000. Thank You

So, it's been two days since the last chapter and I'm staying true to the every other day updating to post this. This isn't a chapter, but an author note where I would like to express my gratitude to all of you readers.

Even though there are fanfictions that are much longer and go on for years, I feel really blessed that this story has gotten as much attention as it has. Starting off I was almost positive that no one would read this story since Fruna is such a weird pairing. I thought I would be lucky to get one review a chapter, summing up to 100 reviews. So, with the last chapter posted I am amazed that it's hit more than 600 reviews.

Fruna was something that I hadn't thought of until I thought of George/Luna to be honest. George/Luna has gotten tons of love from the fanfiction community and I had always wondered why Fred/Luna never got the same kind of attention. So, I checked out the Fred/Luna section on fanfiction and was highly disappointed. None of the stories were of a long length and that genuinely saddened me. I decided to take matters into my own hands and wrote a 15,000 word one-shot, Distance. The reception I got from that story was great, so a few months later I decided to try out the fanfic100 challenge from Live Journal. That is where this story was born.

One hundred chapters and 200 days later and the story is finished. To be honest I probably won't write another Fruna story since I've already written so much of it already. I want to read Fruna stories now, and even though there are more than before, I'm still having trouble finding a chapter story for them.

I know that saying this will upset some of you but there will not be a direct sequel to Of Pranks and Nargles. I don't think there's much left for Fred and Luna in this story.

To address one more thing, I am not taking requests. Especially slash, femslash, or M-rated fics. No offense to any writers or readers of those genres, but it really isn't my thing.

I'll now end this with a final thank you to all of you guys. Whether you're reading this a year after the ending was posted or you've been here from the beginning, thank you. If you reviewed, added this to your favorites, or put it on your story alert list, thank you. I'm very happy to have such amazing readers and reviewers.

Thank you once again! God bless!

- Erin aka linksofmemories