Somebody's Perfect

"Did you say something Joe?" Daphne put her pouting on hold and spun round to locate her absent friend.

She huffed, "Gee, thanks for saying goodbye," she tutted and returned to the mirror, making some adjustments to her veil.

"I sure hope this works," she muttered to herself nervously, thinking back…

"Hey, Jerry! Your boyfriend's here!" Joe cawed from his spot on the windowsill.

"He is not my boyfriend!" Jerry snapped, buttoning up his blazer.

"Oh, I'm sorry, how mean of me. He's your fiancé, right?" Joe pretended not to hear Jerry's spluttering protests and instead focused on his own physical appearance – Sugar was coming over soon.

Jerry flustered and gasped – desperate to retort but unable to think of anything – pretended to opt for the high road and stormed out the room.

A moment later he poked his head back in, "Yeah? Well, you left the toilet seat up again! Would it kill you to get some manners?" he slammed it again on Joe's amused face.

"Boyfriend? Pah! The nerve of that guy!" Jerry muttered to himself as he trotted down the hallway towards the elevator, not wanting to keep Osgood waiting too long. Now, that would just be plain rude Jerry chastised himself at the thought.

"Osgood!" he cried, spotting the eccentric old man lounging in the lounge, staring happily into space.

"Ah, Daph – I mean, Gerald," he blushed and grinned nervously at the now immensely uncomfortable Jerry, "How are you?"

Jerry shrugged and manufactured a strained smile, "Same old, same old… shall we?" he gestured to the door.

"We shall!" Osgood declared and linked arms with Jerry before he remembered and dropped the limb like a hot potato, "Sorry," he twinkled sheepishly and marched towards the door, followed by a flushed Jerry.

I'm a boy, I'm a boy, I'm a boy…

I know I promised it would be better but... well, I got lazy... this is just a get-the-ball-rolling chapter.

Also, from now on the chapters will probably be super-short (muahahahaha) because I'm so evil (and lazy)