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This was just a random little thought that entered my head and wouldn't leave. I thought it was a cute idea, so I wrote it down. Short one-shot. Please enjoy my first Kuroshitsuji story!

Of Butlers and Cats

They lay together in silence, panting softly—trying to catch their breath. The events of only moments ago began to trickle back into their minds. It had been spontaneous, mutual, and almost loving. The two lying together had so desired the contact, wishing to deepen their bond but reluctant to admit it and even more reluctant to say why.

Ciel turned on his left side towards the man beside him. He took in the handsome, pale figure lying on his back, scarlet eyes closed. The dark-haired man seemed to be asleep, but Ciel knew this was not the case.

Slowly, Ciel reached out and stroked his hand ever so softly down that smooth chest. The motion was greeted with a soft sigh. Ciel continued, running his hand up and down the demon's chest, side, and arm. His touch was faint and soothing. Sebastian did not open his eyes, but kept sighing as though contented.

It was so quiet at first; Ciel swore he was hearing things. A low sound was being emitted from Sebastian's throat. Deep, and rumbling, it met Ciel's ears. Surprised, Ciel was careful not to shift or change his motions. Sebastian made the smallest movements into Ciel's hand, enjoying the contact. Ciel wasn't sure he saw the demon move, but he felt the slightest pressure against his hand every time he ran his hand along Sebastian's body. The low rumble continued.

'It's like he's…. almost as if he's purring.' Ciel thought to himself. He couldn't hold back a small laugh.

Sebastian's odd red eyes cracked to look side-long in his direction. The rumbling stopped. Looking at Ciel through half-lidded eyes, he smirked slightly.

"Is something funny?"

"You," Ciel whispered, as his hand stilled on Sebastian's arm. "I could swear you were purring."

Sebastian's eyes opened at this as he looked at Ciel. Then he smiled and pulled the young man towards him, nuzzling his face into Ciel's neck. "Demon's have been known to make such sounds when they are happy," he said, softly. "I have heard that humans make noises to convey contentedness. Purring is not so different."

Ciel smiled. "Is that why you like cats so much?"

"Perhaps." Ciel heard the amusement in Sebastian's voice. They lay curled up together for a while, silent. Even Sebastian felt almost shy at their intimate contact—both unsure of the depth of their feelings for one another. The air settled around them, as through unaware of the unsettled nature of the hearts of the occupants.

As if the movement would prove something, Sebastian pulled Ciel closer to him, relishing in the warmth of the young man's body. Just 16, Ciel had grown taller, but had yet to really fill out. Sebastian found his looks charming, however, and knew Ciel would grow to be a handsome and beautiful man. He sighed wistfully, indecision marking his features, unbeknownst to Ciel.

"Since you are so cat-like, you must be drawn to my warmth, not to me," Ciel commented softly, smiling, but only half-joking.

"It is true that cats are drawn to warmth. However, there are plenty of cats who enjoy cuddling simply because they like the person they are with," Sebastian stated, quietly.

Ciel shifted to look down at the demon's face and amused scarlet eyes looked into his. Ciel smiled hesitantly.

Sebastian looked at the face he had always admired and leaned up to press his lips to Ciel's. They both had choices to make and strange emotions to face. They would come to terms with all of that, in time. For now, all they could and wanted to do was be close to one another.