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Everybody's Perfect

"You nervous?" Joe adjusted his bow tie until it was perfectly perpendicular to his collar. He had snuck into the bridal chambers to wish his best friend good luck, it was her wedding day after all. All the girl's in Sweet Sue's band had were rushing around squawking and cooing like birds as they preened and posed.

"Just a little," the bride replied. Daphne checked herself in the mirror, "If only my mother could see me now," she said tearfully.

"Oh Daphne, you're beautiful!" Sugar exclaimed and gave her a hug. The other girls crowded round; drawn by the sight of a bride-to-be in need of a group hug/pep talk.

"You look absolutely divine!"

"He won't be able to keep his hands of you!"

"Imagine! Marrying a millionaire! Swoon!"

"You're so lucky!"

Joe smirked at the absurdity of the situation. Daphne's fiancé Osgood was fully aware that underneath the lace, silk and padding lurked something very unlady-like indeed. The rest of the guests excluding Joe and Sugar however were beyond clueless! Joe thought back to that crazy night when Jerry announced his engagement.

This was before Osgood knew the truth about Jerry and Jerry himself had little hope for the marriage; he only wanted the large divorce settlement. One encounter with the mob later and Joe as Josephine, Sugar, Daphne and Osgood were speeding away in a boat. As Joe professed his feelings for Sugar and revealed his true identity another confession was taking place in the front.

Jerry was trying to explain to Osgood that he couldn't marry him; coming up with all kinds of (admittedly true) excuses whilst protecting his identity but the eccentric millionaire would not be dissuaded. Jerry admitted defeat and took of his wig:

"I'm a man!" he exclaimed desperately.

"Nobody's perfect," was Osgood's unfazed reply.

A whirlwind of a month full of caterers and wedding planners and in-laws later and now Jerry, in full drag was mobbed by attractive blondes. Joe chuckled as he imagined the old Jerry's response to a situation like this. But Daphne was a true lady; she hadn't allowed the eager Osgood more than a peck on the cheek and Joe had received many a slap for his bawdy comments and jokes.

Jerry insisted that the only reason he was keeping up the whole Daphne charade was to please Osgood's mother and to be able to get married legally but judging from the concentration on his face when applying eye liner, or his glee at discovering that he'd dropped a dress size for the wedding, Joe knew that the Daphne persona would be around for a long while. As much as he hated to admit it, he kind of missed his own alter ego, the prude, matron-like Josephine. She had evidently left her mark on him though as he found himself joining in with the band members' gossip and helping them touch up their make up.

Suddenly he had an idea.

"I'll be back in a minute," he called to Daphne, not that she noticed; she was too busy fluffing up her hair and posing in the mirror.

He went out the back to where some of the girls were smoking or drinking, he sidled up to Sweet Sue, who was depressed with her single status and nursing a flask.

"Hey Sue, can I use your dressing room?" There were three dressing rooms; one for the girls, one for the men and one for Sweet Sue. No one argued.

She glared at him and miserably took another slug.

"Go ahead, it's not like anyone cares if I look nice!"

"Don't worry honey, the right guy's just around the corner," said Joe sympathetically. Beinstock chose this moment to poke his head around said corner.

"Anyone got a match?"

Joe slipped away from the unfolding scene and made his way to Sue's dressing room.

He opened the door and slid in, Josephine admired the floral wallpaper. Joe was slightly disturbed by the all the wig bearing mannequin heads. Most girls had a wig or two but Sweet Sue's collection rivalled that of a department store; she had a wig of every shade from jet black to platinum blonde, and all the shades in between. Not just that, she seemed to have three different lengths for each shade and drawers full of extensions and accessories. Joe shuddered at all the faceless heads that watched him as he searched for his hair colour.

"Don't tell Daphne, it's a surprise," he whispered jokingly to the now bald mannequin as he adjusted the wig on his head and began his transformation.

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