What Surprised Him

The Surprise Part II

The sun drifted lazily underneath the horizon, bringing a gradual scattering of stars across the sky. Nothing of their mediocre meal of fish remained, for Goku had eaten it all. It wasn't anything like what ChiChi could have cooked, but Goku was proud of himself nonetheless; it had been difficult to think of a plan and he was happy ChiChi appreciated it.

The sky was growing darker and darker as the young couple sat by the still crackling fire. Goku had been regaling her with stories of his childhood – meeting Bulma and Yamcha, fighting pirate robots, and trying to get the magic water from Korrin. He was delighted to hear her laugh in all the right places, and comforted her when she was scared or upset about the trouble he had gotten himself into. She told him about all of her close calls with the dinosaurs that roamed her father's kingdom, and how, despite her fear, she was always able to get away at the last minute.

When the blackness of night, punctuated only by the light from the stars, finally overtook the night sky, Goku decided he was hungry again. "Of course you are," ChiChi said, pretending to be annoyed with his insatiable appetite. She ran back to the house to gather the materials needed for a quick, campfire-side snack.

"What are we making, hun?" Goku asked eagerly.

"S'mores," ChiChi said simply, opening a packet of graham crackers and marshmellows and setting them aside.

"I've never heard of those before, I bet they're delicious! But I'm so hungry it doesn't even matter. I'd eat anything!" Goku said mischievously, leaning over and pretended to eat ChiChi's ear.

She shrieked, "Please don't eat me! I'm trying to make you food! Besides, if you ate me, who would be your wife?"

"Aw, your right. I'd never eat you. You're too much fun!" Goku said. She was fun. She was fun to live with and fun to talk to. "I promise no matter how hungry I am, I'll never eat you."

ChiChi giggled. "That should have been in our wedding vows."

Looking around on the ground, examining twigs, sticks, and fallen branches, ChiChi finally decided upon two perfect sticks. She kept one for herself and handed the other to her husband.

"Um, what is this stick for? Are we going to eat it?" Goku took a small nibble of the stick and pulled a face. "Ew, its gross! I don't know if I like these s'more things."

"Don't worry! We're not going to eat the sticks, silly, we're going to toast the marshmallows with them. Trust me, it's really good. I used to do this all the time when I was younger." ChiChi stuck a marshmallow on the end of her stick and held it over the fire, slowly rotating the marshmallow until it was toasted to the perfect golden brown. She then placed the square of chocolate on a cracker and smushed the marshmallow between the chocolate and the crackers.

"And this is a s'more!" She said proudly, handing it to Goku for his consideration. "What do you think?"

Goku ate the s'more in one bite. "Much better than the stick. These are amazing, can we make more? Please?"

"Sure, you can have as many as you like. Or at least until we run out of marshmallows. I know how you can eat," ChiChi said, pulling out more marshmallows and handing them to Goku.

Goku carefully put the marshmallow on the end of his stick, glancing at ChiChi every now and then to see if he was doing it right. Soon, they both were toasting marshmallows over the fire, preparing for a s'more filled evening.

Goku kept looking at ChiChi out of the corner of his eye. He thought she looked very beautiful. In the darkness, illuminated by the firelight, she was the only thing he could really see. Her delicate profile, her sleek black hair, her angular shoulders and slender arms, her whole elegant body, framed against the silhouettes of the looming trees of the forest. She was beautiful, but this isn't why he loved her. Yes, he loved her; he knew it now. He loved her for her caring spirit, her intelligence, her temper, her unabashed sense of self. He respected her, and couldn't believe that of all the people in the world, she chose him and loved him back. He felt profoundly lucky.

He realized this when he realized that, now, for the first time in a long time, he had something to lose. Someone he needed and wanted; and someone who needed and wanted him back, without an agenda. If he lost her he knew he would miss her forever. Like his grandpa. She was his family. These thoughts both elated and scared him.

ChiChi had noticed his gaze. "What are you looking at? Do I have something in my hair?" She asked nervously, checking her hair with her free hand.

"No! No you look beautiful."

"Oh, thanks," she said modestly, blushing lightly.

