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So after reading many other great stories by others on here, and with a little nudge (more like a push over the cliff) from our friend pixie-belle88, we have decided to attempt and write a story together. Hope you enjoy!

Rated M for possible future lemons


He had left me once before and it nearly destroyed me, what would happen if he decided to leave again? Would I have the strength to survive a second time around? He said he loved me, he wouldn't leave me and he was willing to spend eternity with me but what if he changed his mind? I would be alone for the second time and I wasn't sure I could truly survive if he was to leave again.

Then there was Jacob. He was safe. I knew he loved me, he had always been there for me and he hadn't left me. I wouldn't have to change, or leave Charlie. Everything would remain the same.

I could learn to love Jacob the way he loved me. Yes, I would make myself love Jacob. I had no other choice but to choose Jacob if I wanted to protect my heart and sanity from dissolving once Edward left me again. Edward would leave again, that I am sure of.

So I left Edward, the way he had left me – I made him believe the lies. I wasn't nice about it either, playing on his fears. I told him that he was no good for me, that he could never give me anything I needed or wanted. Jacob however could offer me everything. The whole time my body was screaming at me to go to Edward and yell that it was all a lie and beg for his forgiveness, but I held strong. I needed to protect myself. I looked him in the face for the first time and could see that he truly believed the lie. As always the gentleman, he let me go without a scene, a gentle kiss on my forehead and quick "goodbye Bella" and he was gone, taking my heart with him forever.

Later that day with my game face on I went down to La Push to begin my new comfortable, safe life with Jacob…

Thanks Pixie for encouraging us to follow through on writing this story together. We love your pushiness or we probably never would have done this.

Please let us know what you thought of the prologue and if you would be interested in us posting Chapter 1 so that you can see where this leads. Thanks everyone!