The single thought flashes through my mind just as the turret begins firing, and I instantly follow through with it, even though I don't know why I think it'll help. The pain of experience has taught me that ducking doesn't work; the turrets just re-aim and somehow manage to hit me anyway. But experience has also taught me to trust my instincts.

And sure enough, as soon as I duck, I manage to fire a blue portal under me and fall through. I tumble out of the orange portal behind the same turret that had been firing at me.

"Are you still there?" it asks, sounding sad. Why is it sad? Is this another one of GLaDOS's attempts at a guilt trip?

Of course it is, but I don't care. Using my portal gun, I pick it up and raise it high.

"Please put me down!" it cries.

With pleasure.

I let go and the turret falls to the ground. It screams as it malfunctions and then, just before the little red light on the front of it goes off, it whispers, "I don't hate you."

I roll my eyes and step over it. Well, I hate you.