"I was just thinking about you I guess," Goku said awkwardly. He didn't know how to express himself. He wanted to tell her he loved her; after all, she had said it to him. He needed to say it back. No, that's not right. He wanted to say it back. But for some reason, it made him feel inexplicably nervous. His mind and his heart knew the words he wanted to say, but he couldn't get his lips to form them. Why couldn't he be as brave as ChiChi when it came to love? She had said it before, why couldn't he?

"Goku." ChiChi said

"Yes?" He replied eagerly. Maybe she would say it first, then he could just say, 'I love you too' and he wouldn't have to worry about working up the courage to say it first.

"Your marshmallow is on fire."

"Wha?" Goku said stupidly. What marshmallow? Then he remembered - they we're making s'mores. He looked at the end of the stick to find it ablaze.

"Woah woah woah woah what do I do? How do I put it out?" He was panicking and waving the marshmallow in the air violently, trying to squander the flames with the cool night air. It wasn't working.

"Blow on it, blow on it!" ChiChi screamed, trying to help.

Goku thought about her suggestion, but at that moment the flames spread from the marshmallow to the stick itself and began to propagate toward Goku's hand.

"It's spreading! It's gonna burn my hand! What do I do?" He was still flailing his arm wildly.

"Just throw it in the fire!" ChiChi squeaked, secretly fearing he would burn down the house somehow.

"AHHH!" Goku yelled, throwing the stick and the marshmallow into the fire.

They were silent for a moment. Then they both caught each other's eye and couldn't help but to laugh. One moment had been so peaceful, and the next – fire.

"I'm sorry, Chi…" Goku said, sheepishly

"It's okay, you didn't burn your hand did you?"

"No, its okay. Maybe we should put the fire out?"

"Good idea."

Goku blasted the fire into non-existence with a small kamehameha wave ('Why didn't I think of this when the marshmallow was on fire?') and leaned back into the grass, pulling ChiChi down with him.

"Show me more of the pictures the stars make," he requested, "the constellations." He had never really thought about stars or space before, but when ChiChi talked about it, it was fascinating. She had a way of making him interested in things he had thought were boring, like reading or the sky.

"Okay, lets see…" she said, looking at the stars and orienting herself. She pointed to the stars and began showing him the constellations, waiting patiently for Goku to be able to see them too. "There's Cassiopeia there, and Scorpius and Pegasus." She went on, pointing out as many constellations as she could identify. Hydra, Cetus, Lynx and Lyra. It fascinated Goku; he'd never thought to look to the sky and make pictures with the stars.

"And that one is Cygnus." She said dreamily. "The Chinese Valentine's Day is based on a story about this constellation."

"What's the story?" Goku asked curiously.

"Well, its just a myth, you know, a fairy tale. So it's a bit fantastic." ChiChi began. "But it really is a beautiful story. It's about a boy and a girl who fall in love. He's an orphaned shepherd who lives on earth, and she's a fairy from heaven. In heaven, she is able to look down at the earth; she sees the boy, and falls in love with him.

"So one night, defying all that would be expected of her by her position in heaven, she ran away to earth so she could be with the boy. She professed her love for him and he immediately loved her back, proposing to her. They got married and lived together simply and happily, very much in love. They had two children and the girls dreams came true and the boy finally had a family.

"But when her mother, a Goddess of Heaven, found out what the girl had done, she came down to earth to reclaim her daughter. The girl was taken back to heaven and forbidden to see her love and her family. But the boy, who couldn't live without her, followed her into heaven to try to get her back. Her mother found out about his plan, took a hairpin and ripped a colossal, impassable river through the sky, separating the lovers forever. In the sky, the river is the Milky Way," she pointed to the dense river of stars separating two halves of the sky.

"Well, they were obviously heartbroken by their separation, but the birds took pity upon them and built a bridge across the river so the lovers could be together for one night. And every year, on the Chinese Valentine's Day, the birds reform their bridge, bringing the couple together again."

"So, they were only together one night a year?" Goku asked.

"Yes. It's a nice story, but it's kind of sad, isn't it?" ChiChi said.

"I'll say! What if we could only be together one night a year? What if we had to be separated for that long?"

"Well, that would be terrible! But luckily, I'm not a fairy from heaven," she said, rolling over, propping herself up on her elbows to look at him. "I'm just a regular girl from earth. So I don't think we'll ever be separated for years at a time." She was thankful that she and her husband would be able to be together.

