As Uniqua ran back upstairs to Austin and Pablo Austin Grabbed her and tied her up and held up

"Give it up the police are going to come in here find you dead and us the only survivors from a killers rampage but here is the genius part were copycatting a serial killer that already exists"

Austin said giving Pablo the knife

"Here you know what to do"

He said giving the knife to him

"Yeah old school Scream like Billy and Stu"

Pablo said as he cut him with the knife in non-vital areas

"You two have been watching too many TV shows!"

Uniqua yelled

"No watching TV shows doesn't create killers, cancelling them does"

Pablo said still cutting Austin

"Ok I'm getting woozy it's my turn give me the knife"

Austin said holding out his hand

"No way, you're not stabbing me"

Pablo said pushing Austin down the stairs as the police entered the house

"Oh yeah I dialed the cops"

Uniqua said as they picked up Austin and Pablo putting them in handcuffs

"Wait a second!"

Uniqua said looking at Austin's neck from the fall seeing it wasn't skin but latex pulling on it revealing to be a mask hooked up with wire to imitate Austin's voice as she pulled off a mask on Pablo too the two of the were green serpent like kids"

"Who are you two?"

Uniqua asked

"We don't have to tell you anything"

One of them said

"Allow me to answer that this is Drew and Donny, members of the doppelganger gang, they play tricks like this all over the country framing innocent people" one of the officers told her

"So where are my friends?"

Uniqua mumbled to herself hearing faint screams from the closet opening it seeing Tyrone, Tasha, Austin and Pablo hugging them as the cops escorted Drew and Donny in a cop car.