In some occasions, you can see your strings, but not red. Don't be fear. These colors maybe had a different meaning, but you still have your red string, only in a different kind of color. And here are some meanings behind the colors :

Red means true love.

Pink means crush.

Green means friendship.

And purple means one-sided love.


Red Labyrinth

By eL-ch4n

4th Labyrinth

"A Songstress and Her Manager"


A wide smile was plastered on her face upon seeing her sister's arrival. She had decided to drink the potion, which was a great thing, while waiting for the latter to go home. A deep crimson string was connected the couple altogether. They looked very happy, to her observation. She had never seen her sister looked any happier than right now. Her sister intuition had made her realize the blunette feeling towards her twin sister and she was very happy for them.

"So, now I know the reason why both of you come home so late." She teased them and she could see their redden face. "Auel, you promise me that you'll take care of her." She told to the blunette. Even though she was smiling, the guy knew a hidden threat behind that lovely voice.

He nodded enthusiastically. "Yes ma'am, don't wanna make her sad." He put his right hand to her twin sister and pulled her closer. "If I make her sad, you can do whatever you want to me."

She giggled softly. "It's okay Auel, I know you won't do that. Now, Meer, if I remember correctly, who's the one telling me to–" Before she could continue, Meer, with her sudden speed, stopped the former. Meer put both her hands on Lacus mouth to shut the latter off.

"Alright, I got it, okay?" Auel could only watch both the twins in confusion, not knowing what both of them were talking. Ah, but he didn't care anyway as long as the one he loved was next to him already.

Lacus nodded and Meer let her hands go. "Okay, I guess, I'm going to sleep now. Auel." She turned to look at Auel. "You stay in your room." With then, the bolder sister dashed to her room.

"Auel." Lacus called the blunette once again with the same threatening voice. "I know both of you are in relationship now, but I don't want you to do anything too fast, do you understand me?"


Whoever said Lacus was sweet, they had to see when she was mad like this. "Yes, I do."


Lacus Clyne was her name.

Whoever didn't know her? She was the older daughter of the Clyne's family by 7 minutes. She was the model of perfection. She had everything all girls could ask for. She had the looks. Her long pink hair combined with her cut-cleaned face, red lips, bright sapphire eyes, and even her smooth skin, were something beyond perfection.

She had the voice. Being a singer, her angelic voice was her trademark.

She had the kindness. Everyone who knew her would see that she was sincere and she was truly kind deep from her heart.

She had the money. Yes, being the daughter of Siegel Clyne, who was a famous CEO from Zaft corporation of course made her live in a wealthy family. In a blink of an eye, she could ask anything she wanted.

Basically she had everything, right? NO. She was perfect, that's right. But, being the perfect she was, no guy DARED to get close to her. They adored her, that's a fact, but because of her flawlessness, they were afraid of her. They were afraid that they would not be good enough for her.

Her friends were the only one who understood her well and she was glad to have them by her side.

The world liked to pair her with Athrun Zala, the famous actor with the same feature with her, perfection. If they stood each other, they were like a prince and princess from a fairytale. People could think that since Athrun had almost everything –similar to her, they were a perfect match, but they didn't know one thing. Sure, Athrun had everything a guy could ask for, but, he was NOT the person whom she fell in love with. Besides, she knew whom he was falling in love with and she already thought him like her brother. They shared the same pain, the same loneliness until they came to their life.


"What's my schedule for today, Kira?" Lacus asked softly without turning around to face the brunette, who was standing right behind her.

"At 10 o'clock, you'll have a recording for your new album." The calming voice of her manager was heard behind her. The manager called Kira continued to read all her schedule for that day.

Lacus was combing her hair and preparing for her appearances. "And Meer?" Slowly she turned around to face her manager. Her soft smile turned into a sadder one when a realization hit her.

"She will have to meet Murrue too for today and to attend her vocal course, which she didn't take yesterday." He said reading the small book on right hand. His left hand was holding the pen.

When he didn't hear anything from the songstress, he faced her only to see her with her sad expression. He wondered why her face filled with sorrow. "Lacus?" When she heard her name being called by her manager, she shook all thoughts from her head. She shouldn't think about that for now. "Are you alright?" The sound of worry came from the brunette in front of her.

She shook her head, "I'm fine. Now, should we go?"

Kira sure there was something off, but he let it go. Maybe she was having a PMS thing or something.


Red means true love.

Pink means crush.

Green means friendship.

And purple means one-sided love.


"Man, you are so helpless, you know that, right?" It was lunch time and she decided to talk about her problem with her friends, Luna and Milly. She went to Luna's café like usual that's why it was obvious the reason why the latter was there. As for Milly, she specially requested the brunette's presence to talk. She knew she could rely on Milly about something like this because among them, Milly seemed to be the mature one –with her.

She took her cup of coffee and drank it slowly. What Luna said just now was truth, she was really helpless with the situation. "You should talk to Cags." Milly said softly, which made Lacus a bit startled but the latter did a great job in covering that. "I mean, after all, she's his sister. She must have known about him, right?"

That's right, Cagalli was his sister, so she might have known so much about him. But she could imagine how the blonde would respond.

