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Dora was watching the TV screen in disbelief. She, Boots, Backpack, Map, DM, and her father had just returned from Alaska—which had certainly been…interesting—an hour ago, and now they were watching the new episode of Dora the Explorer. "What is this…?"

The footage was so mangled that their journey actually looked like…a normal rescue, and the producer/director—or whoever handles the footage and idea stuff for television shows—had made the reason for the rescue a fox named Swiper. Apparently he had stolen her hair ribbon box. Dora could not even express how angry she was that she went through all of that chaos only to see a bunch of garbled crap.

It just wasn't worth her time, but knew somehow in the end she'd do another episode. Then another. The another. The pattern continues.

She sighed and leaned back. Yep, this wouldn't be her last crazy adventure.

It was a good thing that she was completely prepared. Map had made sure of that.

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