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Well this should be interesting. I suppose this talk was bound to happen sooner or later…..looks like sooner.

I pulled into the driveway and parked next to his car. Taking a deep breath and attempting to mentally prepare myself for the conversation ahead, I opened the car door and stepped out. As I walked round the front of the cars, I heard the other car door open and close as Jacob climbed out and came round to meet me.

However it wasn't Jacob that was in the car. I was facing a tall slim girl that I had never seen before in my life. She was very pretty, much taller than me, and she had shoulder length brown hair. She stood in front of the car facing me, apparently waiting for me to say something.

I was confused. I had no idea who this girl was and why she was in Jake's car. Was he hurt?

"Emm...I don't mean to be rude but who are you and why are you waiting in my drive way at this time of night?"

She was silent for a minute or so "Sorry, you don't know me. I know Jake and he told me where I could reach you. We've never met – I'm Leah." She stepped forward, hand outstretched towards me as she expected me to take her hand to shake it.

Leah? As in Leah? The Leah Jake just left me for?

"Em, yeah that would be me."

Shit, did I just say that out loud?

"What do you want? If Jake sent you to check that I would be out of the house, I'm working on it. I'm packing tomorrow; I can go and stay with my dad while I find an apartment. I'll be out in the next few days."

"No, he didn't send me. I actually wanted to talk to you."

"Why?" I was snappy and I knew it but I couldn't help it. Why was this girl here?

"I wanted a chance to explain things, Jake left a lot of things up in the air, I mean he just left you, so I wanted to talk to you." She paused, "Well that is if you'll let me."

"Why should I? You showed up in town, at my boyfriend's work and then take him home with you. Pretty self-explanatory to me don't you think?"

"That's not what happened...I-I..J-j-j-ust..." she trailed off, her eyes full of unshed tears.

Oh shit now she was crying. I was NOT good with crying girls. Shit. And I felt like such a cow. I wasn't even in love, Jacob just done what I was too scared to do. And Leah – she was just an innocent girl caught in the middle. I knew about imprinting, Jacob or Leah could not have avoided this happening.

"Do, do you want to come in? I don't have much in the house, tea or water's my limit I'm afraid." I chuckled trying to make ease the tension and stop the girl from bloody crying!

"No, eh, I mean yes. I mean tea would be great thanks." She smiled back.

We walked into the house and I showed her through to the kitchen. She took a seat at the table while I fussed around with the kettle. I tried to keep as busy as possible; I wasn't quite sure what she wanted to say to me. I kept busy for as long as possible, before sitting down opposite her with a cup of tea for myself and for her. It was quiet for a long time before she finally decided to start talking.

"I know you must hate me. I mean, if I was in your position then I would. If I was you, I wouldn't have agreed to meeting so I firstly wanted to say thank you for letting me in." She looked up at me for a response, I just stared back waiting for her to continue. In my opinion the sooner this was over the better.

"I feel horrible, I've never been the other woman and that's what I feel like here." She looked down shaking her head, as if trying to get rid of those feelings. She looked back up to me "I didn't know about you Bella. Jake didn't say anything about having a girlfriend or anything so I thought he was free." Her eyes pleaded with me to understand.

"He didn't say anything?" I spoke for the first time.

"No, I swear. To be honest, at first I thought he was nuts. He just kept starting at me; it was kinda freaking me out." She giggled to herself at the memory.

"Yeah he can be pretty intense." I agreed.

"I need to be honest Bella," her tone taking on an almost formal tone "I like to think that if I did know about you I would have told him to take a hike but I don't know if I would have been able to do it. I felt such a strong pull to him the minute I saw him. The minute we locked eyes I knew I was meant to be with him." She blushed at the end, almost as if she was embarrassed

I was intrigued about something "Has he told you?"

Her eyes widened for a second before she realised that of course I would know.

"About the imprinting? Yeah I know, weird huh? To be honest still trying to get my head around the fact that werewolves exist "

"That's nothing." I murmured to myself.

"I don't know if I can deal with it. Like knowing he can go running about as a wolf? I mean it's like fantasy right?"

I wasn't sure if this was rhetorical or if she was expecting me to answer.

"Leah, I really appreciate you coming to tell me this; I know this must have been quite hard not knowing what you were coming into." I stood up and took our cups and placed them in the kitchen sink. Turning round to face her again and continued speaking, "Try and get your head around the imprinting. Please, for Jake's sake. You have to know what it would do to him if you couldn't. He is a good man, he will love you unconditionally and he'll support you." I sighed and shook my head "And I know you'll love him the way I couldn't."

"Thank You Bella, it means a lot to me, to us, that you will be happy for us." She paused, looking unsure "You know, I have a feeling Jake would like to still have you in his life, if you'll have him."

"Maybe, in time" I smiled as she stood up. I walked her to the front door, not wasting time on any long good byes.

Instead of closing the door behind Leah, I headed towards the garage. Leah being here, reminded me I needed to get out and quickly. Hopefully there were some boxes or something that I could use and get the packing started.

A quick look in the garage showed that there weren't any boxes, meaning a trip into the town for me tomorrow.

I had to laugh as I got closer to the house and saw a certain small pale faced person waiting on me – armed with lots of boxes.


