A/N: Trish- Yeah, it is set on the first hunger games.

Percy's POV

I have to admit I was a bit nervous being around those other tributes. But luckily, Effie said we will be meeting them at "training". So, she escorted me to my own room and told me to wake up early for training. Honestly, I was pretty excited for training so that I can show off some sword moves. I got ready for bed when I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." I called out while putting my shirt on as a familiar stench of vodka filled my room.

"I got some advice for 'ya kid." Haymitch took another gulp from his vodka. "Don't show your best at the training. If I were you, train on how to survive and stuff." his voice was a bit slurred but somehow sober at the same time.

"But why-" he cut me off "Because, it's better if they didn't know what YOU can do. Save it for private training and the Gamemakers." I thought I was imagining this but it looked like he smiled for a moment.

"Uh...thanks for the tip." I smiled back at him "I'm your mentor." was his reply as he took another gulp from his vodka and went out from my room. I sighed and fell back on the bed and closed my eyes.

My morning was a bit decent since I didn't have any demigod dreams. I quickly took a shower and changed into my favorite green shirt since I can't wear my camp shirt. It might cause another round of questions from the others. I went out to the dining room to find Katniss already there absent-mindedly fiddling her spoon.

I decided to sit next to her and eat my breakfast in uncomfortable silence.

"So...umm...did Haymitch tell you about training?" I asked to help lift the mood. She nodded grimly barely paying attention to me. I shrugged it off and finished my breakfast.

"There you are! Let us now go to the training room!" Effie showed up clapping her hands with glee and dragged us to the elevator. We arrived to a room with training sections. Archery, sword practice, camouflage, etc.

"Here is where you can train and meet the other tributes." she explained "Now off you go."

"Let's go to the edible plants booth." she said as she grabbed my wrist with an iron grip and led me to the instructor who looked surprised that we came over to his booth. But he still gladly taught us which ones are edible and ones that can kill you in seconds. Next, we practiced tying tight knots, then we went to the camouflage area before we split up to try different forms of defence.

Katniss was much more of an archer while I was more of a melee fighter. She asked me if I wanted to try out archery but I knew better than to try it out since I might accidentally shoot the arrow at someone's rear end instead of the target.

"Suit yourself." was all she said before going to the archery booth. I went to the sword practice booth and was pretty good with their practice swords. I was paired up with a boy from District 3 who seemed to have reflexes like a half-blood.

"What's your name?" I asked as I blocked his attack. "Calix Deeter." he replied as he tried to slash through my shirt. "Percy Jackson." I did the disarming manuever and hit his forehead with the hilt of my sword. He fell back on his back as I pointed the tip of my sword at his chest.

"Dead." I muttered. He grunted as I helped him back up. "Never good with the sword anyways." he mumbled.

"Then what are you good at?" I asked following him to the fire making booth.

"Building stuff." he replied. Sounds like a Hephaestus kid to me. "Do you...umm.. have ADHD problems?" I blurted out to him. He sighed and nodded.

"And dyslexia?" I strike the two rocks together. "Yeah, but how did you know?" he asked gathering some wood for his fire.

"Cause I have ADHD and dyslexia too." I replied non-chalantly. "Do you have a mother?" I asked.

"She was worried when my name was called out." his voice was beginning to crack.

"What about your dad?" he looked down at his logs trying to avoid eye contact from me. "He...uh... left us that's what my mom said."

"Do you have pictures?" he shook his head. Definitely demigod I thought. "Too bad then." was all I can say as a tiny spark was produced from the rocks. I felt bad for him thinking he might be angry at his dad for abandoning him and his mom.

"Don't be angry at your dad." he was definitely surprised from my statement. I finally got the sparks to reach the wooden logs as they slowly burned up. "But how-" I cut him off "I went through that experience also." I said as I gave him a smile. I got up before he asked anymore questions and quickly went to the archery booth. I asked Katniss if she would try out sword practice but she shook her head as she shoot another bull's eye.

