctor's timeline, He'd never seen River.

Of course, She chided her self, He had a different face. This is his last regeneration. The Doctor's Tenth.

But He's still my Doctor. And You're Doctor River Song, Just like he said.

The Doctor had given her his sonic, his precious sonic.

And told me his name.

River felt the pain inside her double.

He'd known this was coming. He'd always known. But, so have I.

He trusted me with his name. I can do this. We have to meet at some point.

River's head broke the surface. She pulled all her pain inside of her, burying it deep. She was River Song. She had a job to do, and the Doctor - bless his insufferable soul- wasn't getting in the way.

So River pulled all her emotions aside, and chose to proceed as if this was normal.

Because it was. She was River Song. The Doctor would always need her, even if he didn't know it yet.

And I can take that.