A Backyardigans Scary Movie

(Based off the characters from Backyardigans and Scary movie)

The story starts off in Uniqua carrying a bowl of popcorn to her bedroom turning on the TV. A movie starts playing on the TV as she puts a handful of popcorn in her mouth watching the movie

"no don't go in there the killer is in there"

she thought to a figure was tapping on her window and she turned seeing Austin.

"Austin what are you doing?"

She asked

"well I've never climbed up through your window before"

he responded

"well now you have please leave its 8:00 at night my parents are in the other room"

she responded as she heard a knock on her door as Austin hid under her bed


she responded opening her door as her parents entered

"Hey sweetie you know that business we work for?"

her dad asked her


she responded

"well there was some mess up and some money got lost we have to go to leave town for a week to discuss so we are trusting you so stay with one of your friends for the week"

her mother told her

"what are you watching?"

her dad asked her

"some scary movie"

she responded as they hugged her leaving as Austin crawled out from under the bed hearing the conversation

"you can stay with me"

he told her as she took him on his in the hallway Uniqua's parents were talking

" I don't think Uniqua should be watching a Horror movie" her mom asked her dad

"let her watch it i mean it is halloween plus on tv they cut out most of the gore" he said as they got in a car and drove off