The Mile High Club

With the three of them in Kichirou's room, the twins sat on the bed, sipping on the champagne. Yuu cleared his throat, "So...what exactly are we going to do until we get there? Did you want to know anything about us?"-

Kichirou gazed at the twins, he hoped that they'd be able to understand exactly what their roles would be when he got them to his home. He positioned himself between them, wrapping an arm around each one. "You may tell me a bit about yourselves, what ever it is that you're willing to share. I'm sure you'll also have many questions for me about what is expected of you."

Ume nodded, "Aren't we just for bearing kittens?" That was after all the role of a pet in their homeland.

Kichirou brushed a kiss over Ume's forehead and then Yuu's.

"That may be the role of my mates, but that is not everything. It isn't quite like the Master and Pet life, though I do understand thats how you were raised. You two as my Queens will have the duties expected of a Queen. My mother will be the one to guide you, but as to what we could do until we reach home, your new life..." He moved his hands down to stroke a nipple through their robes each. Ume nearly spilled what he had still left in his glass, color fusing through him.

Yuu whimpered at the sudden touch, his cheeks warming immediately. His hand shook with the champange glass in hand, "A-Are you wish to...mate with us?" He looked over to his brother, seeing the other just as flushed at the new sexual feeling.-

Kichirou chuckled softly, "Of course my little lovlies. A king must have heirs afterall should something ever happen, but hopefully it will not for a very long time, I hope to live for a very long time. However the people of Nekovia will expect it. Had my father not been ill I'm sure I would have had several more brothers and even sisters." He brushed his lips first of Yuu's neck and then Ume's.

"Disrobe for me and then you can take mine off."

Ume gulped nervously, finishing the champagne in his glass before setting it aside. He coughed a little bit, but he felt just that single glass might help him feel if only a bit more at ease.

No one other than family had seen him unclothed before. However he slowly removed the robes which Kichirou had given him. He gazed at his twin, biting his lip, not sure he was ready for this, was Yuu? Yet they belonged to Kichirou and when he'd touched him like that it had sent a new type of thrill through his body.

Yuu copied Ume's actions, gulping down the rest of the champagne before removing his robe, flushing anew as he looked to his brother and then back to the Prince. With following instructions they went over to Kichirou and started to remove his royal garb as well, both nervous and uncertain.-

Kichirou watched them as they disrobed him, his navy blue eyes trailing over each of their perfectly formed lithe small bodies. He was sure that if they were to dress in feminine clothing that they would look beautiful as they would in masculine clothing.

Perhaps though they'd be mistaken for females did they grow their hair longer and wear traditional garb befitting a Queen regardless of gender roles. Once they had finished removing his clothes and all three of them were naked, he brought them down into his lap.

He pulled Yuu's mouth down for a hungry kiss and then turning his head to Ume's, a trail of saliva connected still from Yuu's mouth as he thrust his tongue into the others.

He lay back on the bed directing them, "Arouse me further my lovlies." He brought them up against him, one hand on each stroking down their torsos, ticklingly lightly at their abdomen, before cupping in each hand their cocks.

Ume whimpered at the feel of strong, firm yet gentle fingers wrapping around him, stroking his length. His moist lips trembled as he bent his head to suck a bit of Kichirou's flesh just below his shoulder, one of his hands gripping the older neko's dark hair while the other, hesitantly touched and caressed the soon to be King of Nekovia, not wishing to disappoint him.

No one had ever touched Yuu in this manner and he shuddered at the firm and thick fingers wrapped around his cock. He bent down to kiss the Prince's chest, his mouth finding a dark nipple to suckle on, coating it with saliva before lightly blowing on it.

"Does that feel good?" He whispered, eyes fluttering as his cock had hardened completely.

Kichirou at the feel of Yuu's mouth sucking his nipple into his mouth and then blowing on it after coating it with saliva he shuddered, moaning softly as his cock throbbed, so hard as he was, "Ngggh yes that feels good." The motion of his hand stroking faster upon the pair.

