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National Neko Day

It was national Neko Day, thought the Princess of Neo Japan excitedly. She'd longed to acquire a couple new pets now that she was nearing the age of majority her mother had placed upon her.

Everyone else reached adulthood at sixteen, but no, her mother didn't want her to beget a kitten too soon, as she herself had. So, her mother had declared that she, Usami Kishiko, youngest child of the Usami Queen and her pet, who also happened to be her husband, would have to wait until her seventeenth to be considered an adult.

Although her birthday was a couple of months off, she was still old enough to purchase herself a couple of pets without permission from her errant parent.

Although she realized that her pet, an entire foot taller than she, of fourteen long years was upset over the prospect of her acquiring yet another pet or two, visible by the way his golden ears folded down against his equally golden tresses, which fell down to his hips.

She reached up to cup her darling Eri's chin in her hand, "Eri, do not look so down my love."

His golden eyes slowly opened, to meet her violet ones, "But you're going to get new pets, am I no longer good enough?"

Beneath her gowns her own tail swished, and beneath the headband she wore, her neko ears ached, but as a neko, because she was a princess it had been advised it would be wise to keep the truth secret all from but those nearest and dearest to her. At least until she reached the age of her majority, and although that had passed for the most of the world, by her mothers rules set upon her daughter, it had not.

Within the next few months, she would finally be free of those restrictions placed upon her to hide the truth, that she had been born with neko ears and tail as had her mother before her. It had been a lucky quirk of fate for her, that she was born into the Royal Family and thus never need be someone elses pet.

"Oh Eri, you know you are very special to me, but I am a princess, and although you will always be first in my heart, I think it would be fun to have another pet or two. I can have up to five all together after all."

She gently guided his mouth down to hers, their lips brushing against each others, before she pulled back, "They will be your pets too Eri, I wouldn't choose anyone you did not also approve of."

That at least, seemed to calm her beloved Eri, if only minimally.

With a sigh she stepped back to finish getting dressed, "And today, Akihiko nii-chan will be going with us. It's high time he too found himself a pet. Haruhiko nii-san should go as well, considering he is the eldest and yet he too is stubborn. Then again it may not be wise to have them attend the same place at the exact same time least they take a liking to the same individual."

Standing behind Kishiko, Eri brushed her long silvery strands once she'd finished donning her royal garments and had sat in one of her chairs in front of the vanity mirror connected to a white antique dresser.

"Your brother, Akihiko, he never seems satisfied with whomever you or Haruhiko try to show him. It's as though he doesn't wish to own a pet, but neither has he found a lover among the human race. I am never certain however about your eldest brother, Haruhiko and whether or not he has found someone, for he can be quite secretive."

"It is not like neither of them has not had the odd affair or two, but nothing has lasted, it is true, but I think they both of them long for a pet, but they are, the pair of them, very picky," sighed the young Usami princess. "I just hope at least one of them will find one today, because Akihiko and Haruhiko both really deserve to be loved."

Eri couldn't agree more, having seen how lonely the first and second princes were.

He stepped back as Kishiko rose from where she sat, she took his hand and smiled up at him.

"Come Eri, it is time that we go find Akihiko and depart for the local Neko Pet Shop," had her ears and tail not been concealed one may have seen how her long white tail swayed and her matching ears twitched in excitement.

Eri was aware of it however, for he had known her for several years and though he smiled it did not quite reach his eyes, a bitter taste forming in his mouth.

Kishiko gazed up into gorgeous slanted golden eyes, "Do not fret my wonderful Eri, just because I take other pets does not mean I will love you any less. You already have my heart, but I still have so much love to give. Just remember, you came first and shall always be first in my heart, but I think you also have so much to give."

Even though Eri heard the words and felt somewhat reassured, he was still skeptical, but Kishiko was a princess and he was but a mere pet himself. At least he would get to be involved in the selection of a pet, or pets for his beloved princess whom he had loved and protected for over fourteen years.

