Summary: We all know Skye, the Phantom Thief, who goes around stealing ladies' hearts and possessions, but he goes a step further with Ashlyn Lockwood; rather than merely stealing her heart, he kidnaps her, and proclaims she's to be his bride!

Disclaimer: I own Harvest Moon, nor its' characters in any way, shape or form, but Ashlyn Lockwood is 100% mine.


I turned my head and looked around for a few heartbeats, searching for the voice that had just shouted my name. After those few moments of confusion, my eyes landed on a short woman with cropped black hair and tan skin; Ruby, the woman who owns the Inn I reside in. Holding two fingers high and flicking my wrist as a replacement for a wave, I nodded a greeting. I was about to turn and continue on my routinely evening stroll when I felt a warm, and slightly clammy, hand wrap around my wrist, jerking me back a step.

"Ashlyn," the short woman said once more, her breathing slightly faster than usual; a result from having jogged the short distance that had separated us. "Be careful. That thief is apparently going to be out again; Hugh's family found a note this morning declaring the Phantom Thief was planning on stealing a family heirloom."

I stood still for a moment, taking in what I had heard, before laughing and shaking my head. "Ruby. I'll be fine. I'm a big girl now," I replied, giving her hand a small pat. I could feel her reluctance as she pulled her hand away and nodded. I turned, giving a small roll of my eyes when my back was turned to her. Goddess, did she have to give me the same warning every evening before my walk? I wasn't a kid; I knew how to take care of myself. Not to mention no matter how many times she warns me, I'll never see nor meet Skye, just as I've never seen hide nor hair of the "Phantom Thief". To be completely honest, I thought the whole thing was a hoax; a game Mayor Tomato—I mean, Mayor Thomas played to cause something interesting in the Valley to happen. It wouldn't be surprising in the least if all the things Skye "stole" were just things people had misplaced.

I guess I should introduce myself, huh? My name is Ashlyn Lockwood, and I'm currently a university student in the city. So why is someone such as I in Forget-Me-Not Valley? Simple; my daddy forced me to come visit my cousin, Flora. He said the city smog was getting to my head or something, and I wasn't acting normally. Of course, in my opinion, I've been perfectly normal; I've just been showing Daddy the side of me that I often hid from him as a child. You know, my sarcastic, rude side that was the complete opposite of his "little angel"

Anyways, back to the point. I was walking around, just minding my own business, enjoying the cool and fresh spring air that I had longed to breathe in again after the entire, dreading winter. Seriously, it was such a bloody stupid season! You couldn't grow crops, there were no flowers, all the animals were gone, you couldn't relax, the weather was cold, the snow was colder and a pain when it got into your boots… Well, I could go on for a millennium about why Winter was stupid, useless, and the world would be better off without it.

But it seems whoever's back I rammed into had different plans. "Watch where you're going buddy," I snapped, rubbing my forehead, slightly annoyed this being had been standing in my path, and the fact his back wasn't overly soft when you smash your nose against it. Not to mention he had cut me off in my thoughts about how terrible Winter was! Like really, that should be a crime! Just because I'm a forgetful person as it is, and I don't need to run into people to make me forget things even more often. Believe it or not, I actually did need (well, I still do) the extra brain cells I owned. And then my thoughts were cut short; Again! Blasphemy, this was utter blasphemy! Of course, this time was just because the fellow was now looking at me with pale turquoise eyes; the kind of colour that you'd only expect to see on people if they were wearing coloured contacts.

The man was tall; very, very tall indeed. He was at least three quarters of a head taller, and considering I stood at somewhere around 5'6" or 5'7", that made him somewhere in the six foot range. Probably. The man had hair the colour of moonlight silver; almost as odd a colour as his eyes. There's no way it could be natural though; silver hair being natural was just unnatural. And for once, I'm being totally serious, and not making things up. The fellow's skin was pale, almost paler tan mine, though he still somehow managed to look like… Well, not a vampire. Over half the people I saw that were as pale as him died their hair black, piled on about ten tons of make-up (mainly eyeliner), and were vampire-wannabes. Or something like that. The group in my head specifically was always spouting off some nonsense about how amazing some book called "Twilight" was.

