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What Surprised Him

The Reception – Part I

He was not quite as naïve as most people assumed. Sure, there was lots of stuff he didn't know, like why he had to wear this ridiculous "tuxedo." And for the life of him he couldn't fathom why there were so many flowers. Where had they come from? Did someone go out and pick these flowers from a field somewhere? If so, it must have taken them ages – there sure were a ton of flowers here!

But tuxedos and flowers aside, he knew what to expect from the evening. He'd spent way too much time as a child with Master Roshi to be completely oblivious as to what happens on someone's wedding night.

He felt a slight blush creeping into his face as he tried, unsuccessfully, to push the thought from his mind. But how could he not think about it? The hour was fast approaching, and he was nervous. Nervous, yes, but excited too! Apparently, this sex thing was a big deal. All of the other guys he knew turned into complete idiots around girls, and over the years he'd deduced the reason behind their bizarre behaviour was sex. He himself hadn't thought about it all that much, but now that he was married, he'd finally get to find out what all the fuss was about.

According to Yamcha, sex was more fun than training. According to Krillin, sex was deeply mysterious and fascinating. According to Master Roshi, sex was the only thing in the world worth living for, and caused a lot of nosebleeds. And according to Goku, sex was…. Well, sex was happening to him later tonight! He'd stumbled across some of Master Roshi's dirty magazines in his youth, and he'd been privy to some of Yamcha and Krillin's rougher language regarding women, but he'd never really thought about himself bedding a girl. What if he was no good? He'd never trained for this type of thing, so he couldn't be sure what skills he possessed.

True, he was woefully ignorant about the finer points of the act, and what if his new wife got angry because he didn't know quite what to do? As the thought of ChiChi flitted through his head he unconsciously began to scan the crowd for her. The castle had become a sea of guests, all eager to give their congratulations and best wishes to the young couple, but she still wasn't difficult to find. He let his vision drift over to the largest congregation of people, and sure enough, in the center of all the commotion, was his bride. His bride…

She was listening patiently as a slightly rotund middle-aged woman Goku had never even seen before animatedly talked and gabbed and chatted on and on. Would she ever stop talking? He wanted to go talk to ChiChi, she was his bride after all, not this slightly drunken lady's. And he had scarcely been able to see her all evening, let alone talk to her. There had been too many people getting in the way, buffeting him though the crowd, distracting him with conversation. He decided he would walk over to there and see if he could hold ChiChi's hand.

"…oh my," the woman slurred, "I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday, I wore the most beautiful dress and my hair was all done up on top of my head! I had to have a friend do it, you see dear, I was never very good at doing my hair…"

This lady was talking about hair! 'Poor ChiChi', Goku thought, 'it must be really boring to listen to someone talk about hair. I mean, what can you possibly say about hair. It's just there, sitting on top of your head. I don't even do anything with my hair.' He decided he needed to rescue her from this particular conversation.

He walked toward his new wife and reached for her hand. She immediately reciprocated the gesture and closed her fingers around his large rough palm.

"Goku," she breathed, "are you having fun?"

"Yup Chi, I sure am!" he grinned.

ChiChi turned back to the hair lady, as Goku liked to think of her, and quickly excused herself. "It's been so nice talking to you Mrs. Leiko, thank you so much for coming."

Mrs. Leiko slurred her congratulations to the young couple and stumbled in the direction of the champagne. Goku giggled. 'Boy, that champagne stuff sure does make people act goofy,' he thought, and made a mental note to never drink champagne before a big battle.

Tightening his grip on her hand, Goku led ChiChi to a more desolate part of the ballroom. He walked with a focused determination toward the nearest corner with the aim to talk to his wife. 'My wife.' He silently considered the phrase. 'My wife. My wife.' He put different inflections on it and let the thought roll around in his head as he arrived at his destination. Finally, he would be able to talk to her!

He turned and faced her. Gosh, she looked very pretty. He'd never really thought of girls as pretty before, they were just girls, just people like everyone else. He couldn't get the distinction. But more and more he was finding himself thinking that ChiChi was pretty. Other girls he met, he found he forgot what they looked like after awhile; he couldn't recall their faces. It was a blur, but ChiChi wasn't a blur. It was her eyes- no, her lips. He wanted to kiss her, but decided he was too nervous. Wait, he didn't bring her over here to kiss her, he brought her over here to talk to her!