Ume cried out at the intensity of feelings that shot through his nerve endings, plying Kichirou's other nipple, staring at his twin while his eyes glazed over in arousal. Kichirou moved his hand back to Yuu's hair and pulled him up for a hungry kiss, then did the same to Ume.

The twins cheeks brushed as he kissed them both at once, or at least tried to, before his fingertips trailed down their spine, stroking their buttox, before using this thumb and middle finger to part their ass cheeks, his index finger finding their sensitive holes and stroking them while their three tongues tangled together outside their mouths, saliva dripping from them as they panted together highly aroused.

Ume shuddering when he felt a finger dip inside of him as Kichirou thrust a finger inside each of them.

It was a mess of tongues and saliva, their moans and groans mixing together and even moreso when a finger had slipped inside of Yuu.

He arched forward and for the moment he broke the three-way kiss, hearing sucking and slurping not long after he did.

Flushed completely, Yuu looked over and saw his twin eagerly sucking their Master's tongue.

Ume's tongue sucked eagerly at Kichirou's, the first prince of Nekovia allowing this for a moment, before taking over the domainance of the kiss.

Ume's nipples felt taunt, his cock rubbing against Kichirou's leg as he whimpered.

When Kichirou dipped a second finger inside each of them, Ume cried out, tearing his mouth from Kichirou's. At that the prince turned his head to kiss Yuu as he and Ume had just done.

Moments later he had flipped Ume onto his lap, slipping his fingers out of both their tight little holes. Ume cried out as he felt himself impaled upon the long hard cock of Kichirou.

The prince positioned Yuu so that the other stood beside him, using his shoulder for support as he took Yuu's cock into his mouth, sucking on him while Ume bounced himself up and down his length, tiny loud mewling moans emitting from him.

Kichirou's tongue ran up and down the rigid veins that seemed to pop from the dark weeping cock of Yuu. Ume while he thrust himself up and down Kichirou's length, pinched his own nipple, throwing his head back while saliva continued to dribble down his chin to his chest.

Yuu mewled loudly at the suction on his cock, lightly arching and thrusting a bit into the Prince's mouth.

Why had they been so scared to find a Master in the first place?

Obviously this man was going to take great care of them and he had a feeling they would be exhausted sexually a great deal from now on. Yuu whimpered, "Suck me off...please!?" He could hear the cries of his brother and he was surprised at himself how it turned him on to see his twin bouncing up and down their Master's thick cock, obviously in such a blissful state.

Kichirou smirked inwardly, hearing Yuu whimper, wanting to be sucked off, going as far as to use the word please. He was really too cute as was his twin Ume, whose insides were so warm, so tight around his cock. Before the plane would land he hoped to have fucked them both thoroughly as he sucked on Yuu's erection, taking his length further into his mouth, breathing in and out around that hardened

flesh to be able to take him down his throat, his tongue wrapping and unwrapping itself around the needy wet with precome cock, coating it in his saliva as he bobbed his head back and forth, the fingers of one hand rubbing, stroking his balls, while his other hand held Ume's cock.

The bouncing of the one up and down his cock caused Ume's to brush against his hand again and again so that he need not move it, though every so often he'd grip him a bit tighter, especially when he felt Ume clench his inner walls around his cock.

Ume whimpered at the feel of Kichirou inside him, but too at the sight of his twin being sucked, the sounds coming not just from himself slamming down again and again onto their Masters cock, but that of the wet slick sounds of Yuu being sucked off.

He felt hotter than before and felt the muscles of his abdomen tense, so highly stimulated by sight, sound and touch that he couldn't hold out longer as he came, gripping onto Kichirou's sides as his head was tossed back again his pupils dilating as he stared up at the ceiling, before sitting up and leaning against one of Kicihrou's shoulders as he shook, panting at the intensity that had shot through him whimpering as he continued to watch the other two, still moving up and down, while his seed continued to flow from him, spattering up and over his and Kichirou's abdomen and stomach.

Yuu couldn't control himself, panting heavily and lightly thrusting into Kichirou's mouth, whimpering curses and his pleasure as that devilish tongue did wicked things to his cock.

