There wasn't much that frightened Kay Howard. She could ignore spiders and murderers but she could not ignore threats to her own family. Her Neice Marissa was like her daughter, noone could hurt her without Kay finding out. Bayliss nearly got his ass cooked for making her cry. Noone could touch her...Or so she thought.

Out of control...the only phrase to describe the Hostage situation at Baltimore City Middle School. The SWAT/ Riot team leader cared not for the fallen or the seemingly injured. It infuriated Kay..she wanted to see his jaw on the ground for his obvious lack of compassion. Her Neice was in that school, the neice she had gained custody of just months before...she wouldn't let this crazed Bastard take the life of her child. She was getting emotionally involved, which was ad for everyone there. She tried pushing her feelings aside as she watched a group of children run out- hoping to see the Red curls of her Marissa. Her eyes told the story when she didnt. "Gee where is she?" she asked her confidant...her boss..her mentor. Al knew Marissa was all Kay had...he knew she couldn't lose her to a criminal. "She's smart Kay...She'll make it out...Keep your head on Sergeant I need you..." He said as he patted her once on the shoulder- a sign he cared.

"THERE ARE MORE HOSTAGES COMING OUT!" came a loud voice as everyones eyes averted to the building. Another group of kids came rushing out, fearing for their lives. Some of them injured..some of them just fine. Kays heart lept...she found what she was searcing for. "SHES ALIVE!" came her cry of joy, garbled amongst the flurried panic. "Marissa!" Kay rushed over to her neice as quickly as her legs would allow. Marissa had a cut above her eyebrow, it wasn't bad but it was enough to let Kay know she was lucky to have her back. Kay wasted no time hoisting the small girl into her arms and putting as much distance between them and the purgatory of that school as her job would allow. Kay just wanted to savor this thank the higher beings who saved her baby. She was brought back to reality by the small sobs of the girl she held in a vice grip.

"Oh shhh sh shhhhhh.." she said as she ran a trembling hand down the girls hair. "He won't hurt you now I've got ya...I've got ya.." she reassured her terrified charge. Marissa held onto Kay, she was her lifeline. Al had waited as long as he could...he knew this would tick Kay off. "Sergeant Howard we need to get these kids to talk...We need information these kids might be withholding...If one of them stands up and talks then they'll all follow..." he was interrupted. "No..No Gee I can see where you going with this...I wont...I won't put her through that...I'm the cop..she isn't...I tried so damn hard to protect her from this aspect of life...there is no way we are using her as an example..." Kay nearly snarled. Al looked shocked, never had his best detective become a wise off with him. "Kay..." he relaxed his body language slightly. "Sergeant Howard...this is out of your hands...I have to do the best thing before the SWAT team starts open firing with kids still in there.." He said firmly. Kay loostened her grip on Marissa..she knew Gee was right..he always matter what. She swallowed hard..knowing that Marissa might never forgive her for this. Kay gently gripped the girls upper arms, in an act of seriousness and urgency. "Marissa..I need you to do something for me okay..can you be brave?" she asked softly. Marissa looked at Kay, her tear trails oscuring her freckles and darkening her blue eyes. "O...okay..." she said softly, trying to be just as brave as the cops...which she aspired to be. Kay smiled one of her crooked smiled. "Good..okay..I need you to set a good example for your be brave for them..You need to tell us as much as you know about the shooter and what happened.." she explained slowly as to not overload the young girls mind. Marissa nodded and looked up at Al, before looked back at Kay. "Can I tell you alone?" she asked, obviously scared. Al nodded once to Kay and walked away leaving the two alone.

Kay sat Marissa on the grass as sat with her. "Your okay...Your safe..." she reassured the nervous girl. Marissa's eyes darted to the school and back. "Do you think he can hear me?" she asked Kay. Kay smiled slightly "Course not..." she said. She was trying to stay positive, but on the inside she wanted to see the bastard die. Marissa climed onto Kays lap. "You'll protect me right..I won't have to testify in court right?" she asked softly. Kay smiled feeling the girls warm body against her own. For the first time in years she felt wanted. Protective didn't begin to describe her feelings. "Yes sweetheart..I'm right here...and I don't know about court...Its pretty cut and dry that he did it..witnesses might not be called in this case.." she tried so hard to reassure her. Marissa finally caved and began to cry. "He shot my teacher...He shot her on the stairs...And best friend..he shot him too..I only saw him for a second..I swear Aunt Kay! I ran I just Ran and I the janitors closet until I heard just quiet...then I ran...Out the doors...I only saw him for a second..I can't remember what he looked like...Please dont be Mad Aunt Kay...Please..." she sobbed. Kay knew that that was all she was getting out of her. She stood up and lifted her into her arms once more, carrying her to Al. "Gee She told me...he shot a student named Stuart and one of the teachers..she didn't really see the shooter.." she explained as she stroked her neices soft hair again, trying to calm the trembling body down. "She's burnt out Al...She can't give us anymore..." she said softly. "I won't...force her.." she swallowed hard as her neices sobs subside. "Shhhhhh thats it...your alright...No ones ever gunna hurt you again..I promise .." she whispered.

A promise she knew she most likely would break in the future...