"Yeah," Goku grinned, "Besides, I'd miss you too much!" Goku thought about the story. It must be horrible to be separated from someone you love so much; the boy and the girl from the fairy-tale were tragic. He thought about his fears from earlier, a fear of losing ChiChi and missing her forever. Having just realized he loved her, and he didn't think he'd be able to see her for only one night a year. He wanted her everyday.

ChiChi was looking at him intentely; Goku smiled back at her. "It's getting pretty late," ChiChi mumbled, "maybe we should go to bed."

"Sure Chi." Goku said, and they got up from their perch in the lawn and headed back inside. The past several nights had been torture for Goku; since they'd made love, it was all he could think of we he got into the bed with her. He understood why they were waiting before doing it again; he didn't want to hurt her, but at the same time he was having a difficult time controlling himself when he watched strip down to her underwear, change into a nightgown, and crawl into bed. Each time he caught even the slightest glimpse of her skin he was instantly transported to his wedding night, touching her, feeling her heat… he needed it again, and soon.

But he would wait. He would be patient. ChiChi would know when she was ready and that would be that. He didn't want to rush her or put unnecessary pressure on her. Until she was ready, he'd just have to control himself.

The front door opened with a click and they walked silently to the bedroom. This was the hardest part of his day, getting into a cold bed and not being able to do anything to her. Regardless, he did like watching her get undressed. She walked over to the closet and lifted her dress over her head, exposing her bra and panties. She hung up her dress and walked over to him, throwing him a flirtatious smile as she tugged the sash of his gi. She was not making this easy for him.

Then she did something unusual. Instead of changing into a nightgown, she climbed into the bed as she was – half naked. Goku didn't know whether to be thrilled or annoyed. On the one hand, he would have his beautiful, half naked wife next to him in bed all night; on the other, he wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about it.

He sighed and began to undress. His weighted clothes landed on the floor with a soft thud and he turned out the light, immersing them in darkness as he climbed into the bed.

"Well goodnight Chi!" Goku said as he settled into the bed, trying to push away the erotic thoughts that kept cropping up in his mind.

ChiChi didn't respond; she rolled over toward him and threw one leg across his lower waist and one arm across his chest, burying her face in his neck.

'This is impossible!' Goku thought. 'How am I supposed to sleep with her like this?' She was so close, too close. He could feel every curve and contour of her body pressing up against him, skin against skin. His heart was racing and his mind was getting fuzzy. He couldn't stop himself from thinking of their wedding night, which was a mistake because it caused his blood flow to be redirected to his groin. He could feel himself getting hard.

No! He could control himself; he wouldn't let ChiChi think he was trying to rush her. It was really important for him to not push her into anything she wasn't ready for – he wanted her to want it as much as he did. Which was a lot.

But just as he was beginning to calm himself back down, she climbed on top of him, straddling him, and found his lips. Suddenly, she was kissing him and he was kissing her back, hard; he couldn't help himself, he was letting his hands travel across her body, feeling her hips and breasts, tangling his fingers in her long hair.

Was it too much to hope that she was ready to have sex again? He went over the facts in his head: they were nearly naked, they were in the bed, and they were kissing and touching each other. It wasn't a completely outrageous thought. Still, he was hesitant.

But she didn't keep him waiting for long. Still straddling him, she ran one hand lightly down his body, beginning at his shoulder, delicately running her fingers across his chest and stomach, and finally brushing them against his hardness, the place he wanted her so badly.

He could barely breathe; it had happened so fast his mind was still reeling. One second they were getting ready to sleep, and now she was on top of him, with one hand in his boxers, stroking him gently. She was so bold tonight, not at all like their wedding night. He loved it; he couldn't even think it felt so good.

She removed her hand, causing him to groan at the loss of contact, but quickly thrilled him by grinding her hips into him and creating a nearly unbearable friction in his boxers. There was no doubt in his mind anymore - he knew this was it.

He grabbed her hips firmly, holding her steady as he lifted his hips up to meet hers. She reciprocated ardently, rubbing herself on him and breathing irregularly. It was good, but it wasn't enough. After nights of wishing and waiting, she was finally ready and he needed more. He needed all of her.

He rolled her over roughly, pinning her underneath him, kissing her fiercely, and taking full control of the situation, setting the pace of his thrusts into her panties. Panties. Why did she still have clothes on? They needed to come off immediately.