I was miles away from the house but could still hear Edward roaring back at the house. He was all kinds of pissed. He was pissed at me, he was pissed at Bella; as he just clearly shown and he was pissed at himself. We'd been brother and sister for years and we'd never had an argument like this, I knew we would make it through it but it hurt all the same.

I knew he was hurting; he had been hurting since the moment she left choosing that mutt over us. You could see it in his face, his eyes were now dead. Jasper had also confided that he hadn't felt that much emotion from one person in decades. He was pissed, definitely pissed, but hurting the most. He still loved Bella and was convincing himself that he hated her and that it was over. Before she left he felt like he was never good enough for her, her leaving was like a kick to the stomach.

I didn't really need to hunt, but I could see Edwards little temper tantrum coming a mile off. Hell, even if I couldn't see the future I still would have been able to see it coming. In a way it was good Bella was there to face the brunt of it, she needed to hear it all. As she was leaving I heard her say sorry, but she needed to realise it would take more than that. All the progress they had been making was gone, if anything was going to happen, even friendship, she needed to start all over again.

When I was far enough away to know that Edward wouldn't be listening I called the family, who I could see were waiting impatiently for news.

"Alice," Carlisle answered after one ring "How did it go? Is everything OK? Is Edward OK?"

"Hi Carlisle, yeah everything is OK. Edward isn't really speaking to me at the moment, he's still pretty pissed that I came down here, although that was to be expected. Oh and I went back to the old house, I hope that's OK?"

"Of Course Alice, so what have we missed? Everyone's waiting to see what has happened? Did Bella try to explain why she left us? Has Edward seen her?"

"Emm…yeah they've had a little run in, a few words were said and Bella was sent packing. Both of them were upset but I think they both said what they wanted to."

"Sooo" I couldn't believe this, Carlisle was after the goss!

"Soooo Carlisle, I was phoning to say not to come back to Forks yet. Bella is a bit of an emotional mess, and Edward is a walking fireball at the moment. They need to at least be on speaking terms before we can even think of heading back to these parts." I knew as pissed as everyone was, they wanted to see Edward and Bella back together. "I still can't see their decisions; I don't know how this will work out so you need to hold fire."

"OK Alice, but please keep us updated. Esme is especially worried about how Edward is doing."

"Will do, I'll call soon."

We said our byes and hung up. I knew the family was intrigued and wanted to come back, both to see Edward and get some answers from Bella.

With no plans for the foreseeable future I sat down and started thinking about what to do to keep myself occupied. In the past I would spend a lot of time with Bella, and I wouldn't allow myself to do that again. Although I was back and she seemed happy to see me I was still treading carefully. She could still leave again.

A vision of Bella made me chuckle – again. She was planning on packing, this late at night and without any boxes? I knew we had some at the house, so I made my way back, picked up the boxes and headed towards Bella's.


I was hurt – she almost looked shocked to see me.

She laughed as she got closer to me "I really don't know why I'm surprised."

"Me either Bella, I must be losing my touch."

We went into the house and sat in the living room. "Thanks for bringing the boxes; I really do need to get out of here as soon as I can." She looked around her "I was planning on starting now; I doubt I'll get to sleep for a while. Do you want to help?"

I grinned at her "Definitely – the sooner you're away from here the better! So anything that doesn't have such a strong smell of dog is yours right?"

She nodded "Yep."

For the next hour or so we worked together packing up some boxes. She didn't have too much stuff at the house; most of it seemed to be Jacob's. I didn't realise the time until I noticed Bella yawning and moving a bit slower.

"OK I think that's enough for today, you've had an emotional day, why don't you head to bed, we can finish in the morning?" I finished taping up a box and then sat down on the couch as she flopped down on the couch next to me.

"Thanks. I mean thanks for all this." She gestured around the living room "You don't have to do this and it's really nice, more than I deserve." She looked down, blushing as always.

"No problem, I've actually enjoyed it." It wasn't the same as we were but it was nice spending time with her again.

"Supp-supp-suppose I better go to bed." She said round a yawn "Are you going to stay?"

I looked away from her "Not this time, I can't go back to the way we were Bella, maybe soon though OK"

"Oh yeah, sure, Sorry – I didn't think" She stood up not looking me in the eye.

I stood up with her, suddenly feeling awkward, normally I would have hugged her but now with both of us not knowing what to do we were just standing there awkwardly. I moved towards the door, "I'm just gonna go, lock the door after you; you don't know what could be out there." I laughed making a joke, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

She giggled, "I do and it would take more than a door to stop them."

We reached the door and said an awkward goodbye. I waited until I heard the lock on the door go and saw all the downstairs lights go off before I headed home.


I couldn't believe I was here.

This was really REALLY wrong.

This was stupid.

I should go home. But I couldn't.

Her scent was potent even from out here. And it still called to me.

The downstairs lights in the house were off so I knew she was almost in bed. I strained my ears a little; yep she was currently in the bathroom getting ready for bed. The chances of her seeing me were slim but I still shrank back a bit when I saw her leave the bathroom and enter her bedroom.

It was in moments like this that I could see all the reasons I loved her. She was beautiful. She was pure. She was an angel sent to rescue me from my hellish existence. But she left.

Yep that's why I knew I shouldn't be here. I should be going home, and by home, I meant to where my family was in Alaska. Instead I found myself sitting on the tree branch outside Bella's bedroom window.

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