He heard the Prince slightly moan and his sucking sounds had increased that Yuu eyes fluttered at the naughty man. When the man was bringing his cock all the way in and deep throating him, it was too much for the young male, crying out the man's name as he came so suddenly.

He didn't hear his brother's release as he was so lost in his own pleasure. He pulled back a bit to see the head of his cock still covered by the swollen lips of the Prince, so turned on by this wonderful man. Violet eyes looked over to his twin, seeing his cock spent and body flushed in all the right places.

"Ume...doesn't our Master look cute...with my cum on his lips." He purred softly.

Kichirou when he felt Ume's muscles tightened around him and hearing the naughtiness that pressed past Yuu's mouth his body shuddered, hot seed shooting up inside of Ume whose eyes rounded as he cried out, even as he replied to his twins question.

"Y~es..." his breathing had hitched, panting breath still while he stared as Kichirou's tongue moved up Yuu's cock. He turned his head to take Ume's-

mouth, which had his eyes widening. However he didn't protest, but he blushed furiously before the older neko moved the exhausted Ume onto the pillows. Ume had never thought about tasting his brother, but... apparently he just had albeit by proxy. Kichirou turned Yuu onto his hands and knees. Although he'd came inside Ume, he was still partially hard and knew it wold only take a bit to make him-

completely hard again. He'd positioned Yuu over his twin who laid beneath him, starring up at the pair above him. Kichirou smirked as he positioned his cock and with a single hard thrust was fully inside Yuu. His fingertips danced over the neko's nipples and down to his abdomen, his tongue running up his his spinal column to his neck, nibbling his shoulder, then his earlobe. He guided Ume's hands-

to Yuu's cock and with their hands combined stroked the length of the one between them. Ume's face was flushed a deep dark red. -

Yuu looked down at his brother, flushed still from his release and with a high pitched whimper he arched his back as that huge cock stretched him. His body trembled, lowering his head, "No came so fast. Fuck!"

The extra attention of the Prince helped to ease his body to relax but his violet eyes stared down at his brother as he felt a new grip, smiling, "Take good care of me...Ume-". Though both of them were stroking, he wanted his brother to know he was perfectly alright with this. It was different but he imagined their lives were going to be this way from now on. He felt Kichirou pull out completely and slam back in and he cried out, the process repeating as his cock was hardening again.-

Ume had he not already been completely red would have been so instantly at his twins words. He moaned softly at hearing his brothers high pitched whimper.

"He's big isn't he... fills you right up...did your cute little hole gobble him up like a delicious dessert?" He smirked, not usually so bold with his words, but unable to keep them from rolling off his tongue even as he continued to blush. -

Kichirou chuckled above the two as he removed all but the head of his cock from inside Yuu before slamming back into him, repeating his movements again and again.

Ume stared up at Yuu, even though he'd said that he was still nervous, "I...I will...Yuu..." he couldn't believe this was happening, but apparently their Master enjoyed this, guiding them both. Ume reached up to plant his mouth on his twins, while gripping his cock tighter stroking faster up and down his length, his tongue coating Yuu's lips, his mouth which Kichirou's had coated with cum from Yuu having sucked him off now met Yuu's lips.

Kichirou growled as he bit into Yuu's shoulder, while thrusting in again and again, as deep as he could, parting the young nekos legs further, aiming for an angle that would slam into-

Yuu's prostate gland as he was growing closer to another climax. The sounds all three made together, watching them, feeling them. They were gorgeous, hot and aroused him easily.

He watched as Ume's tongue brushed Yuu's thrusting inside the others mouth, though Ume looked uncertain, blushing darkly and yet still managed to look erotically naughty.

Smirking he guided Ume's hips so that his cock brushed against his twins.

Ume's eyes widened again at that, but he moaned, whimpering as he held both his cock and Yuu's between his hands stroking up and down, brushing the slit at the top while Kichirou moved his fingers up to pluck Yuu's nipple.

Ume's tongue ran down over Yuu's neck while the precum from both twins cocks had slickened the Prince's fingers, which he thrust into Yuu's mouth. -

Yuu could only nod his head to his brothers words, feeling like he might split in two if their Master was any bigger.

