Mordecai's Apartment

New Haven, Eastern Borderlands, Pandora

Present Day

Mordecai shifted slightly on the stiff bed, slowly easing his strained, wiry muscles. He had no time to think of these memories in his daily life. The constant firefights that defined his life left little time to become reflective, and a part of him was grateful. No sane man would like reliving the memories of having his eyes gouged out. Then again, not many people would actually have the horrible experience lodged in their minds. He lay in silence for several minutes, then had his thoughts interrupted by a bright flash and ethereal noise outside his door. A cool, unnatural breeze flipped his hair back, followed by a sharp tapping noise on his door frame.

Slowly, he sat up, stretching. Bloodwing, intrigued, flew over to a counter next to the front door, his talons leaving shallow trenches in the cheap wood. There was no threat in his body language, only curiosity. Mordecai took the leather mask that now lay on his bedside table and draped it over his head, tightening the laces that held it in place. Unlocking the door, he took the steel handle in one hand and pushed it upward, allowing the door to swing open. Lilith stood there, her beautiful figure framed by the door, looking like a piece of art. She smiled awkwardly.

"Locked myself out," she said sheepishly. "Can I borrow your keys?" Mordecai shook his head slightly, as if coming out of a daze.

"Um, sure," he replied, mentally cursing his inability to stay focussed while looking at Lilith. He had been around her for seventeen years, and it had never gotten any easier. Shaking off the thought, he turned around and walked to a small box on the other side of the room. Rummaging through the pile of bullets that lay inside, he managed to locate the key. He turned around, then started in surprise at the sight of Lilith's face, about ten inches from his. The temperature in the room seemed to rise by about fifty degrees as they stared at each other.

"I got the keys,"Mordecai said, though his thoughts were far from the metallic object in his hand. Lilith's mind seemed to be on the same wavelength. Smiling, she reached up and pulled Mordecai's mask from his face. They stood in silence for several seconds, then, driven by the same impulse, launched themselves forward into a passionate kiss. Bloodwing screeched as he watched, in a way that was akin to an astonished whistle. After what seemed like forever, the pair reluctantly disengaged, their arms still around each other.

"Seventeen years in the making," Lilith said, grinning.

"And worth every fuckin' minute," Mordecai replied. Slowly, he reached toward her bra's clasp, swearing as he stumbled over it. Again, foiled by a fastening. Lilith however, was distracted by something else. The door was held slightly ajar, with two pairs of eyes staring through it. One pair was surrounded by dark skin, the other set under a heavy brow. Pushing Mordecai aside, she strode toward the door, her cheeks flushed with colour. A violet aura began to emanate around her, leaping off of her body like a set of glowing flames. A deepish voice rang out as the door slammed shut.

"Shit!"it said, panicking. "Get the fuck out, Brick! She's onto us!" Lilith broke out into a sprint, hurling the door open and revealing Roland and Brick. The pair looked at each other, then Roland vaulted over the rail and sprinted off, with Lilith in hot pursuit.

"Roland Bannister, you piece of shit!" she screamed. "Get back here now!" Brick looked at Mordecai, who nodded slowly. Wisely, he edged away slowly, back into his apartment. He may have been famous for his berserker rage, but hell had no fury like a pissed-off Lilith.


Helena Pierce slammed her mechanical fist down onto her desk, then swore as the impact dislodged it from its socket. She glared at the assembled vault hunters with contemptuous hatred.

"Do you enjoy making me lose sleep from stress?" she shouted, re-adjusting her arm. "What the hell did you and Marcus do? One-Eyed Jack is mad as hell, and they're saying he's going to take it out on New Haven!" Helena began to pace around the room, dragging her hands down her scarred face.

"Shoulda moved to T-Bone..." Brick whispered into Mordecai's ear. This did not go unnoticed. Pierce whipped around, slamming her hands onto her desk.

"You think this is a laughing matter?" she said. Her voice had lowered, but was still just as threatening. "You're responsible. Now get out there, kill Jack, and bring back proof, or you'll be in for worse than some bloody bandits." The others nodded before turning around and walking out the door. Mordecai, however, hung back.

"Just a moment," he said, deep in thought. "This 'One-Eyed Jack', what does he look like...?"

A few seconds later, Mordecai emerged, a smirk on his face. Combined with his mask, the effect was rather chilling. The others stood by the Catch-A-Ride, making idle conversation with Scooter as they called up a pair of vehicles. Brick and Roland vaulted into one, their combined weight causing it to sag alarmingly. Lilith climbed smoothly into the other, leaving the turret open for Mordecai.

As he walked over to it, however, she noticed the look on his face. She had seen him smirk before, of course. He had the irritating habit of doing it whenever his bullets penetrated somebody's skull. But it had never chilled her to the bone like it did now.

"Mord?" she said, uneasily. "Why are you smiling like that?" It took Mordecai a few seconds to register what she had said.

"Nothing important," he replied. "Just...glad to see some justice..." Lilith nodded uneasily before shifting the car into gear and roaring off toward the Rust Commons. She couldn't shake the feeling that some serious shit was about to go down.

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