As the pair of them stepped out into the halls of the palace outside Kishiko's room, two pairs of eyes, one of violet and the other of gold caught sight of a man that was about four or five inches shorter than Eri.

Eri however, was built more slenderly than the male who one could have no doubts that he was the brother of Princess Kishiko.

Kishiko grinned, "Akihiko!" She burst out and stepped up to him to give him a hug, for he seemed to be in need of one - though in truth he never really did smile. Neither of her brothers did, at least not very often, though between her siblings Haruhiko and Akihiko she'd have to say Haruhiko was the least likely to smile. As always however, she wished to see them both happy, smiling.

Gazing down at his sister, Akihiko arched a brow, reluctantly lifting one arm to wrap around his young sisters shoulder.

The embrace between siblings did not last long however as Akihiko was quick to draw back after a few seconds, greeting his little sister, "Good morning Kishiko. Where are you headed?"

Kishiko arched one of her own brows, had they been of the same height, gender and age they would have been completely identical. However Kishiko was far more feminine than Akihiko and perhaps, even had she been born a male she would have looked the same, save for particular equipment.

Crossing her arms over her breasts she frowned at her expressionless sibling, "You know where I'm headed and don't think you're going to get out of going as well. After all you already made the promise to me that you would be attending this particular function on this particular day at Nihonhani Neko Shop."

That had the corner of her brothers mouth deepening into a frown, his eyes narrowing. "I made no such promise Kishiko."

Kishiko looked to Eri, whom pulled out a single sheet of paper from one of the pockets of his light gold colored kimino and unfolded it to read, "I Usami Akihiko being of sound mind and sound body at the time this was written and signed, do hereby agree to attend with one Usami Kishiko, my younger sister, to Nihonhani Neko Shop before her seventeenth birthday on National Neko Day. Signed Usami Akihiko." After which, Eri remained silent as the brother and sister conversed amongst one another, though he remained close, as he ever did, to the princess.

The young female smirked up at the man with eyes the same shade as her own, a beautiful light violet. Eyes which not many persons could boast about having as rare as the color was, though perhaps not the rarest of all.

Akihiko continued to frown, though there was no way out of it, especially not once Kishiko had played her final card.

"You wouldn't like me to tell mother of your behavior would you? Not when it is expected of all her children by her and father as well as the general public that we each of us have at least one pet?"

"And what of Haruhiko? He too has not gained a single pet and yet he is to be King one day?"

"Haruhiko shall not be long without a pet either, even if we must ourselves select one for him. That will however have to wait until after we have made our own selections of which neko or nekos we wish to take care of and to love so that they may love us in return. Besides the future king is busy at a meeting, to cut the red ribbon of a new Neko Shop."

Akihiko sighed, knowing he could not outwit his younger sister, it was one thing to escape Aikawa, but quite another to escape Kishiko when she was so determined. "Very well, I'll go, but only if Hiroki comes with us."

Kishiko glanced down the hall behind her brother and spotted the chestnut haired man who had been her brothers best-friend since childhood.

Sometimes she wondered why her brother had not taken him as his pet, for Kamijou Hiroki was yet another Neko, though admittedly from a noble family.

"And speaking of Hiroki, there he is."

Akihiko turned to gaze at his friend, "Hello Hiroki, are you ready to attend one of the Neko Pet Shops?"

Cinnamon brown eyes looked up into violet, his brows as usual furrowed, but even more so at the question presented to him.

"I have no interest in acquiring a pet and therefore have no reason to go."

"Hiroki, Kishiko has talked me into attending, but I will only go if you will."

Kishiko gazed at Hiroki intently, a small smirk forming on her visage. Even though Hiroki frowned at her, she knew he'd have no choice but to give in - not when he knew of the powers she possessed and the influence she had where the Queen was concerned. Besides one did not displease a prince or princess of Neo Japan if they could help it. Of course there were always special cases. She hoped this wouldn't be one of them.

