TITLE | among various states
FANDOM | the vampire diaries.
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS | matt, caroline/tyler, caroline/matt.
SUMMARY | POST!2x20. "Dude, no homo, but why are you naked?"
NOTES | i feel like matt/caroline/tyler are the significantly happier, brofest version of stefan/elena/damon. and god knows we need lulz at this point.

Matt is totally not freaking out. Seriously.

"Matt!" Caroline wedges herself between the barrel of the gun and the gate, Tyler's teeth snapping too close to her fingers. "You can't shoot him! It's Tyler!"

Okay, maybe just a little.

"Care," he's got the butt of the gun pressed so tight against his shoulder he swears there will be a bruise, "he's trying to eat us."

Vaguely, Matt realizes this might not bother Caroline too much. She eats people, too.

"It's Tyler," she stresses, and flinches when Tyler's jaws clamp around the bar closest to her hand. She tips her chin at him stubbornly.

"Oh, for god sake's," Matt mutters. He puts the gun down and braces his shoulder against the gate, next to her. Caroline blinks at him once, twice. He sighs. "If I get bit, I won't die." Looks at her pointedly. "Unlike some people."

It takes her a moment, but then her lips curve upwards into a full-blown Caroline smile, toothy and wide and her, and Matt wonders how the hell the sheriff could ever think she was anything less than human.




He wakes up, chin against his chest, and groans. Somewhere to his left, Caroline is murmuring softly. Matt rolls his neck slowly, then looks up. Stares. Intensely.

Tyler's curled up on his side, head pillowed against Caroline's thigh, eyes a little unfocused. Also, he's definitely naked. What the shit?

"Ngh," Matt flounders, stunned and confused. Caroline's eyes cut to him briefly, fleetingly, like, oh yeah, he's here too. He grunts. "The hell?"

"Stop yelling," Tyler snarls, and shifts in Caroline's lap. She beams and threads her fingers through his hair. Like it's normal.

Again. What.

"Dude," Matt says, as calmly as possible, pushing himself upright, spine snapping straight, "no homo, but why are you naked?"

They both look at him, exasperated. Caroline might or might not be rolling her eyes. "Last time I checked, Matt, clothes weren't werewolf proof."

Then, she turns her big, doe-eyes on Tyler, who is smirking and generally just being a smug bastard, like she wasn't just vaguely snarky with him. Tyler's fingers curl gently around hers. Something near Matt's right temple throbs. Those were his big, doe-eyes, goddamn it.

"This is awkward, man." He scrapes his palm across his jaw, where Damon hit him. Tyler snorts, gestures vaguely to the gate.

"You can leave, you know," and he looks a lot like he did the year before, all arrogant and an ass and douche-like and goddamn it. "Door's wide open."

Caroline is gracefully oblivious. Or at least pretending to be. She presses her cheek against Tyler's forehead. Matt might possibly be thinking of killing people. Persons. Tyler.

"I kinda fell for her."

"Oh," Matt deadpans, watching them, and feeling something cold unfurl in his chest. Tyler winks at him, and drags the tips of his fingers from the inside of Caroline's wrist to her elbow. She inhales hard. Matt wonders if he can hide the body, then realizes Tyler is still a werewolf. "Oh, goddamn it."