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"Are you serious?" Severus recognized that voice. It was Lily Evans. Quickly, so as not to be seen, he darted behind a pillar.

"No, I'm James Potter," James rolled his eyes. Severus, who was expecting Lily to tell him off, was shocked and, strangely, saddened to hear her laugh.

"I'm serious…" Started Lily.

"Oh," James got rid of the playful smile, "I thought you were Lily." Lily laughed again, and James smiled. Severus was glad to hear her laugh, but James's smile ruined it.

"If you make one more 'serious Sirius' joke within," Lily consulted her watch, "The next hour, you will need a new girlfriend." Severus couldn't help but hope that James made another one of those jokes.

"Anyway," Lily continued, "How could you have never heard of a slide?" Not sure if they're in the wizarding world.

"Well maybe you can show me if I come over for the summer?" James stepped closer to Lily. To Severus's immense disappointment, she blushed.

"I would love for you to come over," Lily said, "But I'm not sure if Tu-Petunia would approve." Severus smiled, despite himself. This was something he knew that James didn't!

"You're sister?" James asked. Severus's smile faded. "Is she still giving you grief over being a witch?"

Lily nodded, "She told me she would never forgive me for having magic." Lily buried her head into James's chest. He wrapped his arms around her. Severus desperately wished it could be him holding her. He wished it was him that kissed her on the forehead, not that undeserving Potter…

"Lily," James broke the silence, "Your sister wanted to be a witch herself, to come to Hogwarts. In fact," James smirked, "She wrote Dumbledore a letter."

Lily looked up. She smiled, to both James and Severus's delight. But it was gone too quickly.

"That's not the only problem," She sighed, "She's engaged."

"To her pet whale?" James asked.

Lily laughed, "You remember the picture." It was not a question, but a statement.

James nodded, regardless, "Sirius said he was a rhino. Remus corrected him. Did you know elephants are fatter than rhinos?" Lily laughed again. Severus felt angry. Where did she get off telling, not only James, but all of his posse about something only he and Lily knew about?

"So, Lily, what everyone wants to know, what will you do now that Remus has outsmarted you?" James gave her the fake mike. Severus got mad. No one could ever outsmart Lily, especially not one of James's gang.

Lily threw the fake mike down the corridor, "This." She leaned in, and slightly up, to kiss James. Severus couldn't take it.

He stepped out from behind the pillar, "Having fun, Potter?" Suddenly, two pairs of eyes were on him. Two pairs of eyes filled with malice.

"What do you want, Snivelus?" To the shock of both boys, Lily said this. Severus stared at her with confusion, hurt, and shock. James stared at her with shock and a sense of pride.

"What?" Lily asked.

"You, Lily Evans, just called Snape Snivelus," James pointed out.

"So? Everyone does it," Lily blushed.

"Yes, but you never have. I'm proud."

"I exist!" Severus brought their attention back to him, pushing down the sinking feeling in his stomach. No pun intended.

"And you haven't answered her question. What do you want?"

"I want many things," Severus made an on the spot decision to act like Potter. After all, Lily liked him. "One of them is the future Mrs. Lily Evans Snape." Severus touched the spot on his cheek Lily slapped him after that.

"I will NEVER be yours, Snape," She spat at him. Then his sweet Lily grabbed James's hand and led him away from the corridor.

"Do we all know the same Lily Evans?" Asked Sirius, as Lily and James told them the same story the next day at breakfast.

"Or," Remus interrupted, "Should we call her Lily Potter?" Lily blushed. Over at the Slytherin table, Severus frowned.

He put his arm around Lilys waist, "She's not Lily Potter until August." Severus was furious to say the least. Lily wasn't supposed to like the Potter boy. Lily was supposed to like him, Severus Snape.

"And," Sirius interrupted, "Will I be invited?"

Lily laughed, "Of course. All of you are invited!"

"And," James said, "Sirius, I want you to be my best man."

"Blimey, mate," Sirius wiped away mock tears, "I'm touched. Of course, James! I do!" Remus, Peter, and Lily laughed. Severus scowled. He got up and went to the Gryffindor table.

"Lily, why you want to marry someone so obviously romantically involved with his best friend is beyond me," Severus said, as soon as he got there.

"What do you want, Snivelus?" Sirius spat.

"Lily," Severus decided to act like Potter again. He got down on one knee in front of her. He took her hand in his own, "Will you give me the honor of accompanying me on a date to Hogsmeade?"

"Not a chance," Lily replied.

James punched Severus straight in the face, "Don't you ever ask her out again!" He growled.

Severus was fuming in class. At least, those he shared with Lily.

In potions, they were brewing the Amorentia potion. Naturally, his princess, Lily, paired up with the ogre, Potter. Shrek! Since Slughorn insisted that Lily, who he favored, worked with whomever she pleased, it was not only her and Potter, but also Black, Remus and Pettigrew.

They got the potion right. Slughorn asked them what they smelled. James had said book print. This was what Lily smelled like. Sirius, however, announced he was weirder out James liked Remus. Lily, his beautiful princess Lily, had smelled pine. Then she whispered in James ear, but Severus read her lips. She had said, 'You always smell like pine, James.' The 4 boys near her all heard this, and smirked.

Sirius insisted on taking a huge whiff before declaring it smelled like perfume. Peter had smelled chocolate. Remus had smelled fresh air.

In herbology, the teacher insisted they worked in groups of 3. James and Lily had paired up, and so did Remus, Pettigrew, and Black. Severus attempted to join Lily and James. But Black had instead joined their group.

The only other class they had together was dinner. And, as Severus learned, it amazing what you find out when eavesdropping.

"Only two more weeks before Christmas break!" Declared James.

"Why are you so excited, mate?" Sirius asked him.

"Because, Lily and I are going to her house. I'm going meet her family. Then, for the other half of break, she's going to meet mine. Well, we're spending the last 2 days at her house because my parents have an 'auror' assignment, apparently," James declared.

So Potter was going to meet the Evans clan. Well, Severus just had to make sure he was part of it. He would show Lily who she really belonged with!