"Staring, now are we? Not surprising, as I am quite beautiful; perhaps just as lovely as the maiden before me." Tch. If only he had kept his mouth shut, and let me keep staring; whoever this was, even I could admit, was pretty nice to the eye. Not like I'd admit that to anyone.

Crossing my arms, I rose an eyebrow, trying my best to look unamused, but I could feel myself grin against my will. "Full of ourselves, hmm?" I questioned, looking him straight in the eye, not planning on being the first to look away after that line.

The man seemed to give me a look that could have hinted slight surprise, but it quickly diminished beneath his chuckle. "You really are the same feisty girl…" he mumbled, barely audible. I could only pick up the sound of a few letters in that sentence, so I questioned what he had said, only for him to shake his head in return. "It's nothing you need to worry about, gorgeous," he said, smiling slyly. Huh. He actually had a really nice smile…

I gave a glare, and scowled, about to retort at the fact he was calling me "gorgeous" and "fair maiden"; who said those kinds of things? But before I had the chance, the silver haired man grabbed my wrist and started running up the path that would eventually go to the Harvest Goddess pond. "What are you doing?" I shouted as we seemed to race against the clock, though I received no answer besides another laugh. Annoyed at the lack of answers, I dug my heels into the ground, jerking the man back, as his hand was still clamped around my wrist. "Seriously! I'm not going any farther until you tell me what's going on!"

Yeah. Probably not my best move.

The fellow looked at me a few seconds before a smirk curved its way onto his pale lips. Before I could register what was happening, the man had legitimately swept me off my feet, and was running with me held tightly in his arms. Of course, when I figured out what was going on and was about to start screaming for help, or that I was being kidnapped, I felt my feet on solid ground again. Though in moments, my legs gave out, and I fell onto my knees.

I looked around, still slightly shaken from the whole ordeal that happened only mere minutes ago, and saw we were by the Goddess Spring, and behind the giant tree that Claire, the farmer in the Valley, declared had little elf things residing in. Like I always thought, the sun really has been screwing with her mind. Though from what I know, she's always had a few screws loose.

"Well," the man said, his voice cutting through my thoughts once more, "that was fun."

… That was fun. That was fun? Is that all he had to say for himself? What the hell is up with that? No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, just sweeps Ashlyn Marianna Lockwood off of her feet, and runs away with her in their arms with no warning beforehand! Scratch that, no one dares to even touch Ashlyn Marianna Lockwood without asking in advance, in a high manner such as "Oh, the amazing Ashlyn Lockwood who is oh so gorgeous! Please, may I kiss your shoe?"

Ug! How rude! That damn nameless man, after having just looked at me (of course, I'm just so irresistible, so I can't blame him), he just turned and started walking away, making me stop my thinking process! AGAIN! "Wait!" I called, jogging a few steps and grabbing his sleeve. "Don't I deserve an, oh, I don't know, explanation? After all, you show up out of nowhere, make fun of me, start running with me and th-"

And he kissed me.

Frozen, I could feel my heart stop, and my eyes grow wider than what should have been legal. Slowly, he pulled back, and gave a small grin, "Now Princess, you shouldn't get angry. Even though you're cute as cute when you're mad, a smile would be so much more stunning." And with that, he slipped out of my grasp, and ran off into the night.

Aw man, it's been forever since I've written a story! And figures that I would start a new one without finishing Big Surprise xD Like, I still love the story and characters (Graaayyyyyyy ) of BS and all, but it's dragged on so long (because I didn't have any time to update), and I've had the idea for "My Kidnapped Wife" in my head since sometime last summer. Not to mention I needed to write a spunky character with the flirt of flirts

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