It took everything he had to stop the movement of his hips while he tried to remember how to remove her bra. He brought his hands to her breasts, stopping momentarily to feel her soft swells, then moving to the clasp between her shoulder blades. She was distracting him by thrusting her hips into his throbbing cock and arching her back, writhing beneath him; honestly, he was finding it very difficult to concentrate on how to get her bra off.

His hands were at the clasp, fumbling shakily as he tried to figure it out. How had she gotten it off last time? Why hadn't he paid more attention then? He pulled at the fabric to no avail, but she came to his rescue yet again, removing the contraption herself. He pulled it free from her body, casting it aside as he admired her. Bringing his lips down, he captured her nipple softly between his teeth and teased her, causing her to moan and shake.

Her hips were still thrusting up toward him, grinding against him. It was frustrating; he still needed to be closer to her, to be inside her. He focused now on removing her panties, bringing his hand to the place between her legs and teasing her through the fabric before removing it. She moaned his name, causing his heart to skip a beat.

Moving her hand down to his boxers again, she fingered the waistband tantalizingly before thrusting her hand into his boxers and grabbing him, and resumed stroking his length. He shuddered at the pleasure she was causing him, and wanted to make her feel the same way. He kissed her deeply, biting her lower lip as he brought his hand to the wetness between her legs and began to rub her slowly.

She closed her eyes and threw her head back at the contact, continuing to stroke him rapidly. When she began to rub the tip of his penis with the pad of her thumb, he lost it; he couldn't wait anymore. Kicking off his boxers, he grabbed her knee and gently moved it aside, causing her to spread her legs for him. He teased her briefly by rubbing her with his tip until neither of them could take it anymore, and pushed himself inside of her.

He saw stars; it was better than he remembered. She was hot and wet and tight and moaning, arching into him. He knew she was excited this time, not in pain, and that made it so much more exciting for him. Pulling himself out of her, he thrust into her again, causing her to inhale sharply.

She grabbed him by the ears and pulled him to her lips, kissing him softly once, then intensifying the kiss by running her tongue across his lower lip and lightly sucking. He had one hand grasping her hip, holding her firmly as he pushed in and out of her, while the other hand explored her body – his fingers were in her hair, tracing her clavicle, holding her breast, teasing her nipple.

He could feel her shaking, hear the quiet moan that escaped every time he thrust into her, but it was her face as she came that sent him over the edge. He felt her body responding, her back arching; she was becoming rigid. Then, he felt her hard spasms massaging his cock and soft, desperate moan escape her lips. He looked into her face and knew that he had succeeded, that he had made her feel what he'd felt from her. Her eyes were shut tight, her face pink and flushed, and her lips red and swollen from kissing.

When he saw that look on her face, he knew he was done for. A few more quick thrusts into her and the friction became unbearable, forcing him to explode into her with a soft moan. As he came, he quietly whispered the words he had tried to say earlier, "I love you."

She didn't say anything; she was just running her fingers through his hair. He didn't even know if she had heard him. He thought about repeating himself, but the moment had passed; his nerves had returned. Instead, he kissed her again, trying to say the words with his kiss.

He rolled off of her, but still held her close. "Did you like it this time?" he asked.

She blushed and hid her face in his neck, nodding. He knew she had liked it, and he felt quite pleased with himself.

"Are you tired?" he asked

Again, she nodded.

"All right, baby, go to sleep."

a/n: Welp. There ya go. I know a lot of you were concerned about ChiChi on her wedding night, about whether she enjoyed it or not, but I can say that she DEFINITELY enjoyed it this time. In fact, she was the one who initiated it – GIRL GET IT. And poor Goku, his wait is finally over!

If you guys are interested about the Chinese Valentine's Day story ChiChi told, you can read more about it by looking up Qixi Festival. The version I told may be a little bit different from some of the things on the internet, but that's because I'm telling the version my mommy told me when I was younger, and I was trying to write it from memory. I may have forgotten some of the details – sorry! But it's a really sweet story and it reminds me a lot of Goku and ChiChi, so I thought I'd use it in this chapter. Separated lovers really pull at my heartstrings, which is why I like writing this story - because they are together! Hooray for love!

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