"Man, what's so great about my brother anyway?"

She giggled. That's exactly what the blonde would say when she heard that the diva like the former's brother.

Her two friends noticed her sudden giggle and wondering why. "Lacus?"

Realizing her weird behavior, she stopped giggling and back to her business once again. "Sorry, I'm just thinking of what Cagalli will say if she knows about this."

"Well, she would probably say like this." Luna took a deep breath first then pretending to talk in Cagalli's voice. "Man, what's so great of my annoying brother anyway?"

They burst into laughter, well, except Lacus anyway. She just giggled once again but this time a little bit louder.

"So," Finally, when they had come back to senses, Luna continued, "You really can't see your red string, is that true?"

Lacus nodded. Yes, she could not see her own red string, but she could see others clearly. She could see the string which connected Luna with the owner of the café, Rey. She could see the string that connected Milly with someone whom the diva hadn't met yet. She could see everyone's string connected with someone. What about her?

The only string she could see was a purple string which meant a one-sided love. There was other color that connected her with her two friends, green, which meant friendship. But she didn't care anymore. She could care less about her other strings, the only thing she wanted was to have her feelings reciprocated.

It was obvious to her that the one-sided love was for her because she was the one who loved him, not the other way around –not that he showed any interest anyway. Lacus stared at her little finger, which was noticed by her two friends.

"Say, Lacus, you haven't told us why you felt in love with him, you know?" And thus to answer Milly's question, the diva had to return when she first began her career.


It happened two years ago when she was just a naïve girl, who still knew nothing about the world and it was the first time she jumped into showbiz with her twin sister. Sometimes, she wished she was her sister who was so carefree. Being the elder she was, she always tried to give her best, to give everything she could.

She was alone even when she began her career, no manager to take care of her, no manager to help to arrange her schedule. She did everything alone.

Her sister?

Meer was lucky enough to be put up with Auel, at least, there was someone who would take care of the little sister.

But Lacus never complained, she never did. She always smiled softly to others, to show them that she would be fine. She could do everything by herself. So many people leaned on her. Many adored her. They always wished to be like her, but they didn't know what beneath that smile.



She wanted a shoulder to cry on. She wanted that so much, but she could not cry. Yes, she could not. Until that one day.

"I'm sorry, Lacus-sama." One of the crew kept apologizing to her. The crew bumped onto her and unfortunately he poured the coffee he was bringing then. It was all spilled on her dress, her favorite dress. The dress she decided to wear for this special occasion. If it were others, she could care less, but it was her last momento from her mother and it was all ruined, dirtied by black coffee.

She wanted so much to be mad with the crew, to tell him to be more careful the next time, but no word came out from her mouth.

"Give me something to weep this out. Put some water to this handkerchief. Hurry!" Suddenly, a voice, a calming yet firm voice was heard behind her. She was still confused with what was going on. The next thing she realized was a guy with brunette hair was kneeling in front of him, wiping the stain. The face of her savior, she couldn't see it very well – not that she knew him anyway.

So many person near her, but no one dared to touch her, no one dared to help her because they knew she was called the perfect princess, however, this guy, this guy didn't give a damn about that and instead helping her.

After her savior did his best to weep the stain, he stood up. Now, Lacus could look at him clearly. He was tall, she noticed that, taller than any men she had encountered. 'An actor probably.' she thought. But the thing that caught her attention was his eyes, his amethyst eyes. It seemed that those eyes could see directly through her and she was a little bit afraid, afraid of being seen.

Yet, she hoped that he could realize her. That he could see beyond her.

"I guess it won't be gone for a little while. You should laundry that." He grinned to her. She was still amazed with his action and stood dumbfounded until she noticed he was talking to her. "Are you Lacus Clyne, by the way?"

Nodded, she said. "Yes, thank you very much…Sir?"

He gave his hand. "Kira Yamato. My name's Kira Yamato. Just call me Kira and I'm your new manager." And then she shook his hand.


It was a simple gesture of concern from him, but it was enough to take her heart. It looked like her father had noticed her efforts to be perfect and since he didn't want to force her so much, he hired Kira to be her manager. It was fortunate that he came at the perfect time.

Her dress? Thanks to Kira, the stain was not too much. She quickly put the dress to the laundry and changed to a new one, which he chose for her.

At first she only thought her as her manager and she believed that he saw her as his sister's best friend. Before, she was happy that he thought of her like his sister, but now, she wished it was different. She never could express her love especially after she saw that the string connected them was purple. What's the use of expressing your love when you know it would never return? Some of her friends, apart from Cagalli and Stellar, often asked her why she could fall in love with Kira. She always said that she didn't know. She just did because when you love someone, sometimes, no reason is needed, you just know.

"You know, are you sure the color is purple?"

Suddenly, Milly's question was bugging the diva. Why would her friend ask that? Of course it was purple. She had checked it many times to make sure that her eyes were not wrong. But, no matter how many times, she wished it was different, the string was still there, tying his little finger with hers.

Kira was nowhere to be found. Indeed, she was the one who asked him to leave because she wanted to spend some time with her friends and so he left, before telling her to leave at 2 o'clock. It was two o'clock now, but she still couldn't find Kira, so, she waited.