Hiroki crossed his arms before him, leaning against the wall, closing his eyes, trying not to look too affected by Kishiko's subtle intimidation.

"Fine, I'll go," his eyes however opened and gazed directly at Kishiko as he stood up from leaning against the wall, his arms lowering, "but don't even think of trying to pull anything Princess Kishiko."

Kishiko gazed at Hiroki, her eyes wide as she said, "I wouldn't dream of it." However, when Hiroki had turned to follow Akihiko down the hall to the elevator that would take them to the ground floor and out the door to the parking lot, a small smile formed, the princesses eyes glittering slightly as she watched them depart.

She looked up at Eri, still smiling, "Today shall prove to be quite interesting, do you not agree my dear Eri?"

Eri himself could not help but smile, for her smile was infectious, whether or not there was a mischievous reason behind it.

He did warn however, "You'd do well not to upset Kamijou-san Princess," but he knew it was useless to keep her from doing as she wished save when it came to most things that her parent, especially her mother forbade.

Soon all four of them were in the limousine that awaited them outside the walls of their home, though still within the confines of the walls which stood to protect the castle within. Kishiko and Eri sat across from Akihiko and Hiroki.

Akihiko looked far from pleased, but one could not tell what he was thinking as expressionless as he was and remained.

Hiroki on the other hand looked even less pleased with his brows furrowed so deeply it was easy to see the wrinkles caused between his brows as well as the the frown lines as the corners of his mouth dipped in a downward curve.

Neither of the friends spoke as Kishiko nuzzled Eri's cheek, causing both of them to look out the windows on either side of where they sat next to each other. Both of them preferring for one reason or another not to be witness to the display of affection between Kishiko and her pet, Eri.

Kishiko gently stroked the back of her hand over Eri's cheek where she had nuzzled him.

"After we have found our new pet Eri, I have something important I wish to discuss with you, something special."

Akihiko sat their silently, though Hiroki spoke up, gazing directly across at the two being overly affectionate as usual.

"Princess Kishiko, your seventeenth is still a couple weeks off. If what your something special is, is that, then your mother would not be pleased."

Everyone was witness to Kishiko's flushed face, her lips pursed before she glowered at Hiroki, a slight growl heard from her as she uttered, "That has nothing to do with you, however it is not that," quickly however she regained her composure and turned to Eri with a smile.

"We can wait another couple of weeks, can't we? We've waited this long after all."

Eri slowly nodded, though his heartbeat had quickened when she'd first mentioned to him wishing to discuss something important with him after gaining herself another pet.

He still worried that he'd lose her affection to another and that he'd eventually be pushed aside for someone younger, more handsome than he. Yet his heart had felt like it might explode when Hiroki had tossed in his two-cents worth. Though at Kishiko's words he began to calm down a little, knowing that she wanted to do that on or after her upcoming birthday made his body quiver with anticipation.

Before anyone else could say anything, before even Eri could do more than nod, the limo came to a stop and the driver opened their doors announcing, "We're here, Nihonhani Neko Shop."

At those words everyone filed out of the long black vehicle with its dark tinted windows to gaze up at the wide doors and large flashing red gold sign that read, "Welcome to Nihonhani Neko Shop. We hope you'll find yourselves a beloved companion here today."

Not one of them had actually ever been to this particular shop before, though it was well received by the general public. Not even Eri had been purchased from the shop, though it had been in business for over a century, run by the Ito family. However recent events had nearly caused its downfall, but as ever, the shop continued to maintain a high standard to meet all of its customers needs.

Kishiko was the first to step up, causing the sliding glass doors to part on their own and allow them access to the thick red carpet within, "Let's go in Eri, Akihiko nii-chan, Hiroki. Today is sure to be a good one," and with a smile she walked past the doors with three men of various heights following behind her, though none of them seemed at all pleased to actually be there at all.