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Ch. 1 - The Door

He walked toward the seemingly empty house.

But he knew it was anything but empty.

There was people there: his only family. The ones who always waited for him to return, no matter how long it would take. The ones that made this house his home. It was these people along with his brother that kept him going. His motivation, even when things got difficult and he felt like giving up.

They were always there for him.

Especially the pretty blond automail mechanic with her trusty wrench always at hand. She kept in line and kept him from giving up.

She believed in him.

As he walked up the front steps to the porch he stopped. His golden eyes locked on the front door. The door that would lead him into his home. The door that would lead him to his loved ones.

The door that would lead him to her.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down, not knowing why he was so nervous all of a sudden. His palm was sweaty as he reached for the door knob and his breathing was still a bit shaky.

Why was he so nervous?

What was he afraid of?

It had been a few months since he had been here. He had gone to the West in order to study other kinds of alchemy, perhaps find one that he could perform, even with his newly restored arm. But after three months of studying and researching, he still had not fully understood western alchemy and hence not been able to perform it or do much with the information he'd gathered.

So, a bit defeated, he had decided to come home in order to clear his head and hopefully go back to the West and give the alchemy another shot.

Home. He was finally Home.

Yet, he couldn't bring himself to open the door. He wrapped his hand around the door knob and all that was left to do, was to turn it.

Never before had such a simple task seemed so impossible.

But he couldn't just stand there, with his hand on the door knob and not twist it. He couldn't just leave and forget he had been there because he was there and he didn't want to leave.

He wanted to see them.

He wanted to see her.

And he knew that he wouldn't be satisfied until he did. His conscience wouldn't let him, so turning back was not an option. Not for him.

After all, he was Edward Elric. And he would not run away from this.

He gripped the door knob a little tighter and finally gave it a twist, opening the door to his home.

A/N - This was more of Ed's pov on things, next we'll see Winry's! :D