But what did he want to talk to her about?

Panic gripped him. He didn't know what to say! Why didn't he think about this more before he brought her over here? It was like all normal thoughts flew out of his head and were replaced by sweaty palms and a scratchy throat. He was unprepared for this. His mind reeled, 'I cant just stand here, I have to say something, what do I say what do I say? Should I talk about nimbus? Maybe I should ask her if she's as nervous about tonight as I am. No, that would be dumb…"

He said the only thing that felt safe, "Hi."

She smiled, "Hi, Goku."

Her smile and her response made him feel a bit bolder, so he decided it would be okay to say something else. "Well, I just wanted to tell you that I think you look very pretty today. I mean, you look pretty everyday, but you just look super pretty today, I guess, because of the wedding and all." Wow, where did all that come from? He hadn't even planned on saying that; it just fell out of his mouth without any of his consent. 'What a stupid thing to say,' he thought, ' why did I just say that, of course she looks pretty, people have been telling her how beautiful she looks all day… I should have thought of something different to say, something no one has said yet!'

But ChiChi just smiled back at him, and Goku couldn't help but notice the slight reddening of her cheeks at his comment. His stomach wiggled around in a way that was completely unrelated to food.

"Oh thank you Goku, and you look very handsome, too," she smiled like something was funny, "I mean, you look handsome everyday, but you look especially handsome today, in your tuxedo," she said, gently poking fun of his previous statement.

Goku grinned goofily. It made his stomach do even more somersaults when she said he was handsome, and suddenly he found he didn't mind wearing this silly tuxedo.

"I can't believe this day is finally here!" ChiChi said suddenly, her voice a little more high pitched than usual.

"What do you mean?" Goku questioned. He wondered exactly what about this day she had been looking forward to. Could it be the flowers? There sure were a lot of those around… Or maybe the orchestra? They had been playing softly in the background all night, and even Goku, who didn't know anything about music, thought it was nice. He didn't think she had been looking forward to the food, that was more his thing, and he noticed that ChiChi didn't eat nearly as much as he did. 'Oh well, more yummy food for me!'

Then a different idea crept into his mind and invaded his thoughts. Was it the wedding night she was looking forward to? This thought made Goku feel excited and nervous all over again. Goku was curiously excited about what was to come, but what about ChiChi? He desperately wanted to ask her, to know what she was thinking, but he realized he was too embarrassed to bring it up. He didn't want to admit to her that he was having such perverted thoughts… was this even normal? He was afraid he was beginning to turn into Master Roshi, with thoughts of sex crossing his mind every five minutes, and he knew Master Roshi wasn't normal.

ChiChi took his left hand with both of hers and began to play with his newly acquired wedding band. Her touch was so light. No one had ever touched Goku the way ChiChi had been touching him over the past few days. Usually when people touched him it was in the context of a fight, and fighting touches were not at all like ChiChi touches. Fighting touches were hard and calloused, and sometimes when he got hit really hard, they were painful. Not that Goku minded; he found it exhilarating. But he found ChiChi touches exhilarating too. They were soft and light and sometimes even tickled a little.

"Well," ChiChi responded to his question, "I've just been looking forward to marrying you since I was a little girl. At the tournament, I was afraid that I'd lost you forever because you didn't remember me… it was scary, to think I'd lost something that I'd wanted for so long."

He heard the hurt in her voice and immediately felt guilty that he was the cause. But then again, he hadn't realized that he was supposed to marry her! If he had of known what marriage was, and that brides were for marrying and not for eating, perhaps he would have remembered.

"But it doesn't matter now!" she continued, her face alight with happiness, "We're married! We're married…and now I can look forward to being your wife!"

Goku thought about that. So basically she was looking forward to… him? Wow, that made him feel quite important. He imagined ChiChi as a child, thinking about him while he was off on his adventures, and experienced another pang of guilt for forgetting her. But he was here now! That had to count for something, right? He decided he would try to be a much better husband than he was a fiancée.

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