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When Dave got into the car in only took a moment for him to realize that something wasn't right. "Hey, what's going on?"

Drake debated the entire way there whether or not he should tell Dave what happened, coming to the decision that it would only make it harder to try to hide everything. "Why don't we grab something to eat and go see a movie? I'll tell you about it after." Drake smiled, attempting to calm Dave's nerves.

Dave smiled back, not fully convinced, but trusted Drake to tell him what was wrong when he was ready. They made small talk on the way and all through dinner, Drake still taking every opportunity to get under Dave's skin in the best way possible.

Back in the car, Dave sat silently, waiting for Drake to tell him what had been bothering him all evening. "An old friend of mine showed up today. It's probably nothing, but... He's not exactly stable right now."

Dave nodded, "You think he might be trouble?"

"I'm not sure. He's really messed up right now." He put his hand on Dave's knee and leaned in. "I don't want you to mixed up in this. You could get hurt."

"I'll be careful, but I don't want you to deal with this alone..." Dave grabbed Drake's hand, trying to reassure him. "Can I stay the night?"

He nodded, forcing a smile. "I'd like that." They drove back in relative silence, Drake's stomach turning at the thought that he won't be able to protect Dave.

They pulled up to Drake's house well past midnight and everything seemed calm. Drake looked around for the truck that Bobby had parked out in front earlier in the day, not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

With the door locked behind them, they made their way to Drake's bedroom, both of them more than ready to lie down and relax. Drake's phone went off, the sound echoing through the quiet of the house. "Maria, did you find it?"

"I think so. The girl I got the herbs from said that they weren't very popular because they're hard to get, so not a lot of spells use them. I told her what they were for and I'm almost certain that I have the right ones. I can't even find any other spells that uses these herbs." She rambles, probably trying to avoid being yelled at again.

"I guess we'll have to try it. When can you do it?" Drake thought that his stomach would settle when he knew that she had found the spell, but it's only getting worse. What if it wasn't the right one? Would Bobby get hurt? Would Dave?

"I have everything I need to do it now. It might take a while, though."

"What about the other one?" He tried to get the information from her without letting Dave know what they were talking about. He's not sure how Dave will react when he finds out that magic is real, much less how he will react to knowing he's under a spell.

"I can undo that one too. Jenny is a really good witch..." She sighed, obviously smitten.

He looked over at Dave, his heart sinking. "Undo them both. Now." He didn't wait for her to respond before he hung up, putting the phone away.

"What was that all about?" Dave was completely confused from what little he heard.

Drake smiled a little, putting his hands on either side of Dave's head. Tugging him forward he touched their foreheads together gently. "Everything's going to be fine." Drake kissed him slowly, his hands shaking slightly. "Dave... Whatever happens, promise me that you'll remember this moment." He looked Dave in the eyes, wishing that he could take away the apprehension that he saw. "I love you."

Dave's stomach twisted. He could feel that something was more wrong than Drake was letting on. "I promise." They kissed sweetly, jerking apart when they heard a door slam in another room.

"Isn't your mom out of town this weekend?" Dave's worried expression showed no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

Drake put his arm in front of Dave, pushing him back. "Stay back."

Dave wanted to tell him not to go alone, but he knew that Drake wouldn't listen to him, so he nodded, staying a few steps behind him as they walked towards the living room. Everything was silent for a moment and Drake debated telling Dave to make a run for the front door.

They were in the center of the room when the light turned on, both of them taken aback by the sudden brightness. Drake turned back to look at Dave just in time to see Bobby's large figure grab him from behind.

Dave yelped as a strong arm wrapped around his chest, grabbing his arm. His eyes widened, looking at Drake to help him. "Stay back." He pulled out a long knife, pressing it to Dave's neck to make sure that Drake understood how serious he was. "Is this why you walked out earlier?"

Drake put his hands up, pleading with Bobby to not hurt Dave. "Bobby, please, let him go." Dave looked terrified and his heart sank knowing that it was his fault.

"I heard you say you love him!" His grip was so tight that Dave's arm was already starting to discolor. He whimpered in pain, but didn't speak.

"I..." Drake didn't know what to say.

"I won't let him keep us apart." Bobby pressed the knife tighter to Dave's throat, enough to break the skin, causing him to cry out.

"Stop! I don't love him, I was lying!" Drake shouted out before he knew what he was doing. He looked at Bobby, unable to look Dave in the eye. "Just let him go, Bobby."

"You're just saying that..." Bobby held still, Dave frozen in his grip.

"I just wanted to sleep with him! Come on, Bobby, why else would I be with someone like him?" Drake could barely get the words out, feeling his chest tighten when he saw the disbelief on Dave's face. He took a slow step forward. "You're the one I really want. Let's get out of here. Forget about him."

Bobby looked like he was thinking over what Drake had said. "He should be punished for trying to take you away from me."

Drake tried to hold in the growl that he felt rising in him. "I want you now, Bobby." He licked his lips, trying to entice Bobby into forgetting about Dave. "I can't wait... You can deal with him later." He took another few steps forward, slowly.

"Drake, please..." Dave whispered, a tear slowly rolling down his cheeks.

"Shut up." Drake clenched his jaw, cursing inside his head for having to hurt Dave. "Bobby, don't make me wait..." He ran his hand down the arm across Dave's chest.

"Leave your cell phone on the table and go get me some tape." Bobby agreed to leave Dave for later, biting his lip at the feel of Drake's hand stroking his arm.

