Pokémon: The Breeder

By Ultimate Ridley

This story is Rated T for violence. It is a very LOW T, however, as all violence is merely implied.

The Gible's eyes opened. It could hear the soft pounding of the rain surrounding it. All it could see in front of itself was darkness, followed by a bright light; a bright light that slowly waved before its still-developing eyes. The Gible shrieked. It received a swift pat on its face, and then was forcefully picked up. The creature that had picked it up showed signs of struggling, perhaps due to the Gible's weight. The Gible fell to the hard ground, and felt a force tugging at it. The newborn Gible blacked out.

The next thing it knew, it woke up indoors, in an expansive corridor with vibrant red and blue lights. The Gible, awestruck, was nearly blinded. The sounds it had heard were echoing, but this may be because it was forced out of unconsciousness. It eventually saw a man crouch down and examine it closely. The man had bluish-black hair, square-frame eyeglasses, and was wearing a white lab coat. After about two minutes of the man examining the Gible, the man stood up, and spoke.

"Yes… this one has outstanding potential overall," the man said to another man, who was standing right next to the Gible. "It has very sharp claws and teeth for a Gible, indicating an outstanding potential in physical combat. It also has a firm body, suggesting a decent ability to take physical damage. Its body is also more streamlined than the usual Gible, possibly meaning a great capability in achieving great speeds whilst running. Of course, this mostly applies to when it gets more experience and, well, evolves."

"Thanks," the other man said. Gible just now took the time to examine the other man. In fact, the Gible was questioning if the human standing next to it was a man, as its voice was slightly higher-pitched. Perhaps it was a young male teenager? The human had a black and gold cap on, wearing it backwards no less, and had a few strands of black hair stream from the front of said cap. He was wearing a red shirt, along with tan shorts and a belt with approximately six PokéBalls lined up on it. This was no average boy; this was a Pokémon trainer.

"I should start making you pay for this, you know," the man with glasses said, jokingly. Gible observed the trainer's reaction to the remark: he simply smiled and said:

"See you later."

Gible felt the force from before tugging at it again; this time, it was conscious enough to view what was happening. Gible looked up, and saw a bright, crimson red PokéBall in the trainer's hand, opened up. Gible was being returned to its PokéBall.

Gible found itself out of the PokéBall again. This time, it was out in the middle of a lush, green field with flowers littering everywhere. Gible felt a weight tugging on its arm, and when it looked it found a red band-like item strapped around its wrist. In front of Gible was a small, young Pidgey. The tiny bird glared at Gible from a distance. It occasionally fluttered its wings, like all Pidgey do.

"Gible! Use Stone Edge! Use it like your daddy does!" the trainer shouted. At first, a stroke of confusion shot through Gible's mind. But without much thinking, Gible ran over to the Pidgey, Gible spun around, and jabbed its dorsal fin into the Pidgey. The Pidgey attempted to dodge at the last second, and Gible knew this, but it was too late. The Pidgey squealed. Gible yanked its fin out of the Pidgey, and felt a liquid softly pelt its skin and, shortly thereafter, run down its back. Gible, saddened, felt no urge to turn around and see the damage it had done. In the distance, Gible heard clapping. It faced the trainer, who, as expected, was the one clapping. "Excellent job, little one!"

The Gible did not feel as though it did an excellent job. Grief and guilt spun in the Gible's mind. Soon, it saw the trainer reach for a separate PokéBall.

"Roserade, use Sweet Scent!" the trainer yelled. He threw the PokéBall into the distance, and a Roserade jumped out with elegant beauty. It began to spin around as it let out a pink gas. Gible took one whiff of the gas, and was mesmerized. It began to walk toward Roserade, but the trainer embraced Gible so as to stop it. "Heh, you're not supposed to follow this scent."

Soon, a Machop jumped out of a nearby bush. It started to sprint toward Roserade.

"Roserade, that's enough," the trainer spoke to the Roserade, who was still spinning and releasing the gas. The Machop stopped in its tracks when it noticed that the wonderful scent was dissolving in the air, and began to sniff around for other scents. The first it had picked up was that of a human. The Machop turned to the trainer, and narrowed its eyes. The trainer leaned down and whispered into Gible's ear: "Use Dig."

Hesitant at first, Gible felt an uncontrollable urge to rapidly dig underground. It did so, and continued to dig in different directions up until it was underneath the Machop. Gible jumped out of the ground and gripped onto the Machop in a split second. The Machop bellowed a small shriek, but it was out of surprise, not pain. At the highest point of the jump, Gible flipped, and threw Machop straight down, head-first. The Machop fell into the hole Gible made when it jumped out to grab it, and Gible fell to the ground. The fall wasn't terrible, but it did cause a minor amount of pain. Gible looked at the trainer, and made note of the sadistic expression he had on his face.

"Bury it," the trainer said. Gible's eyes widened in outright shock, and somewhat in fear. "That's right. I told you to bury it."

Gible stood up, and shook off the pain. It looked at the trainer, directly into his eyes, and made a sad face. The trainer seemed only to get angrier with this response.

"Listen to me!" the trainer shouted. Gible remained still. The trainer roared in anger, and threw out another PokéBall. An enormous, intimidating behemoth left the PokéBall. The monster sported a bulky body, mean-looking eyes, and a large horn on its nose. Its arms were long, and its hands had holes in their palms. "Rhyperior! Bury the Machop!"

The hulking creature dashed toward Gible, and stopped directly in front of it. The monster kicked a large chunk of dirt to cover the hole up, and then pounded the newly-made dirt mound so that it would integrate itself into the ground. As the Rhyperior did this, Gible watched in complete astonishment. It felt a tear run down its eye. After the dark deed was done, the Rhyperior turned to face Gible, and roared at it. Gible covered its eyes up, but it then roared back, despite that its roar was comparatively pathetic. The Rhyperior hit Gible into the trainer's direction, utilizing its rocky arm like a golf club. Gible landed right in front of the trainer.

"You listen to me, you little runt! You will do what I say, because I am your trainer!" the trainer shouted at Gible. Gible responded with narrowing its eyes and biting the trainer on the leg. "Ow! Crap!"

The trainer shook Gible off with a tough kick, and looked at Rhyperior.

"Use Rock Blast," the trainer said to the Rhyperior. The trainer then jumped out of the way as Rhyperior shot an enormous stone at Gible. The last thing Gible would feel in a while was the painful, but sudden, force of the enormous rock hitting the back of its head.

NOTE: I am NOT trying to make some sort of statement to breeders/EV trainers. Because obviously, it's just a game. That, and I am a breeder/EV trainer myself, so it wouldn't make much sense to criticize myself. I just merely thought it would be interesting to interpret what it must be like for a Pokémon bred to perfection and aggressively forced to train. And yeah, the trainer is a bit sadistic... but that's artistic license right there. :D