He was shocked when Ume reached and gobbled up his lips, his own taste still on his brother's tongue and it sent a new thrill through him, his cock twitching in his brothers hold. He whimpered and sucked that delicious tongue of Ume's, wanting to taste it more and more, feeling his legs pushed further apart and exposing his asshole all the more.

When his cock brushed against Ume's he moaned, growling soon after against his brother's lips, loving the next angle he was being slammed at. He could feel the precome leaking and those fingers of Kichirou messed it all around and then placed it on his mouth which he sucked on like a common whore. He pushed his body back hard everything Kichirou slammed in, growling at how it just pushed against his prostate. He could only wonder what Ume thought of his wanton state now.-

Ume's tongue ran down as he bent his head to flick his tongue over one of his twins nipples and Kichirou's fingers as they tugged, pinched and twisted them.

When he felt his brothers cock twitching in his hand he quickened the pace back and forth, squeezing and unsqueezing, their cocks pressed against each other the heads rubbing back and forth against each other while he gave their cocks a bit of a jerk. His head came back up to stare at Yuu, his own eyes darkening at the wanton look of his brother.

He'd never think he'd think this, but he was gorgeous looking so aroused, so needy, so damn dirty with sweat and saliva, the smell of sex around them.

"Yuu, you've never looked more beautiful...or more like a dirty little whore... I think Master should spank you, you're such a naught little neko, getting all hard."

He stilled his hands on their cocks, Kichirou stilling his thrust as Ume said, "Now beg to cum, I know you're very close... but we wont let you, will we Master, until he begs like the little slut we know he is?"

Kichirou shuddered, thinking that he'd damn chosen well such pervy little nekos. He rubbed his hand over Yuu's ass, giving him a slap when he didn't speak,

having removed his hand from his mouth so that they'd be able to hear him, though he held him by his chin, whispering darkly into his ear, "You heard your brother."

Ume and Kichirou were so desperate to get him to such a high state of arousal he was quivering, trembling almost once again.

There were times he swore he would come on the spot but then Ume's hand would let go and that feeling would disappear until Kichirou would slam into him again. Violey eyes were nearly black with arousal, staring down at Ume and wondering if his twin wouldn't mind going for a round later on, though it was cut short at the suggestion for him to be spanked.

There was no cock thrusting inside of him and the loss of it was too much, he panted and growled and did the same in reaction to the loss of his brothers hand. He wasn't able to beg for the spank, receiving it inside, groaning. Saliva dripped from his mouth as he had been sucking on Kichirou's fingers for so long, hearing the dark tone of his Master. "Spank me! Please...fuck! Just want to come so badly!"

He wanted friction, he needed to be fucked! "I've been such a bag hard...M-Master..." He whimpered as another slap game, arching forward and getting the small brush of his hardened cock along Ume's.-

Ume groaned as he heard the slap echo through the room, he knew their master had spanked his twin. He squirmed beneath the two above him, feeling Yuu's cock brush up against his at that moment.

The saliva which dripped from Yuu's mouth fell onto him, he stuck out his tongue, to slowly lick his lips where the saliva had fallen. Kichirou growled when he heard Yuu beg, asking to be spanked... he lifted his hand and brought it back down to his ass cheek again and again thrusting into him over and over again.

Ume smirked up at his twin, "But the spanking, I can tell you like it," he stroked their cocks together again between his hand.

"You really are so fucking hard... and I am too..." he groaned.

Kichirou's teeth sank lightly into Yuu's back as he gave a final hard thrust against the neko's prostate gland before he came hard and heavy inside of Yuu. So much rushing from him that it overflowed and dribbled out and down Yuu's thighs.

Ume's strokes sped up as he panted beneath his twin jerking them over and over until his body shuddered, his cum splashing up onto Yuu before dripping down onto him. Kichirou continued thrusting whilst he was fully milked by Yuu's body, Ume stroking, growling at his twin, reaching up to kiss him as though thirsty for him. -

The thrusting resumed and mixed in with the spanking it was the best damn feeling ever. Yuu cried out at the sharp feeling of teeth into his back, crying out for another time as his Master filled him up that he could only come as well.