"Wow." I mumbled but she seemed to have heard me. "What?" she turned around to face me. "You're very good at archery." she rolled her eyes and smiled in amusement.

"Yeah, I guess I am. What about you? Are you any good at archery?" she asked handing her bow and quiver of arrows at me suggesting to try it out.

"I might accidentally kill someone with that." I blushed remembering the time I sent a stray arrow at Chiron's tail. She raised an eyebrow before continuing to shoot more arrows, ending our conversation.

"Hey! Percy!" I spun around to see Callix with a look of curiosity on his face. I had a horrible feeling he was going to ask questions about what I said earlier.

"Oh hi Callix! What's up?" I asked hardly masking an uneasy tone. "Can we talk somewhere private?" I nodded and he led me to a spot of the training room away from the others.

"I want answers now." He said bluntly and crossed his arms across his chest. I gulped and tried to search for answers to give him.

"Answers to what?" I played dumb and innocent. He sighed heavily clearly annoyed and impatient.

"How do you know I am angry at my father, have ADHD and dyslexia?" he demanded raising his voice a little higher. I shushed him to keep his voice in check.

"You're not going to believe me." I whispered to him. "So? Try me?" I composed myself before telling him.

"Do you believe in Greek myths?" I asked he seemed to be surprised I asked him that question.

"Wait! You're a half-blood too?" my eyes went wide and gaped at him unbelievingly. He covered his mouth realizing I might not be one.

"Yes I am one too." he let out a sigh of relief. "Who's your parent?" he asked.


"Hephaestus." he frowned. I wondered what made him angry at his dad?

"Why are you angry at your dad?" he scowled at my question. "None of your business." he grumbled. "It's fine to get angry at your dad if he doesn't visit you much often. It's against the ancient rules to interfere mortal affairs for gods." I explained to him but he still had the same scowl on his face.

"It's not about that. It's about him making me die off from this stupid Games." he complained and controlled his volume, so that I can only hear him. "You're a half-blood. Didn't you get training from camp or something?" I asked wondering if there was still a Camp Half-Blood in Panem.

"Not anymore at least. Half-bloods are scarce in number already." he mumbled "Good thing monsters aren't to get you." I said trying to make him feel better. But it didn't work. Instead, he frowned more.

"They still challenge us, though they rarely do that anymore. And especially with the lack of training, we are easily beaten." he muttered sadly. "But what happened to Camp Half-Blood?" I asked. "It is where half-bloods like us train to defend ourselves against monsters."

"Gone." he replied stiffly. "What do you mean 'gone'?" I demanded but he shrugged it off. "My mother told me the real reason why North America ended up like this." Callix sat on the floor while leaning on the wall. I sat beside him eager to know more.

"She said that there were two types of half-bloods: Greek and Roman. Every time they meet on some quest they would tear each other apart and cause a blood bath. So, the gods did their best to erase their memories and make sure the Mist fool them. But one day, after the second Titan war, Gaea was slowly waking and Hera formulated a plan to exchange the leaders of both camps to the opposite camps making sure their memories were wiped out clean. Apparently, the leader of the Roman camp had died on a quest with his Greek companions and immediately the Romans declared war against the Greek camp."he finished.

I tried to process everything. I fully hoped that it wouldn't be me since he mentioned 'after the second Titan war'. "So that caused the destruction of half-bloods?" I asked him. He nodded."Mom says Gaea fell back to sleep. But came up with the idea of Hunger Games and clearly thought of it as entertainment. She had some of her giant sons over-see the Games through the mortals, making sure some demi-gods will get killed off in the process. The gods are forced into hiding and are getting weaker by the decades." I gulped as I felt my throat run dry. I need to tell Annabeth about this I thought to myself.

"Can you go to my room after training? I need you to do something."

"Oh, sure." Callix nodded half-heartedly.