It made Drake nervous to leave Dave and Bobby in the living room while he went to the garage, but he didn't have a choice; getting Bobby alone was his best chance to save Dave. Back in the living room, Drake walked over to them, avoiding making eye contact with Dave.

Bobby smirked at him, pulling the knife away for a moment to turn Dave around, putting them face to face. "Hands behind your back." He put the knife up against Dave's cheek, keeping him still. "Nice and tight, Drake." The double entendre made Drake shudder.

Drake kept a straight face while he wrapped the tape around Dave's wrists, wishing so much that he would have a moment alone to reassure him. "Mouth too." Bobby looked at Dave with nothing but rage, enjoying the helpless look on his face. Drake did as he was told.

Bobby put his hand out, letting Drake lead the way to the bedroom. Once Dave was out of harm's way, all he had to do was bide his time until the spells were undone. In the bedroom, Bobby dropped Dave to the floor, letting him fall without any help down.

"Lock the door." He demanded of Drake, placing his knife in a drawer where the others wouldn't have easy access to it. "Don't move." The tone of his voice told Dave that it was absolutely not a request, so he stayed squeezed into the corner, his knees drawn up to his chest.

Drake was glad to see the knife put away. He didn't want to hurt Bobby, he just wanted him to leave without hurting either of them. He couldn't risk looking down at Dave without making Bobby jealous, so he kept his eyes on the muscled teen, hoping that Dave would forgive him when all of this was over.

It only took Bobby two steps to close in on Drake, pushing him against the door with a loud bang, almost knocking the wind out of him. "I've been thinking about you all day..." His hands seemed to be everywhere immediately, pushing Drake's shirt up, squeezing his backside through his jeans.

When he opened his mouth to tell Bobby to slow down, he didn't have a chance. Bobby's tongue was in his mouth in a way that normally he would find pleasant. Instead, he thought about the way that he must be breaking Dave's heart right now, because even if he wasn't watching, he could hear what they were doing.

Bobby groaned into his mouth, his hips pushing against Drakes with impossible pressure. If Drake didn't slow him down, they would be done too soon and his attention would be turned back to Dave. He didn't know what Bobby had planned for Dave, but he knew it wouldn't be good.

He moved his hands from Bobby's side down to his pants, undoing the buckle, earning a moan of approval when his hand reached inside. His other hand tugged the taller boy's pants down slightly, enough to expose him fully.

It was difficult to get out of Bobby's lip lock, but when he did, he sunk down onto his knees right away. If Bobby thought for a moment that he was trying to get away, he could snap. Drake started slowly, trying to buy as much time as possible, licking his way up and down the already hard shaft.

Bobby groaned, his hand digging into Drake's hair painfully. The lust spell must have taken it's full hold on him, because he couldn't control himself once Drake's mouth was around his sensitive tip.

With a rough rock of his hips, Drake's head was pressed back against the door, Bobby asserting a relentless pace as he thrust into Drake's mouth. He gagged a little, feeling Bobby hitting the back of his throat as his hands moved to the strong hips, trying to gain some room to move.

It occurred to him, eyes watering as the musky scent grew stronger, that if Bobby came, he would need time before they could continue. He only hoped that was a good thing. He focused on breathing, trying his best not to gag. He'd had a decent amount of experience giving blowjobs before, but none had been so unforgiving.

As the hand in his hair twisted, Bobby's movements became more erratic and Drake could feel that he was close. He closed his lips the best he could, trying to hurry things along. Only a few seconds later, his mouth was full and he was coughing as Bobby slowed, but stayed buried deep in his mouth until he was completely finished.

Drake's eyes were watering and he sputtered when his mouth was free, trying not to look as disgusted and used as he felt. He tipped his head back, letting it fall against the door as reached up to wipe his eyes.

When he didn't feel Bobby touching him again, he looked up, relieved when he saw a look of confusion on Bobby's eyes. A moment later, Bobby was on his knees in front of him, eye to eye.

"Drake... I..." He didn't know what to say. "What did I do?" He looked over, seeing Dave huddle in the corner, trying not to make eye contact. "Oh, God..."

"Just leave, Bobby. Please." He couldn't explain what had happened and if he did, Bobby wouldn't believe him. When he woke in the morning, he wouldn't remember much and what he did would seem more like a dream than reality. Having a spell undone often leaves the enchanted disoriented in that way. In this case, it was a good thing.

"I'm so sorry..." He took a step back, letting Drake out from in front of the door, before bolting out it. Drake really hoped that Bobby didn't do anything stupid before the effects of spell wore off.

With Bobby out the door, Drake bolted it behind him, pushing the heavy dresser in front of it just for safe measure. He pulled the knife out of the top drawer where Bobby had placed it, kneeling down in front of Dave.

He tugged gently at the tape across his mouth, keeping his eyes on the floor. He couldn't stand the thought of Dave looking at him after what just happened. He reached behind Dave to cut the tape around his wrists, somewhat surprised when Dave's arms wrapped around his neck.

He cradled Dave in his arms, neither of them speaking for a long while. "Let's go to bed." Drake suggested quietly, helping Dave to the bed. "I'll be right back." He took a minute to himself in the bathroom to splash his face and brush his teeth. When he came back out, Dave was already asleep.

As he laid down, he wrapped his arms around Dave, kissing his shoulder, wondering if he would still love him in the morning.

- TBC -