The smell of sex was heavy in the air as all three let their seed go, and he felt the stickiness run down his thighs, pleased with himself. He moaned deeply against Ume's mouth, kissing him like nothing else mattered, still the hard cock thrusted inside.

Kichirou once he had gone limp inside of Yuu, he gently licked the back of his neck, watching the twins as they kissed. Gently, slowly he removed his cock from inside him then turned them both over onto their backs to kiss them tenderly.

"You two should rest now, for as soon as we land my mother will wish to greet you and she can be exhausting." Ume enjoyed the tenderness even after so good a fuck, though he'd never have imagined sharing the times with his brother. He'd thought he and his twin would be taken completely separately, but that was not how it had been.

Kichirou once more brushed his lips over their foreheads and stood up. "I'm going to shower, you can after me since not all three can fit...then you'll dress to meet mother.:" Ume nodded, holding Yuu's hand.

Yuu lightly gripped Ume's hand and looked over at his twin, a lazy smile on his face. The pair alone. "Holy...crap..." He laughed slightly, "I never...thought...and you were fucking fantastic."

He moved over a little and kissed Ume's shoulder, " long do you think before we're carrying kittens. If it's like that everytime it won't be long. Didn't think his cock would be that huge..."-

Ume's eyes widened as he gazed at Yuu, his face flushing darkly, "I...I don't know what came over me..." he murmured softly, though his lips quirked into a smile.

"But you were just so... so damn hot... I'd never thought before...but it was so... amazing." he chuckled softly, "Who knows," his eyes skimmed over Yuu, pointing between his legs.

"You might get it from this time alone... look how much he filled you up and you're still leaking!" He purred, "I didn't think he was so big either...but it, right?" -

Yuu looked down beteen his legs when Ume pointed it out, making a face, "Ugh, I feel like such a dirty slut now. It just keeps coming out...doesn't it? What about you?"

He pushed his brothers thigh to the side, smirking, "He's a machine, isn't he? You'd better clean me up good. I don't want to reak of sex when meeting his mother."-

Yuu chuckled softly, "You looked like one while he was slamming into you above me."

Ume couldn't help the heat rising again to his face, one of his ears twitching as Yuu pointed out that he was no less filled. "A machine? I suppose... I mean he was able to screw us both one shortly after the other and... and filled us up with his cream."

He tilted his head, "Hmmn, do you mean in the shower, or do you want me to lick your hole clean, because if I do that you have to do the same for me."

Yuu blushed, "I was going to say in the shower since we don't have time to lick each-other clean...a naughty neko indeed."

There were footsteps and Kichirou appeared with just a towel around his waist, drops of water still on his body from the shower.

Yuu shyly smiled before looking at Ume, "Lets go shower."-

Ume giggled, though he was still red in the face, but looked up at the handsome Master that had chosen them.

He got up from the bed, helping his twin up.

His legs felt heavy, but he managed to walk with Yuu to the shower, dark blue eyes watching them with a smile before turning to get dressed and pick out robes for his mates to wear once they landed.

Ume sighed beneath the warm and relaxing spray of the water.

He took up the cloth and began to cleanse his twin. "We need to be quick, but through... I think... we'll have a happy life... but we'll have a lot to learn wont we?"

"We do have a lot to learn. It's not all about having sex and having kittens. We have all these rules and we have to hold a certain standard since our Master is going to be King soon. The customs will be very different there too. We're not...'pets' but his mates...his brides." He turned around and spread his legs apart so his twin could clean him, moaning low at the intrusive fingers.-

Ume nodded, "Thats true, but he said his mother wold help teach us all that we need to know about being... Queens? Did you ever imagine that we'd become pets, no brides to a..a King?"

He smirked as he heard his twin moaning as he cleaned his little hole thoroughly. When Yuu did the same to him he whimpered. "Ugh... I think we're both too sexually charged... and we were just thoroughly fucked too."

It didn't take them too long to clean up, not wanting to still be in the shower in case the plane dipped in for a landing and their master did wish them to dress beforehand.

