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First Impressions

Kagome's first impression of Inuyasha was of a beautiful, dog-eared boy pinned to tree with an arrow through his heart, fast asleep.

Second Thoughts

Her unfortunate and indelible second impression was of an angry, confused and hurting teen who thought she was someone he knew and refused to listen to reason. That second impression carried over to permanently colour how she percieved the young inu-hanyou; she could not help but care for the boy, but she never saw him as other than a much younger and extremely bad-tempered sibling rather than an equal.


Kagome never forgot that Inuyasha always saw another woman when he looked at her. True, she did her best to behave as differently as possible to how her companion described his lost love as being, but that led inescapably to unpleasant and unwelcome comparisons. The subjugation necklace saw heavy usage on those days.


Kagome was persistent and very open in expressing her emotions to the hanyou she saw as an adoptive little brother. The pain and distrust he radiated spoke of a harsh life and she hated seeing people in pain. Inuyasha latched onto her almost immediately despite his underlying anger, confusion and general social ineptitude. Clearly -on some basic, instinctive level- he knew a good thing when he saw it.


Kagome knew she was both vulnerable and ignorant in the strange, alien world of feudal Japan. Inuyasha -for all she didn't really trust him- was all the protection she had.

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