"Hey lady, alone there?" Suddenly three guys appeared out of nowhere and circled her. They blocked all her way, so, she couldn't escape.

What a destiny.

Yesterday, it was her sister who encountered that situation, but Meer could escape by using her 'ability' to see the string. And now, Lacus just stood calmly. "Yes, I am." Still trying to be polite, she answered them. "But I'm waiting for someone."

The biggest one among them, probably the leader, closed the distance between them. "Well, well, we can't make this lovely lady waiting alone, can we?"

"I believe you can leave me alone."

"No, here, missy. We can't just go away wasting such a beauty, right?" She winced when she felt his rough hand touched her chin. Like yesterday, nobody cared to help her. Humans are like that, only care for themselves. Although the passer-by knew that she was in trouble, but no one wanted to be the hero of the day.

The biggest one put both his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to lean on the wall behind her. She struggled. She did everything she could to hit him, even using her feet to step on his feet, but he was so strong and all her effort was for nothing.

"Auch, ow." The sound of pain suddenly heard. The one holding Lacus turned around to see his friends had lying there, wincing of pain.

There, stood Kira, with both his hands beside him. "Let go of her. You don't want to have trouble with me."

"Who…who are you?" It was weird to see the guy who talked arrogantly before suddenly felt afraid. "Don't you know who I am? You should not be messing around with me."

Kira smirked.

"Oh my gosh, why would my heart beating so fast right now? Silly Lacus, it's just a smirk." But oh, how that smirk could melt her any minute right now. Her heart was beating so fast that it seemed it wanted to explode.

"Kira Yamato, nice to meet you. Now, would you please hand back this lovely lady?" Upon hearing being called as lovely lady by the one you loved, she was very happy.

It was obvious to her that the big man was calculating all his moves. Handing her was the best option for now, but of course she knew men with his pride. "No can do, sorry, but this lady here is going with me." He pulled Lacus closer, probably because he thought that Kira would not harm her, so, the big man could use her as shield.

It all happened in a split second. With the speed she didn't know he had, he kicked the man on the face, leaving a big scar. Kira dashed to her and made sure she was alright. "You…you could not be that Kira, right?" To the question, Kira only smirked.

He quickly grabbed her by hand and dragged her to a lonelier place. He checked her from head 'til toe. After he was sure that she was alright, he let out a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry that I'm late."

"It's okay." She smiled.

"No, it isn't." His shout made her startled. "Why didn't you scream? Why didn't you ask for help? You are not alone, you know. You can ask. You don't have to do anything by yourself." He hugged her tightly. "Please, if something like that happens again, promise me that you will not try to face them by yourself."

She was so touched by his gentleness toward her, but she knew that it was all a false. "Thank you, but you should not worry about me."

He looked at her, confused. "Why?"

"Because," She was lost of words. She wanted to say, "Because you don't love me and the way you act show the otherwise and keep giving me hope."

"Because you don't really care for me." She finished her sentence. It was not the truth, but at least, it was not a lie at all. Well, if her father didn't hire him, he would never care for her. It was her father's order anyway.

His grip tightened on her shoulders. "You don't understand, do you?" His voice sounded angry. "I care for you, not because your father asked me to, not because you are the diva, not because I'm your manager, but because I love you."

"No." She put both her hands to close her mouth. Did she hear that right? Did he just say he loved her? But, how about?

"I was the one who asked your father. I wanted to protect you. I've noticed you ever since you first came to my house to meet Cagalli. I want to know what makes you so sad and why you never show your genuine smile anymore. I love you with all my heart." He looked down. It was silly. When he faced the three men just now, he didn't have any fear, but now, when he was facing her, she could feel his trembling hands.

She smiled, genuinely this time. "I love you too, Kira."

Hearing her reply, he stared at her. He could see beneath those sapphire eyes, a sincerity. He pulled her closer and hugged her. She didn't care anymore with the strings, maybe she was wrong, maybe it was wrong, she didn't care as for now, this pair of hands is what mattered.


But, careful. You have to be sure that the color you see is truly purple, not violet. Purple may means one-sided love, but violet has another meaning.

Pure Love.



"Damn that Kira, leaving someone to take care of his problem like this." This sentence belonged to a man with short-black hair. By taking care of Kira's problem, he meant was to do something with those poor perverts, who decided to seek trouble from the brunette. The guy was rubbing his hair many times. He was confused as how to 'take care' of this thing. Kicking the already injured man, he forced them to stand up. "You should know better than to be in that guy's black list, you know?"

Suddenly a baby-face guy approached. He tapped his hand lightly on the black hair's shoulder. "Shinn, sorry, I'm late."

The black hair guy, named Shinn, turned around. He ignored the perverts and left them there. "Guess, you went to see that girl again, eh?" The new comer blushed upon hearing the statement. "Man, you should know that she never looks at you."

"I know that, Shinn. I just wished, by staring at her from a far, I could be at least a little closer to her."

Shinn rubbed his hair again and pulled the other man. "Come here." He patted the shorter guy. "Well, if you really love her, I could only pray for you, Nicole."


4th Labyrinth : Finished.


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