Batalla Dos Corazons is Galician. Loosely translated, it means Battle of hearts

Haha! Finally a new story to start. I've been battling headaches untold and plot bunnies unnumbered to bring to you this awesome new story. The idea came from the Tale of Troy, but it really isn't much like it at all. Just the basic idea and a few names I stole. It is so totally AU that I'm going to warn you of a few changes to main things. First of all, for plot purposes, I've made Karen Sarah's older sister instead of stepmother. Their parents are Robert and Linda, and I've also made Toby a little older. He's too cool to be kept as a baby. Yeah, every other change should be pretty obvious. So without further ado, please welcome my brand new story: Batalla Dos Corazons.

"But I don't want to go!" Karen protested. At fourteen, she was every bit willful as any other girl. It was unfortunate then that she happened to be a princess. A princess betrothed to the King of the Sprites as well.

"You will marry King Menelaus and you will leave in a year," her mother, Queen Linda stated firmly, "And that is nonnegotiable." Karen wailed and ran her fingers through her blonde curls.

"If you force me to wed him," she threatened, "I shall... I shall die!" With an exaggerated sigh, she collapsed on a couch.

"You are not going to die," Linda replied distractedly as she signed document after document, "You will bear it as a princess. What would your father think if he saw you now?"

Karen crossed her arms defiantly. "He wouldn't think anything." she grumbled, "He's the king and has much more important things on his mind." Just then, an idea popped into her head. Sitting up, she stared at her mother carefully before speaking.

"I will go quietly if Sarah comes with me." There! That would show them! Her mother wouldn't dream of sending her second favorite child (Toby was of course her favorite; sons always were) to a strange kingdom. The girl was only six after all. Linda's head snapped up and she eyed Karen skeptically. Seeing through her scheme, Linda nodded.

"I will speak with your father."

Karen's face fell. Perhaps this plan would not work. Linda was a hard woman; if she was as serious as she seemed, chances were that both she and Sarah would be leaving in a year. And then Sarah would probably hate her forever for dragging her into a situation she had nothing to do with. But what was said had been said and now there was no taking it back. Hopefully Robert would not agree with Linda. But, he wanted the match more than anything.

Oh, what had she done?