"Just imagine... if he were a neko and went into heat around us how exhausted we'd be...I think he's going to exhaust us enough without that hmmn?"

"I honestly thought some shopkeeper would buy us to work for him since it's cheaper labor." He nodded, "We've been wanting sex for so long and barely getting through our heats...our bodies are demanding it. He'll make good use of us for sure."

The pair walked back into the room dry though naked, Yuu actually blushing before their Master.-

Ume sighed, "Yeah... I thought so too, that we might never be able to have sex with anyone. I mean no female would have wanted us we're too feminine looking ourselves and most males want actual females. Although... do you think he'll let us dress up in whats considered female garments? You look so cute in them after all. But he will take good care of us, he's just proved that..."

Kichirou smiled at them as they came into the room as naked as the day they were born.

"You two are very beautiful. I chose a plum colored robe for Ume and a copper and white one for you Yuu. If they are not suited to you in your mind there are other robes, male and female clothing to choose from as well in the closet."

Yuu studied the robe that was given to him and kind of wished he had a more girlish robe, thinking though that Ume appeared more like a girl so could pull off the purple. "Can I wear a deep green color? Is that okay? What color are you wearing?"-

Kichirou smiled softly, "You would like a green? Then I will see if we have one," he opened the closet. "I will be wearing a that which a sheik wears, an almost white robe that has a sandy colored hue to it to match our beautiful desert land. I am the desert and you are my flowers upon which you grow from the oasis that most consider my eyes to be."

Ume couldn't help but giggle at what the man said.

Kichirou pulled out his robe and then a deep green. "There are shades of red and pink too..."

Ume, while the two considered colors, dressed himself in the purple robe that had been chosen for him. -

Once Yuu went into the closet he couldn't pick a color. "Green would look nice, but if we're supposed to be the flowers I can't look like a stem. I can't be blue because that's your eyes color...and Ume has purple...oh! How about red? That would go well with my eyes, don't you think?"

He swore he heard Ume snort and laugh at him.

Kichirou smiled, "Hmmn, I think red would look lovely on you, unless you wish to wear the colors of a tiger lily, they come in orange hues or pink... with red in them. But red would look beautiful with your eyes my dear little Yuu."

Ume smiled, "I think you'll look cute Yuu, but you're like a girl worrying about what you should wear." He giggled.

Kichirou, sternly, "Ume," which had the neko quieting.

Kichirou smiled. "We do not want any bickering between you two, especially after you shared such a momentous bonding moment together with me."

He brushed his lips over Yuu's before feeling the plane begin its decent. "I think we'll be landing very soon..."

He turned to Ume, "Help us put Yuu's robe on then you two can put mine on before we land." So far it was steady, but the captain would tell them when to sit down where they would have to wear seat belts.

"Ooh! Tiger Lily sounds really nice as well!" He scrapped the red one and went for that, quite impressed with himself and how nice it looked.

Ume looked at him like he was ridiculous, no more words no doubt or their future-king would scold again.

Once Yuu was ready to go they helped Kichirou and quickly fixed their hair before leaving the room and going back out to their seats.

Ume was quiet as they reacehd their seats, Kichirou sitting between them, an arm placed around their backs.

"My Lilac and my Tiger Lily, I am sure that my people will love you." He whispered. "I do hope everyone else comes to take their seats soon..." No sooner said than did his brother usher Hiroki into a seat.

He arched a brow, not having expected them to come out, but instead cling to the bolted down bed. His eyes narrowed on Hiroki, his smile vanishing. He had to remain stern in front of him at least until after the ceremony. "I hope you'll be attending the ceremony..." though no one had mentioned that it was also to be Kichirou's wedding to Ume and Yuu or that whomever stood beside Nowaki was to be his bride, to Hiroki anyway. He'd asked the others too not to mention it to the grumpy bear as he'd heard him referred to.

A/N: I hope everyone was able to enjoy this despite it being focused on the OC's that surfaced in the RP between myself and another who shall not be named due to reasons I care not to reveal. I still have a bit more to use with the log I found before reverting again to memory alone. I would also like to know whom your favorite OC is, should you have one as I know they are not to everyone's taste.